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Developments in Christian Thought

Hello and welcome to the 'Developments in Christian Thought Audiobook' produced and delivered to you by The Panpsycast. For further information and downloadable versions of the audiobook, please visit www.thepanpyscast.com/audiobook.Thank you to Westhill Endowment and Culham St Gabriel's for making this audiobook both possible, and freely available.

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Chapter I. The Person of Jesus Christ

Contents: Part I. The Life of Jesus (1:00). Part II. The Son of God (15:50). Part III. Teacher of Wisdom and Morality (52:30). Part IV. Jesus the Liberator (01:21:45). Further information: www.thepanpsycast.com/audiobook. Twitter: www.twitter.com/thepanpsycast.

2hr 8mins

23 Aug 2018

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