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Creating a Marketing Strategy That Works (feat. Kevin Flora)

What is important in marketing? Branding, logos, digital marketing… it is all-important and we talk to Dr. Kevin Flora about how he has been able to create a company that utilizes videography and content creation to catapult his company to six figures. For some of you consumed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos, content is king and you can either be a consumer or a creator. The concept of getting in front of the camera may be daunting for many, but the truth is it is essential in getting your business branded. Companies like The Holler Creative, they have managed to take the burden of creating content to twenty of their expert team members. This has led to pivoting and changing throughout the trajectory of The Holler Creative. So, what is digital marketing? It is the selling or promotion of products or services by leveraging online marketing techniques that are awe-inspiring. This content is often used in social media, blogs, and email marketing. Why would anyone want to create content for their business? Kevin explains that it is important to create content to set yourself apart from everyone else. As your business evolves so does your technique, but one thing remains consistent. You want to grow, scale and expand your team. Growing Your Business Scaling Your Business Expanding Your Team Although there are many ways to grow your business, building a funnel, customer management, and team building remains the more important concepts for growth. As we reach areas in business that challenge us, we must learn to adapt and pivot accordingly. Scaling your business should be a part of every entrepreneur’s end game. Visualize the start of a business and what it should be is consistent with some of the top business builders in the world. Many people see the idea and work their way backward. When you know your destination, you can plan a scaleable strategy. Building a remote team through freelancers takes the burden off you doing everything yourself and allows you more time to directing the company. Make sure that you know what the freelancer will be doing. You can utilize sites like upwork.com or indeed.com. These are essential resources for finding quality people who want to help. As an entrepreneur building a team of freelancers, it is important to maintain communication, keep the jobs relevant to what they do and figure out how many freelancers you need for the job or projects. How to contact Dr. Kevin Floratheholler.com802C S. Main StreetCorbin, KY 40701859-687-6063★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


13 Feb 2020

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Using Sales To Catapult Your Business (feat. Anthony Garcia)

Sales are one of the most important parts of your business. Without sales, you don’t generate revenue. This is true for any business you may have. You might be thinking that you are a service-based business or you are the only employee, why do you need sales. They will just come to me once I open the doors for my business, right? Wrong! You have to get out there and grind. You have to get out there and start getting people in the door. There are many ways to generate leads and advertise, but once you get that lead you have to sell your product or service. Knowing how to close the deal is important in scheduling that appointment, mailing out that product or contracting that deal. Do Your Reps!The more you sell the better you get. How do you get better you may ask yourself? A good example is when you start with a basic script. You have your elevator pitch down and when you talk to a potential customer you can identify who you are what you do and how you can help them. As you go through your script you will receive rebuttals, questions and concerns that need to be responded, answered and met with how your product or service is going to fix this pain. The more you do it, the more you say your elevator pitch the better you get and the better you start to understand your customers. When you start talking to people you begin to understand where the market is going. After talking to 100 people you start to understand where your niche really is and where customers want to go with your product or service. You will have your finger on the pulse.3 OF THE MOST POWERFUL SALES TECHNIQUESPain in the MarketOne of the more difficult things to do in business is identifying the pain in marketing. When a company can identify the pain in the market, its ability to rectify this and present this to customers as a solution becomes very attractive. Continually looking for resolutions for the pain in the market could include asking questions, market research and finding out what impact it’s having on customers. Fear of LossOne of the more important aspects of sales is when you hear 10 days only or you will lose out on this amazing deal. The fear of loss becomes consistent with something inveterate in all of us. Loss is a large component in the sales industry and by limiting accessibility or interjecting competition into the conversation, the thought of loss could be overwhelming. This house will not be on the market for long, we have had three other people looking at it and have all mentioned that they will be putting in a bid. You need to get in on this house before someone takes it from you. You deserve this house. Address ConcernsAddress the concerns of the customer. If a customer says that it is too expensive, your response could be something like, if we are to show that there is value and make it to where it is affordable is that fair? How you address the concern is up to you, but if the potential customer is concerned about the price, address that with meeting or coming close and asking once this objection or concern is met, would there be anything stopping you from moving forward with the purchase? http://www.anthonypgarcia.com/★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


20 Feb 2020

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How To Publish Your Book and Catapult Your Business (feat. MK Williams)

How to publish a book in today’s digital world. For many people, the idea of writing a book can be daunting. You may have questions like who do I hire, what is the first step where do I publish? MK Williams has experienced the emotional vicissitudes of self-publishing and wants to pass along her knowledge to aspiring writers. It is essential to understand why you want to write your book and write it. What you need to write a book 1.       Idea2.       Time 3.       WriteRecommended ResourcesThere are many online resources that will assist you in publishing and formatting your book. The platform Amazon Kindle Publishing forums are a great resource. This can be a frustrating task but understanding that there are many approaches to publishing and based on your genre it could change. http://www.asana.comhttps://filmora.wondershare.com/https://www.thecreativepenn.com/Steven KingRules to Live By·         Be kind·         Be Introspective, Look Within Yourself·         Be Humblehttps://www.facebook.com/1mkwilliams/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjvBO4kjuBSYe6Bi3RYQAQAhttps://www.amazon.com/M.K.-Williams/e/B06XK438L5%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


27 Feb 2020

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Financial Data Will Catapult Your Business (feat. Susan Boles)

For many people accounting is a foreign language. Building a business is daunting enough, now you’re telling me that I have to do the math! Fortunately, there are people like Susan Boles who have dedicated their lives to helping businesses grow using data collected from your business to strategically make better decisions. So how does an accountant help in making crucial decisions for my business?  When it comes to income statements, balance sheets, and cashflows, accountants are invaluable, but understanding that there is more to just balance sheets to grow your business. Profitable projects that can be scaled and sluggish projects that can be eliminated are valuable information that can help determine the direction of the organization. Using data to make valuable decisions is not uncommon in business. Using data allows a business to look at how they approach future projects based on the information obtained by current projects.  Key Takeaways·      Don’t overwork yourself·      Look at your business data and analyze the data to make better decisions·      Outsource to save money  About Susan Boles Susan Boles is a Virtual CFO & Growth Architect for agencies & consultants at ScaleSpark. She helps them break out of growth stalls by fixing back end processes and creating systems designed to scale. She has over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant and she's on a mission to help founders build sustainable, profitable businesses - because growth is only hard when your business isn't built for it.  ScaleSpark: https://scalespark.co Break the Ceiling Podcast: https://scalespark.co/podcast Twitter: @thesusanbolesInstagram: @thesusanboles ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


5 Mar 2020

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How I Started with CBD (feat. Rick Martinez)

How did CBD become a billion-dollar industry? Because it is sexy! Many people in the industry will tell you that this is new to the mainstream and is leading in the therapeutic and health market. From oils to edibles, and topicals to tinctures, CBD is quickly ascending to an estimated 24 billion dollars by 2024. What is CBD?If you were like me, I thought that CBD was only sold in states where THC was legal. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is what gives people the intoxicating effect when consumed. CBD, on the other hand, does not produce an intoxicating effect, instead, it is often used to treat many ailments from arthritis to PTSD. The type of products available for CBD and how they are used Sublingual Tinctures CBD Edibles Vape Concentrates CBD Topicals Sublingual tinctures come in a bottle that usually has a small dropper. It is measured out and is ingested orally by placing the measured amount under the tongue and allowing it to absorb. The CBD Edibles are generally recognized in candies such as gummy bears and gummy worms. These candies are familiar to many people and the CBD industry manufactures these gummies in many forms, sizes, and shapes. Because of the taste and convenience of gummies, they are quickly becoming popular. Vape concentrates are used with vaporizer equipment consistent with e-cigarettes or electronic devices to vaporize and inhale the CBD oil. CBD topicals are consistent with most topical gels, creams or even sprays to use in specific areas for arthritis, pain, skin, or any localized area of the body. How to start a CBD BusinessStarting a CBD company is much like starting any other company, however, there are more regulatory hoops to jump through. There are continual changes in regulation that often create bottlenecks in the process, but once started, it is certain that the growth is worth it in the end. Key Takeaways Know the part of the industry you want to tap into Ask yourself why you want to do this What is your motivation? Some of the challenges you might face when starting your CBD business Banking Insurance Payment Processing Access to capital There may be some difficulty in accessing a reliable banking service if you are starting a CBD business because of the vicissitudes for regulation. There is an element of risk and fear with banks who have already experienced closures from previous customers. Insurance can be expensive. Because of the industry, prices remain high and the legalization of this market is continually changing. Payment processing can be significantly higher, and some merchants have sworn off CBD stores and merchants altogether. Finding an acceptable merchant processing continually changes. Access to capital from banks and investors can be difficult as many of the CBD companies are perceived as risky and many CBD companies typically bootstrap and find alternative investment opportunities once there has been some revenue. CBD is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. CBD, although regulated, can be prolific with some creativity and forethought. Rick Martinezrick@TheRickMartinez.comhttp://www.greenseedcannabisco.com/home1https://www.linkedin.com/in/purposehack/https://www.facebook.com/rick.martinez.5680899https://www.instagram.com/planetboy/★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


23 Apr 2020

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How Selling Puts Your Finger On The Market Pulse (feat. Kalob Valle)

Key Take-aways We realize stuff at age 21yr Understand that sales goes deeper than what's on the surface Potential is greater than what most think Speak to your passion Just start selling the experience you need is just doing it ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


16 Apr 2020

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Find Your Audience and Connect with Them (feat. Alyson Lex)

Know who you want to targetGet specificConnect with your customer by showing your have flawsShow the behind the scenes★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


9 Apr 2020

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life (feat. Dr. Benjamin Hardy)

Mindset is everything when it comes to business.Key takeaways Find your future self Change your Environment 100 Percent is easier than 98 percent  We are not the same people we were 5 years ago Personal confidence comes from making progress toward goals and is far bigger than your present capabilities. Get his book at:https://benjaminhardy.com/contact@benjaminhardy.com★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


2 Apr 2020

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Start a Podcast For Less Than 200 Dollars (feat. Heneka Watkis Porter)

Key Takeaways Choose a Niche and leverage the idea of what the listener might be interested in Choose a name that is conducive to the theme of your podcast Recording your podcast using a good mic, computer, and software Editing your episodes could be costly Use social media to promote your podcast Find Sponsors There are many questions you might have when starting a podcast like what equipment should I use, what software is best, should I use music and what kind of site do I use to add my podcasts? Bonus Information5 Things To Do Before Breakfast To Drive Your Success As A LeaderBy Heneka Watkis PorterAccording to author Tony Robbins, “People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”Success is the accomplishment of a predetermined goal or mission. It is personal to you, whatever you determine it to be.All leaders want to be successful, but how do we get there? It turns out, routines play a big part. The sequences of habitual actions have many benefits including saving time, building momentum and the development of strong willpower, without which we can forget about having any form of victory.The way in which we start our day determines its trajectory. Here are five things I do to start the day that has helped me be successful as an entrepreneur (and no, checking my phone isn’t one of them). Use these tips to develop a routine, and you will be sure to gather that momentum Tony Robbins speaks of.1. Drink water—a lot of it. The adult body is made up of approximately 55-60 percent water. The chemical reactions in the body’s cells that turn food into energy depend on it. Not only is it required for metabolism, but also for digestion. All that to say, you need water to function effectively. Drinking water in the morning allows for the body to rehydrate after losing lots of fluids overnight. A rehydrated body is better poised to facilitate successful actions.2. Write.There are many benefits to writing. When you write, your memory improves, you are less anxious and you think more clearly (in other words, we can significantly cut our therapy bill by practicing this). By clearing our minds, we can set the tone for the day ahead and remind ourselves of the goals we aim to achieve.3. Develop a practice to hear from within.This can be done by either praying, meditating or simply being still. In the busyness of our days, we can miss hearing that voice that directs us down the path we must go. Part of winning for an entrepreneur and leader means being able to make sound business decisions. Successful entrepreneurs use tools to help them listen and get guidance from their internal compass.4. Work on your priorities.What is important to you right now? Think about how you are going to approach what’s significant to you when your mind is still fresh from having a good night’s sleep. A fully recharged mind is in the best mindset for making decisions that are aligned to what you value most.5. Express gratitude.There is a very simple yet powerful song called Toast by Jamaican artist Koffee that has been taking the world by storm. In it, Koffee emphasizes, “Gratitude is a must.” While the song’s rhythm is great, the words contribute a lot to its popularity. On a few occasions, I have had podcast guests share on this necessary, but often overlooked, concept of expressing gratitude.For example, Lisa Ryan believes in this principle so much she has coined her own term on which she bases her strategies, “grategy.” Simply saying aloud what you are grateful for before getting out of bed does wonders for you. Further, having a gratitude journal and writing in it before you have had your first meal, can be a critical part of your success journey.What do you do each morning that contributes to your success? Share it with us on Twitter at @Leadercast (Porter, 2019).ReferencesPorter, H. W. (2019, 11 24). 5 Things To Do Before Breakfast To Drive Your Success As A Leader. Retrieved from The Entrepreneurial You: https://henekawatkisporter.com/5-things-to-do-before-breakfast-to-drive-your-success-as-a-leader/Heneka Watkis-PorterPodcaster/Author/Entrepreneur at  The Entrepreneurial You   PO Box 7484 Greater Portmore P 876-849-2571 M 876-849-2571 E henekawatkisporter@gmail.com W henekawatkisporter.com Skype Heneka Watkis-Porter★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


26 Mar 2020

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Start a Design Business With Only 10K (feat. Supriya Mehra)

Starting a Design Business with Minimal CapitalKey Takeaways·      Know where you wanna go·      Network ·      Keep track of all your expenses to know your profitability and find yourself a network of resources to build your business through networking events and mentorship Started with a 10,000 line of credit I bought a little bit of inventory at a time. This side hustle turned into a full-time gig and I started by using my family as guinea pigs and bought my equipment and ordered whatever materials I needed to advance my business.  How would you expedite your success in design?  Network as much as possible. Go out there meet as many people as you can in the industry of Jeter word try to connect people through even you know doing style shoots and stuff like that so that's how you will get a little bit more visibility.  People would get to recognize you because nobody wants to work with and you if you don’t have a good portfolio.  https://www.designmantraa.ca/linkedin.com/in/supriya-mehra-6aa4a2122428 Gibraltar Drive, Studio 10, Mississauga ONEmail:-info@designmantraa.caPhone Number:-(647) 998-7527 ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


19 Mar 2020

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Leadership and How It Affects Change (feat. Adam Sinkus)

Adam Sinkus is a Culture-Driven Leadership trainer and consultant. Heteaches leaders how they can drive the culture of the business. He alsoshows companies how poor culture and leadership impact productivity andprofit. He has worked with companies in many verticals over his 10-years inleadership and training. He is soon launching the ACES Leadership Modelwhich blends core leadership principles with culture-driven initiatives tohelp leaders motivate and build successful teams.How Leadership Affects ChangeBy Abel R. GarzaIn business, we find that change is inevitable. Change is the evolution of which companies continue to compete, succeed and perform at peak performance. Is all change good or do we just embrace the idea that we should transform regardless of need?  In theory, flexibility and good leadership practices lean toward a successful transition. A seasoned leader may find a path forward by practicing certain skills favorable to change. Inevitably, we see leaders practice transactional and or transformational leadership when necessary. Business is a turbulent environment that requires leadership legerdemain. This co-existence of transactional and transformational characteristics is a continual process based on organization and vision.Transactional LeadershipThe concept of transactional leadership is not new (Burns, 1978). The concept was mentioned in 1981 by Bernard Bass on the principle that it coincides primarily with the manager's views (Bass, 2008). The transactional concept focuses on organizational goals and the connection to effort and reward. These responsive characteristics hone in on personal and basic human needs by appealing to the follower’s self-interests (Maslow, 2014). Rewards and punishment are contingent on performance. In exchange for the transactional leader’s performance objectives, the follower may concede that a job well done will be rewarded. This contract between leader and follower will be honored extrinsically.  The transactional leader will actively or passively manage and monitor progress according to standards while taking corrective action when necessary to obviate errors. It is often assumed that this form of leadership is consistent with unmotivated employees that are walking the preverbal line only to maintain their existence in an environment of supervisors micromanaging every process. The transactional leader may focus on short term goals, standard rules, and procedures that often create a circumscribed approach that minimizes the creativity and generation of innovative ideas (P C Tripathi, 2006, p. 112). Transactional leadership can be perceived in many ways, the autocrat, stickler, goal setter or the one that shouts bonus.The AutocratThe military has been using many styles of leadership throughout its existence. Autocratic leadership in the military can be easily associated with the idea of: I give the orders and you follow through or I know the mission and what the organizational goals are so while I’m in charge this is how it’s going to be. In return, the follower will gain the necessary experience or the adoration of his superiors (Bieda, 1978).  With most military organizations, the leader will focus on managing the performance of individuals and the performance in a structured environment (Spahr, 2016). If you consider the analogy of military in Garrison over a deployment location; one may be more inclined to function under a transactional style of leadership whereas during a wartime situation requires leaders at all levels. No one person has successfully managed people into war, they must be led (Kotter, 2001).The Box ApproachTransactional leaders will reward followers with basic human needs. This tacit agreement between leaders and followers lends itself to the necessary goals and measurable standards of which to abide and in doing so are rewarded or punished. Understanding the needs of what followers want can help leaders reinforce subordinates for the successful completion of processes. Many CEOs that utilize the Box Approach have an understanding that value comes from communicating the goals of the organization in a clear and concise manner that will allow for controls i.e. financial, culture, or both to ensure that uniformity and predictability become standard behavior. Leaders of the Box Approach subscribe to the idea that policies and procedures are developed to reinforce desired behaviors (Farkas & Wetlaufer, 1996).The Goal-SetterThe necessary steps to accomplish a task or move toward the vision of an organization is not always clear. A simple request to establish a budget or increase customer satisfaction may not be as straight forward as one might think. This usually raises more questions than answers. People are good at many things, but reading minds is not one of them. The goal setter is meticulously establishing short term goals that include the necessary steps to accomplish that goal from their team. Where do we get data, why do we need to coordinate, which managers will be involved, when will this happen or who will take control of each project? The goal setter will be creating goals that teams will be able to accomplish and not figure out for themselves. They will not leave it to chance and will spell out the specific details for what needs to get done, systemically. The goal setter will not be vague. Often goals will be met with omitted details, but planning is essential in creating an explicit and motivational link that will evoke the desired behavior to produce (Halvorson, 2014).The Quid Pro QuoWhat motivates? Motivation is personal and is individualized. What motivates one may not motivate another. People wake up in the morning and have a passion for something in their lives that usually gives them the fuel they need to start their day.  When asked what drives you, is the answer obvious? Many would jump to the idea that money is the primary motivator and that people would have fewer problems if they just had a lot of it. Leaders will find a balance of what motivates and allow people to fulfill those extrinsic needs through by way of reward.Transformational LeadershipThe Transformational leader is a formula for change and synonymous with the charismatic leader. The nomenclature alone connotes change. This connotation has some thinking that this is the most effective form of leadership for change. Leaders who are considered transformational arouse emotion in their followers which in turn motivates followers to move passed the preverbal circumscriptions of manuals and standard operating procedures. They enlist people in their ideas and provide the framework to think outside the box, to be proactive and distinguish themselves as moving past organizational goals and beyond self-interest (Nikezic, 2010). James M. Burn was first to introduce the transformational connection between leader and follower. James Burns and Bernard Bass define transformational leadership as someone who evokes commitment toward an organizational goal with the sole intention of transforming the central mission. Transformational leadership has evolved toward the exploration of characteristics that move beyond the standard and emphasize individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, charisma, and vision, (Burns, 1978; Bass, 2008)The MentorTransformational leaders are showing individual consideration when spending time with followers: teaching and coaching. The result is the promotion of self-development. When leaders begin to treat people as individuals rather than group members; it elicits desire and aspirations (Atwater & Yammarino, 1993). The mentor can change their environment to promote growth and productivity. What the mentor must take into consideration are the many personalities they sometimes face. Provided that the mentor can recognize subtle signs in personality, the focus can be to address each with a unique approach (F.R., 2014).“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, what’s in it for me” (Tracy, 2012)?The InnovatorWhen asked to deliver the ideal leader, many would argue that traits such as intelligence, emotional stability, self-confidence, resolve and vision all come standard. While intellectual ability is directly correlated with leadership, practical intelligence or coping styles conducive to promoting effective social and work relationships seem to be a concept relevant to leadership. Although some have taken steps toward focusing on the analytical and technical skills of a leader, the minimum requirement for success only needs emotional intelligence as the key characteristic to differentiate an outstanding performer from the norm (Goleman, 2004). Driving results in business is a continued research process. The innovator is looking to advance their cause by using the latest and greatest information, technology or process.The MagicCharisma by definition is the magic, the Je Ne Sais Quoi of personality traits that form an unspoken understanding between leader and follower (Merriam-Webster, 2017). The charismatic leader will arouse loyalty and enthusiasm that enlists people through conviction and commitment to their cause. Charismatic leaders are committed to their cause and project their transformational style to make what would be considered ordinary into extraordinary. The magic happens when the charismatic leader dedicates their cause to positive change. Charisma is considered to be an inveterate trait with most natural leaders and a necessary characteristic for many leadership roles. Recognized by many as the most sought after trait, it is often imitated and rarely duplicated. It is either something you have or something you don’t. Many people argue that this is a behavioral type of character and can be learned, but others maintain you are born with it (Spahr, Charismatic Leadership, 2016).The VisionaryEffective leadership will evoke change. When a leader inspires, movement follows. Inspiration promotes a synergy toward service for something greater than self. Inspiration involves a continued understanding of shared meaning and challenges for those followers (Nikezic, 2010).ReferencesAtwater, L. E., & Yammarino, F. J. (1993). Personal attributes as predictors of superiors’and subordinates’ perceptions of military academy leadership. ProQuest, 46.Bass, B. M. (2008). The Bass Handbook of Leadership. New York: The Free Press.Bieda, P. R. (1978). Measuring Motivation and Job Satisfaction in a Military Context. Boston: U.S. Army.Burns, J. M. (1978). Leadership. New York: Open Road Integrated Media.F.R., M. (2014). Coaching the Toxic Leader. Harvard Business Review, 11.Farkas, C. M., & Wetlaufer, S. (1996). The Ways Chief Executive Officers Lead. Harvard Business Review, 16.Goleman, D. (2004). What Makes a Leader? Harvard Business Review, 2.Halvorson, H. G. (2014). Get Your Team to Do What It Says It’s Going to Do. Harvard Business Review, 7.Kotter, J. P. (2001). What Leaders Really Do. Havard Business Review, 16.Lumen. (2017, 09 11). Types of Leaders. Retrieved from Lumen Learning: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-management/chapter/types-of-leaders/Maslow, A. H. (2014). A Theory of Human Motivation. Floyd: Sublime Books.Merriam-Webster. (2017, 09 09). Charisma. Retrieved from Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/charismaNikezic, D. (2010). Transactional and Transformational Leadership: Development Through Changes. Serbia: Faculty of Science University of Kragujevac.P C Tripathi, P. N. (2006). Principles of Management. New York: McGraw-Hill.Penny, L. (2008). Still Life: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel. St. MArtin’s Minotaur.Spahr, P. (2016, 10 19). Charismatic Leadership. Retrieved from St. Thomas University Online: http://online.stu.edu/charismatic-leadership/Spahr, P. (2016, 10 19). What is Transactional Leadership? How Structure Leads to Results. Retrieved from St. Thomas University Online: http://online.stu.edu/transactional-leadership/Tracy, B. (2012, 05 07). Brian Tracy Quote. Retrieved from Brainy Quotes: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/briantracy125760.htmlWays to Reach Adam Sinkushttps://www.linkedin.com/in/adamsinkushttps://www.facebook.com/adamsinkushttps://www.twitter.com/adamsinkusPhone 239-284-5872★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


12 Mar 2020

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Do The Damn Work. Life Coach (feat. Donovan Owens)

Do The Damn WorkPrinciples to live by:  Earn the right What did you do to see the result Take the necessary action Struggles build the strength that drives successChallenge yourself to look at the struggle to build the strength for success Intentional discomfortDon't be complacent  Own your pathCreate your pathThe ChallengeKeeping everything simpleHave a powerful filter.Establish a personal growth community on social mediaPUSH Phase Priority Utilizing Secret Hustle Meditate by just being quiet and pensive (visualize what your alter ego would do and attempt to see the challenges you might face during the day. Some bad habits:  Not having discipline Not getting enough sleep Make sure that you keep yourself strong, have a good relationship, have worthwhile work and have amazing adventures.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


6 Feb 2020

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Building Content is Big Business in Switzerland (feat. Cedric Bollag)

Building content for companies can be a challenging feat. Cedric Bollag has been building content for close to four years now. His business in Switzerland takes him to parts of the country where he interviews business owners and invests his own money in startup companies.Content CreationBuilding content is a great way to set your company apart from the crowd. Consistent content allows you to establish a following where you can showcase your product or service and help engage with your audience on a different level than written. Because video provides the opportunity to build emotion, it can be a powerful way to get results as well as boost your SEO.It is important to know which direction you are taking with your content. You should have a vision of where your content is going to go and how it is going to be used. This type of planning allows you to build a strategy around your niche market.Know your audience and build according to your niche. If you have established yourself in other areas of the market, consider tackling those areas separately. Understanding your audience gives you some insight into how your content will connect with your customers.Providing Superior QualityWhen providing content to customers, it is important to have the right people doing the right jobs. From the initial shoot to thumbnail it is important that there are people working on providing the best product for the customer.Content can be recorded on almost anything nowadays. From smartphones to thousand-dollar cinema cameras, content can be recorded and edited to create some stunning results. Whether you choose 1080p or 12K video, it is important to give the customer quality products.SleepWhen starting a business, we oftentimes forget what’s important, family, time and even sleep. Poor sleep will increase lathery, weight gain and often times contributes to less productivity. Getting the right amount of sleep helps with concentration and overall health.Leaving Your LegacyLeaving a legacy for many people can mean many things. For some it’s being a great father or mother, for others, it’s changing the world and leaving your stamp on the future. What will they etch in your tombstone? How do you want to be remembered? The impact you leave on your family, friends, community or the world can be a book you write, money to your descendants, or a business you started. What will be your legacy?Cedric Bollaghomehttps://www.facebook.com/cedric.bollag★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


30 Jan 2020

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How I Started my Barber Shop with only $8,000 (feat. David Lara)

Starting a barbershop can set you back quite a bit of money, but if you plan right you may be able to start with minimal capital. The idea of starting with minimal capital will require extensive planning, knowing your target market and how much money you will need to bring in to break even. For many barbershop startups, you can easily start with 100 to 200 thousand dollars, but David started by saving money for his vision with only 8,000. He has grown his business and now has five other barbers working at his shop. Have a PlanStart with a plan. David is an avid reader of the bible, and he mentions that planning is essential in mapping out your specific goals. Know how much money you are investing in and how much money you are going to need to sustain your business. This can give you a good indication of your target market. Target Market AnalysisUnderstanding who your customer is can make or break your business. Research demographics, population, and look at prolific barbershops and how they are making money. You could for example search for adult males in the area. Culture and ethnicity could play a role in how you market your business. Obtaining PermitsRemember that there is always going to be regulation and licenses that are required prior to opening up your store. Your permits may require you to have local and state requirements. Many states require a license and local governments may have city ordinances that need to be followed. Branding Yourself There are three main areas of focus for South Town Barbers.  Location and cleanliness Customer Service An Amazing Haircut “This is what will keep people coming back and sets us apart from everyone else.” Establishing a brand for yourself can be challenging but using social media like Instagram or Facebook to promote your business can help. “Primary business is from returning customers and if they are treated right, they will bring others with them.” South Town Barbershttps://www.instagram.com/southtownbarbers/?hl=enGrey Bug Photographygreybugphotography.comThe Creative Entrepreneurthecreativeentrepreneur.net★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


23 Jan 2020

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Building a Videography Business (feat. Rogelio Zamora Chavez)

Starting a business is challenging enough but starting a videography business requires some key components to building a business. First, we need to start a portfolio. Have a name, website and if you don’t have any equipment. Find a company that will rent it to you. If you have the equipment, just use what you have and work from there. Have some lighting and utilize your resources. Building a portfolioVideo has become a central part of many areas of the digital world. Professional quality videography has become ubiquitous in social media, advertising and business. Building a portfolio is essential in standing out from the crowd. How do you build your portfolio? Practice, practice, practice! Initially keeping your videos short and to the point so that you can showcase your best work. Customize your portfolio to utilize categories and essential areas of your niche market. Get creative and put together a myriad of clips that might showcase all of a category in one clip. Create a Business NameLooking for a name can be easy for some, but one thing to consider is when you are naming your business is trying to add the business name that many people on the internet are searching for. A good keyword in your domain will get you a lot of free exposure and may save you money when you begin to optimize your website. Building your WebsiteWhen building your website make sure that you utilize keywords that are relevant to your business. Creating content online is not just for video. You want to make sure that you are telling a story in the verbiage that you use on your website. Make sure that all the content on your website is relevant information and it coincides with your phraseology. Rental EquipmentMany people starting out don’t have the means to purchase an expensive video camera. If you are using a DSLR or some form of camera equipment, you will have limits to what you can produce but doable. Consider renting equipment from your local camera shop to get higher-paying jobs. Utilize your ResourcesEssentially you can work with what you have. If you have something that will create videos, then you are ahead of the game. Use your phone, internet and camera equipment to get those essential sales. Practice your craft and use the camera equipment that you have available to create content. Type of Equipment used: Red CameraSony FS7 Canon EOS C200Need Videography Contact Rogy Productionshttp://rogyproductions.com/https://www.facebook.com/RogyPro/The Creative Entrepreneurthecreativeentrepreneur.nethttps://www.facebook.com/TCEPodcast/★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


16 Jan 2020

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Using Neuromarketing To Catapult Your Business (feat. Mike Volkin)

Mike VolkinHave you ever heard that red makes you stop, blue is soothing or black is luxurious? If you have then this is due to neuromarketing? Companies have been using neuromarketing to elicit responses and behaviors from customers for some time now. Neuromarketing can be defined as the science of understanding the decision-making mechanisms of a customer and their behaviors. The way certain customers respond to marketing stimuli differs according to your approach, but one of the more difficult tasks is presenting colors, literature or shapes that evoke the kind of behavior necessary to improve business. Image by Ashutosh SonwaniEye MovementMost recently, the ability to know where eyes are focusing first when looking at an ad can be attributed to eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking technology can identify where the customer will hone in on key messages, product advertisements or how the customer moves chronologically to help with branding or package design. NeuroimagingThe packaging is important in creating and attracting customers. Companies like Campbell’s and Frito Lay consistently apply neuroimaging to create packaging that has been recorded as positive. The results from neuroimaging are followed up with feedback on color, text, and images. Companies have been able to utilize neuromarketing for effective marketing strategies. Photo by Britta JacksonColor EffectivenessWe have often heard that certain colors evoke a wide range of customer emotions. Experienced marketers will use colors to elicit anger, hunger or calm. Color in advertising has been an effective marketing tool used by large companies like Coca Cola with their red can. Companies have also been able to split the colors to create subgroups such as cool blues for professional looks. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon The Decision to DecideMany customers are inundated with decisions. Companies like Clickfunnels have made it possible to limit the decision making process to specifics. Sometimes less is more and providing too much information to the customer will create an overwhelming effect. In many cases, the customer will get frustrated and not decide. This is called the decision paralysis.About Mike VolkinMike is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Army veteran, and author of 5 books (one bestseller). He has built and sold 4 companies. As a marketing leader, he specializes in helping small businesses scale.  Throughout his career, Mike has worked with over 400 small and mid-sized businesses and has a tremendous track record of driving company growth and brand awareness through the development and implementation of marketing programs. mikevolkin.comfreelancermasterclass.com/freeThe Creative Entrepreneurthecreativeentrepreneur.nettcepodcast.netDownload Podcast Here: https://share.transistor.fm/s/7cdc530a★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


9 Jan 2020

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Starting A Photography Business On A Budget (feat. Rafal Wegiel)

What is Budget Photography?For many aspiring photographers, the idea of using used or older equipment may seem to limit their photography, however with the right technique, you can deliver photography that competes with top photographers in the industry. The idea of spending a lot of money on equipment certainly brings the perception that your photos will be better, however many photographers in the industry have not even upgraded because they are consistently getting quality photography from older cameras. You don’t need the latest and greatest photography equipment to produce stunning photos. With practice and knowledge, you can take your budget-conscious equipment to produce photos many would envy. Consider buying used equipment, become proficient in the equipment you have, and get out and practice.Buying Used Equipment to Start Your Photography BusinessPhotography is an expensive business. One camera and one lens can set you back thousands of dollars. If you include the top of the line or flagship camera and you could spend nearly five thousand dollars or more on just one camera and one lens. For many aspiring photographers, starting out is a challenge because you have not even built up a reputation of being a photographer or even a trusted one. People put a lot of trust in their photographer. For some customers, there is only one shot at getting it right and knowing that they can trust their photographer in an important decision-making factor. So a photographer starting out may choose to buy a Nikon D850 or you can buy a Nikon D810 which is about two thousand dollars less. Some of the DX cameras can produce some high-quality photos for the more budget-conscious photographer. The D7500 has a crop sensor and works well with many lighting systems on the market. The D7500 is a semipro crop sensor camera that can be purchased for just under eight hundred dollars. Many used or refurbished D7500s can be purchased for as little as six hundred. An ideal lens for portraits is the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S VRII is an excellent choice. This older lens can be purchased for as low as one thousand to thirteen hundred dollars. This lens allows photographers to widen up a frame to 70mm or zoom in to 200mm to completely blur out the background at f/2.8. Essentially you can start your business with a used D810 and Used 70-200mm.Lighting Your SubjectWhile cameras and lenses can be expensive, so can lighting. Being able to properly use light for headshots or portraits can be instrumental in creating images that set you apart from everyone else. A Nikon SB-800 TTL AF Shoe Mount Speedlight can be used to create some amazing photos for less than one hundred dollars. How many do you need? Some photographers will say that they can use one Speedlight, but an ideal option would be using two. One as a primary and one as a rim light. You could probably use a reflector to highlight as needed.Become Proficient at Your CraftUsing your equipment regularly makes you a better photographer. A better photographer will know how to use their equipment in most conditions. Practicing your photography only helps you position yourself and your photography. Knowing your capabilities allows you to know where you stand with other photographers.Want to learn more about how you can generate more leads for your business? Click HERE: GENERATE MORE LEADS HEREType of Equipment Used by RafalNikon D800https://amzn.to/2EUKRehadorama.rfvk.net/6Lx2qNikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Lenshttps://amzn.to/37izGs5adorama.rfvk.net/nxADASoftboxElinchrom 39″ Rotalux Deep OctaboxElinchrom 27.5” Rotalux Deep OctaboxSpeedlightNikon SB700 TTL AF Shoe Mount Speedlight FlashRafal WegielRafalwegiel.comhttps://www.facebook.com/rafalwegielphotographyhttp://thecreativeentrepreneur.net/Follow Us:http://tcepodcast.nethttps://www.facebook.com/TCEPodcast/https://www.instagram.com/tcepodcast/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5AVs2vvLBnhU8vnDzfSEUw?view_as=subscriber★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


2 Jan 2020

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Using Referrals Through Existing Customers and Lead Generation (feat. TJ Neal)

In this episode, we talk to TJ Neal for some insight into how he has built his photography business. We talk about how to avoid procrastination, the perfectionist syndrome, and building leads from existing customers. Avoiding procrastination is a daily challenge for many people. Recognizing the challenge is the first step. Organization can be crucial in setting up your tasks for the day and identifying your priorities. Set up simple achievable goals and move towards them. The task doesn't have to be daunting. Take small bites toward's your goal by creating a timeline or schedule and set a deadline. Avoid any distractions, take your time and find some incentives. Last reward yourself for accomplishing your task. The perfectionist syndrome is known by many starting a business or task for the first time. The website has to be perfect, the letterhead needs to look perfect and of course, the office and logo need to be perfect before we start making those essential phone calls. Building leads from existing customers can lead to a prolific business. Calling customers that are familiar with your work and asking them to kindly provide some people that might be wanting your product or service has a powerful effect on the referral on the other line. If the person referring you has any credibility, they will be a powerful asset for your referral. The Creative Entrepreneurhttp://thecreativeentrepreneur.nettcepodcast.nethttps://www.facebook.com/TCEPodcast/TJ Nealhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002753461834★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


12 Dec 2019

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Country Music is a Business (feat. Country Music Superstar Felix Truvere)

We focus on many things in our lives. Many of those things are not our passion. Felix Trueve has remedied this by going full time on his passion for country music. From Band Director to country music superstar, Felix has been able to surpass the politics involved with music and focus on motivating his audience by engaging with them. Felix has been able to rise in popularity by branding himself and taking up opportunities that highlight his talents. He has opened for George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt and many more. His 90's sound has taken him to number twenty-two on the charts along with awards for best songwriter from Texas Country Music Association. http://felix.band/https://www.facebook.com/FelixTruverehttp://www.FelixTruvere.org/http://www.FelixTruvere.net/★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


5 Dec 2019

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Building Passive Income with Training and Affiliate Programs (feat. Francisco Hernandez)

This week we focus on building passive income through education and training while utilizing affiliate programs as an additional stream of revenue. Francisco Hernandez talks about building his business through the concept of educating other photographers on his techniques while utilizing affiliate programs like Amazon and Adorama. As photographers and business owners, we are continually looking to add streams of revenue and sometimes you have to think outside the box. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ENgqPt3FajvflmxNIgMqAhttps://www.facebook.com/FJHPhotography/https://www.instagram.com/fjhphoto/?hl=enEquipmentC Stands https://amzn.to/2DoiIvjSony A7R IV https://amzn.to/2L1iePVhttps://adorama.rfvk.net/BJgYqhttps://adorama.rfvk.net/VePjEthecreativeentrepreneur.net★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


28 Nov 2019

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