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Join David and Matt every week as they interview guests to discover how they transitioned from prior roles in the workforce to becoming a successful real estate investor full-time. They'll also alternate each week with episodes where they cover common real estate topics and FAQs.Subscribe to our channel to grow your knowledge on real estate investing, pick up tips, advice and gain insight on how you too can implement steps to help you succeed in real estate and become a Professional Investor.The Professional Investor podcast is brought to you by Seven Bridges Real Estate Investments and Someday Homes Realty.

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From RadioShack to Multifamily Empire with Jake Stenziano

Guest InformationJake Stenzianohttps://jakeandgino.com/honeybee/https://jakeandgino.com/https://jakeandgino.com/category/multifamily-real-estate-investing-podcasts/Topics CoveredWhere Jake and his business are todayNew release of "The Honey Bee"How Jake got startedAssembling a Brag BookLooking for better weather and better taxesWorking till I WinWhat drew Jake to MultifamilyWorking towards brand recognitionControlling your business and improvingImportance of understanding and documenting everything to implement systems, grow and scaleJakes first dealPeople, Systems & CultureBusiness operations are not off the shelf, but they can be improvedHow Jake's and his team are structured and operatingSacrificing today for tomorrowHiring for attitude and customer service over experiencePreparing for a possible downturnEntering into new constructionDaily HabitsConnecting with JakeBook Recommendations"The Honey Bee" by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand"Principles" by Ray Dalio"Total Recall" by Arnold SchwarzeneggerResourceshttps://jakeandgino.com/category/multifamily-real-estate-investing-podcasts/The Honey Bee & Credibility Book Downloadhttps://jakeandgino.com/honeybee/Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com@somedayhomes on IG


25 Mar 2020

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Real Estate, No Asset Class Like It with Thomas Castelli, CPA

Guest InformationTomas Castellihello@thomascastelli.comhttps://www.therealestatecpa.com/(631) 253-1609Topics CoveredTax benefits of owning Rental Real EstateDeductions 10:00Classification as a Real Estate Professional 16:00Cost segregation 20:30Bonus Appreciation 23:00Resources2 Day Tax & Legal Summit February 29th & March 1st, 2020: https://www.taxandlegalsummit.com/registrationPromo Code: TOM20The Real Estate CPA:  https://www.therealestatecpa.com/podcastsContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


4 Feb 2020

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From Tech to Real Estate with Chris Jackson

Guest InformationChris JacksonSharpline Equityhttps://www.sharplineequity.com/Topics CoveredCurrent Operations 1:40Background and start in RE 2:50First deal 5:00Why Multifamily 9:00Advantages of investing in Real Estate 12:30Confidence in solving problems 15:45Developing professional relationships 21:30Large deal breakdown 26:30Why invest in certain regions 29:45Raising Capital 31:00Networking: Introvert/Extrovert 37:00Lessons from first big deal 41:45Current Team structure 45:45Preparing for economic slowdown 49:30Partnerships vs. syndication 57:00Typical day/morning routine 1:02:15Developing Optimism 1:05:30Book RecommendationsThe Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox CabaneContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com

1hr 8mins

7 Jan 2020

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From Oil and Gas to over 4,000 units with Kenny Wolfe

Guest InfoKenny WolfeWhere Can you find Kenny Wolfe?  http://wolfe-investments.com/4,000 units $250 million under management 2:07Oil Brat in Australia & Egypt 3:28Junior Partner in Shreveport at 28 leasing minerals 6:08What are your going to school for? 8:08Proud Dad moment when my 10 yr old daughter bought her first rental property 10:05My first deal my hand was shaking when I wrote the check 12:03Recourse loans count against the amount you can borrow 14:15You have to do something & stop buying books 17:10We couldn’t find that deal sponsor for 6 months 19:42I’m guessing 20% actually do something & make it worth their while 23:54Bought that deal 6 months after pot laws came into effect 31:00I wish I would have bought everything in 2012 32:52Finding the right property management company 35:00Company structure - we keep it lean 41:57First hire depends on your weakness 44:20Dollar Stores we bought 5 of them 45:42What is a triple net lease? 48:03Recession 50:42Definition off market 52:20Ray Dalio How The Economic Machine Works 55:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMRRz1J9RkIHow you win a deal 56:00Success HabitsMorning Ritual/Typical Work Day 59:00Book RecommendationsThe Prize: The Epic Quest for oil, Money & Power by Daniel YerginThe Big Rich: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil FortunesSnowball: Warren Buffet and the Business Life by Alice SchroederBest Selling Author “Investing In The Dream” by Kenny Wolfe https://www.amazon.com/Investing-Dream-Acquire-Multi-Family-Financial/dp/1980699283/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Investing+In+The+Dream+by+Kenny+Wolfe&qid=1575557215&sr=8-1EventsFeb.8 2020 Multifamily Conference Houston- Special Code Wolfe 1:04 https://www.mfinvestornetwork.comContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com

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10 Dec 2019

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From Maintenance Man to Millionaire with Glenn Gonzales

Guest InformationGlenn Gonzaleswww.obsidiancapitalco.comTopics CoveredNet Seller :40Started as a maintenance man 2:55First mentor 7:15Mentor #2 9:20Seller financing, carrying a note 14:15Raising 22M in equity 18:05Working for a REIT 22:40National Apartment Association 24:153rd party property management 33:00Asset Management 39:00Boots on the ground 47:10Development 50:00How'd you know you had a bad partner 54:00How to vet your potential partner 58:00Preparing for slower economic cycles 1:01:00A typical day 1:05:45What they're currently looking for 1:08:20Book RecommendationsFrom Maintenance Man to Millionaire by Glenn Gonzaleshttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B08357KWHK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=maintenance+man+to+millionaire&qid=1577400006&s=books&sr=1-1Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com

1hr 23mins

24 Dec 2019

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From Mom & Pop Pizzaria to Over 1,600 units

Guest InformationGino Barbarowww.jakeandgino.com"The Honey Bee" by Jake and Ginohttps://www.amazon.com/Honey-Bee-Business-stuck-Financial-ebook/dp/B07Z5HMJ38/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2J1CWQCYY3APL&keywords=the+honey+bee+jake+stenziano&qid=1573859709&sprefix=the+honey+bee%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-1Topics CoveredCurrent Organizational Structure and Summary of Progression :30Ways to get involved in Real Estate investing 5:25Start of his story and the restaurant business 8:35First came his failed ventured 11:00Why Multifamily 14:15Would you go to college today? 17:50How you can start education 25:40"Cutting the cord" 31:00Life Coaching 33:05How he partnered with Jake 37:05Picking TN and the first deal 40:40Can you start on a 100-unit? 51:40Self managing properties from the start 55:50First Hire and building your team 59:05How to prepare for a recession 1:03:40Book RecommendationsKnow Can Do by Ken Blanchard, Paul Meyer, and Dick RuheThe 10% Entreprenuer by Patrick McGinnisAtomic Habits by James ClearPitch Anything by Oren KlaffTop Grading by Brad SmartScale by Jeff Hoffman and David FinkelScaling Up by Verne HarnishThe Big Shifts Ahead by John Burns and Chris PorterContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com

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17 Dec 2019

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Host Interview with Matt Roberts

Interviewee InformationMatt Roberts@Matt.RobertsMatt.Roberts@SomedayHomes.com@somedayhomes Topics CoveredWhere Matt and his Company and Brokerage are at todayHow Matt got started and realized the importance of salesSetting yourself up with savings and an exit strategy to move your professionGaining confidence through renovation and remodelingImportance of setting a plan and budgeting for successMatt's first dealCash advances and learning experiencesConvincing your spouse and transitioning to a new normal of real estate investing Teams and StructurePreparing for possible RecessionSecuring relationships with hard money lendersDaily Habits A typical dayDecompressing after the work todayBook Recommendations"Rock Bottom to Rock Star" by Ryan Blair"Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight"Hurricanes: A Memoir" by Rick Ross"Tribe of Millionaires" by David Osborn, Pat Hiban, Mike McCarthy, Tim RhodeContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com@somedayhomes on IG


18 Mar 2020

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Quick Hit - Do I Need an LLC

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


6 Feb 2020

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Taking a chance on Entrepreneurship with Dylan Marma

Guest InformationDylan Marmahttps://randcre.com/https://randpartners.com/https://randcapllc.com/dylan@randcre.comTopics CoveredWhere Dylan and his company is at today 1:52Background and beginning in RE 3:35Taking a chance on Entrepreneurship 4:50Why Multifamily? 8:30First big deal 11:30Working through Freddie Mac SBL loans 14:55Working with 3rd party property management 16:00Deals prior to Rand partnership 17:40Connecting with Gino 19:10Complementary Skill sets = Winning Partnerships 20:10Pros and Cons of Self Management 21:30Building Culture 24:10DISC Assessments & understanding your Team members strengths 28:30 Factors to consider before syndicating 31:50New strategies for Syndication 33:14Looking at deals a bit differently 35:30Preparing for the downturn 37:30Expanding on HUD Loans 39:00History of Interest Rates 41:00Daily Habits 43:00Implementing Digital minimalism 44:20Where to connect with Dylan 48:40Book Recommendations“Deep Work” by Cal Newport“Principles” by Ray Dalio“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport"Endgame: The End of the Debt Super Cycle and How It Changes Everything" by John F. Maudin & Jonathan TepperContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


11 Feb 2020

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Quick Hit- Cap Rate Compression

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


12 Dec 2019

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December 2019 Market Update with John Rutherford

Guest info:John RutherfordJohn.Rutherford@ngkf.comContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


13 Dec 2019

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January 2020 Market Update with Steven McAdoo

Guest infoSteven McAdoosmcadoo@primerealty.comContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


17 Jan 2020

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Investor to Broker with Dave Childers

Guest InformationDave Childershttps://www.cedarrockcap.com/https://ria-inc.com/615-479-8737Topics CoveredWhere his company is at today 2:00Background and beginning in RE 3:50Are you waiting for the next crash? 7:30First big deal 8:30Long term financing 13:20How to find a property manager 16:45Starting a brokerage 19:30Finding a niche 26:45Running a lean operation 29:35Preparing for a downturn 31:30Understanding different real estate segments 34:40Tenant Advocate 37:30Many prefer to rent 40:45Habits for success 42:00Book Recommendation"Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki"Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. StanleyContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


14 Jan 2020

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Quick Hit- Physical Due Diligence Items

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


20 Feb 2020

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From Broker to Syndicator with Kevin McGrath

Guest InformationKevin McGrathkevin@cardindust.comcardinalindustrial.comTopics CoveredCurrent company and structure 2:30Background and beginning in RE 3:30Starting in industrial 7:15Lessons from starting at the downturn 8:30Investing passively 14:30Transition to syndicator 18:00Why don't brokers invest? 21:15What's a good industrial deal 24:30Value add in industrial 29:00Importance of exit strategies 31:30Having tenant before property 33:00Industrial syndication deal 34:00Sourcing equity 36:00Structure of industrial deals 39:00Preparing for a future downturn 43:30Multiple exit strategies 46:15Morning routine 51:00Book Recommendation"Max Out" by Ed Mylett"From Homeless to Billionaire" by Andres PiraContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


28 Jan 2020

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Understanding 1031 Exchanges with Madison 1031

Guest InformationAlex Shandrovsky Alex@Madison1031.comMike Skoczylashttp://madison1031.com/Topics CoveredQ&A on the specifics 1031 exchangeContact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


21 Jan 2020

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Quick Hit- Why I Chose My Niche

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


30 Jan 2020

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Quick Hit- Loss to Lease and Economic Vacancy

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


26 Dec 2019

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From Pilot to Not a Plumber with Bill Ham

Guest InformationBill HamPhoenix Residential Group, LLCBill@phoenixresgroup.comTopics CoveredCurrent Operations 1:30Background and start in RE 2:40First mentor 5:15Intro to multifamily 7:30First deal 10:00Biggest lesson from first deal 13:00Current Team structure 15:30Don't follow your passion 18:30Vetting a coach 21:00Finding deals 26:15Preparing for economic slowdown 32:00Worse case scenarios 38:30Typical day/morning routine 46:00Book RecommendationsGetting to Yes by William L. Ury, Roger Fisher, Bruce M. Patton Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


31 Dec 2019

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Quick Hit- CapEx

Contact Informationdavid@sevenbridgesrei.comwww.sevenbridgesrei.com


2 Jan 2020

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