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Cisco RRM Packet / WCS Rogue Attack

In this tutorial I will share with you step by step how to deploy a rogue wcs server and sniff an RRM packet to own a Cisco Wireless Network.


7 Oct 2009

Rank #1

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OTAP Security

There is more to the OTAP issue that Cisco didn't tell you ! Even when OTAP is disabled the WLAN controller information is still being transmitted.


5 Sep 2009

Rank #2

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Wireless NIC 4201 - 4202 Codes

Did you know when you associate to an access point your wireless NIC reports to the OS a 4201 code? Or, when your wireless NIC loses connectivity it reports a 4202 code? In this nugget, we will review the System Event Log for a wireless NIC. More specifically the 4201 and 4202 event code. I will also reproduce these event code in our lab.... Just another tool to have in the handbag when troubleshooting! Enjoy


19 Jul 2009

Rank #3

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DHCP Option 43 Nugget!

This nugget covers DHCP 43 configuration for a Cisco LWAPP deployment using a Windows Server 2003. You dont want to miss this nugget!


4 Jul 2009

Rank #4

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Cisco AP Group Nugget!

Learn how to leverage Cisco's AP Group functionality in your enterprise to enhance your network by shaping the broadcast domains of your wireless clients while keeping intact a common SSID!! I will show you the steps, start to finish, how to configure Cisco AP Group!


23 Mar 2009

Rank #5