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Decoding Narcissists, Manipulation & Toxic Ideas, with Frederik Ribersson

Narcissists manipulate others using toxic ideas. In this podcast, we decode narcissists and how they operate, we expose and deconstruct toxic ideas, and we learn how to negotiate effectively with narcissists. And, last but not least, we learn to break the toxic patterns during and after relationships, disinfect mental wounds and heal, so we can have a happy life afterwards and limit the damage narcissists inflict upon us.#fribersson #narcissism #narcissist #npd

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055. The Key To Decode A Narcissist's Lies & Recognise A Victim

One key helps us decode a narcissist's lies. And there is one tell that helps us recognise a narcissist's victim. Watch on YouTube here 


26 Feb 2023

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054. How Can You Tell Who Is (Un)reasonable?

When there's a disagreement, how can you tell who is being unreasonable - so you avoid "wrestling with pigs"? I share two stories and some tips about how to find more clarity. Enjoy this podcast exclusive episode!


15 Feb 2023

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053. Are Narcissists "Only Joking" Or Are They Just Being Mean?

Narcissists often make snarky remarks and claim they are "only joking". We might be tempted to believe them. But there is an objective method to determine if what they say actually qualified as a joke. Or if it is just being mean. Tune in to find out what this method is.

1hr 5mins

24 Jan 2023

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052. Dealing With Narcissists Over Christmas (And Other Holidays)

How do you deal with narcissists over Christmas and other holidays? Sometimes we feel stuck with narcissists, whether partners, family members, or partners of family members. So, what can we do to limit the damage they can cause during holidays? This episode is available on the YouTube channel with full visual illustrations to help make sense. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/PLNn2lzd1B0


23 Jan 2023

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051. Rating Toxicity

Podcast exclusive. We can create a scale of toxicity from 0 to 10. Doing so empowers us and helps us compare what we do to what others do. I used this recently with a client who wondered if he had done something to turn his ex into a fully blown psycho who turned their children against him and destroyed his car with a baseball bat. My response: maybe. But highly unlikely. In this episode, I share some of the ideas I share with him.


8 Dec 2022

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050. How Do Psychometrics Help Us Understand Relationships With Narcissists?

When we're stressed, our personality can change. Narcissists like stressing us. That tells us... it can be helpful to dig a bit deeper ;-)


29 Nov 2022

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049. Are Narcissists Overextending You?

Our personality changes between when we are relaxed, between our everyday self, and when we are stressed or overextended. Perhaps this holds a key to understanding ourselves better?


24 Nov 2022

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048. Heads I Win, Tails YOU Lose: Narcissist Games, Sleep, and More - From YouTube Livestream

Watch on YouTube with all visuals and drawings here: https://youtu.be/X7sGDTJCMhA Relationships with narcissists feel like we're playing heads or tails: heads they win, tails you lose. Sounds fun?   We can use logic and statistics to unravel their toxic games, let me show you how.   There's one good place to argue with them. And that is inside your head.   We can test their statements with a simple sentence: if this is true, what else must be true.   Narcissists accuse us to things, such as having an unhealthy obsession with sleep. How do we deal with that? By taking it seriously. Let me show you how.  And in any relationship, who is the judge?

1hr 13mins

31 Oct 2022

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047. You Have More Support Than You Know :-)

Life can feel really lonely, especially after being with a narcissist or a toxic person. When I travelled to Kazakhstan, I met these therapists who did body work on me. Despite not speaking the same language, everything was easy: "you are here, you are in pain, we will help you." Having a platform such as this one is crazy. Being able to record thoughts and share them, and have people tell me this is helpful, this is crazy. I wouldn't have dreamt it was possible during my darkest moments.  So, using this platform: you, dear listener, are just like me. The support I received, it is there for you too. You may not know it yet, but it is there. You are not alone and many, many people do actually care. Thank you for listening and take good care of yourself - and of your "elephant".


26 Oct 2022

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046. Narcissists DON'T Want Solutions To Their Problems

Watch the video here: Three stories of the same #narcissist who loved artificially creating unnecessary problems in order to get attention, play victim, and extract attention from his friends. But we eventually got fed up with his BS, and reminded him of reality: if anyone could complain in a situation, it wasn't him as he was the unreasonable one.   The situations highlighted that he didn't want solutions, he didn't want to improve things, and when offered ways to deescalate situations, he would just get upset.   In this video, I share three (hopefully rather amusing) stories about this individual.   If you are struggling to healing after a narcissist and could use some help, why not see whether the workshop "Healing After Narcissists" might offer something useful? 30 day money back guarantee: https://healingafternarcissists.ribersson.com #npd #narcissists


17 Oct 2022