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Welcome to the show for the Big-Hearted! Author, speaker, and coach Gia Duke is on a mission to brighten the world through creating more love, compassion, and understanding. In Get Your Heart On, she brings her down-to-earth, coffee-with-your-BFF style to a fun mix of story, conversation, how-tos, and quick tips to ignite inspired action, and shares intimate conversations with incredible people from all walks of life who are making a difference in their own way. If you’re looking for passion, inspiration, and feel-good vibes in a freestyle format with a whole lotta zip, this show is for you! Let’s do some good together. Find out more about Gia’s book "Get Your Heart On: The How-To Guide for People Who Want to Make a Difference" and her work at www.giaduke.com.

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04. Spotlight : with Bobby Manglona // Because, it’s The Right Thing To Do

In this Spotlight feature, I’m so excited to introduce you to my incredible way back in the day friend from my hometown of Bremerton, WA, the super big-hearted guy, and father of three, Bobby Manglona. Join us as we dive right in talking about kindness, giving back and all around being a good person. Find out about some of the ways he chooses to integrate giving back into his lifestyle, some ideas of how he helps his friends and community and why he does it. And if you're ever the one that could use some help, but have trouble asking for it, Bobby shares some fantastic wisdom for all of us to consider. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS // (show notes click here)Getting to know Bobby. All things kindness. Why he started a Go Fund Me Campaign for Netty + KennySimple, examples of ways Bobby chooses to help others. Why he chooses to do it. And how people have helped him in his life. His thoughts and advice about being able to ask for help - when you might be the one that needs it. - Yes, please!How Bobby makes sure to fill his self-care bucket back up and what keeps him going when things get tough. Enjoy! And thank you so much, Bobby! CALL TO ACT // Check out the show notes for 1 way we can help him to Get Your Heart On and pay it forward + spread some love to someone he deeply cares about. 


14 Dec 2019

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06. Imagine If...

In the final episode of 2019, I wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote straight out of the beginning of my book, Get Your Heart On. It’s about what might it look and feel like if we were to care about one another a little bit more. It's called, Imagine If... THANK YOU! // For each play and listen and download. For the stars and reviews and fo.r sharing with your friendsFor being a part of my big-hearted community. Join here!Big Hugs + Much Love,:) gia P.S. If you want me to personally let you know when the next episode is ready, I've got you. You can sign up right over here.


28 Dec 2019

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07. THE REAL // Plus 3 Things I'm Grateful For Right Now

Happy New Year! In this short episode, I wanted to fill you in on something that's happened in my life recently that's been really, really hard. THE REAL stuff I promised to share with you along the way. Plus I'll let you know 3 things I'm grateful for right now, in this exact moment. And I'd love to hear from you too. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR RIGHT NOW? Email Me at hello@giaduke(dot)com and let me know.Send me a note on FB or IG or leave a comment below. And if you're going through something hard right now, please feel free to reach out and share with me and we can go through it together. 


4 Jan 2020

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13. Little Hidden Notes of Love // Wanna Play?

Happy Love Month! In this episode, I want to invite you to join me in spreadin’ some LOVE in your hood, anonymous style! Are you game? -- Of course, you are! Introducing, “Little Secret Love Notes” (a family tradition). Push Play and lets get started! For Show Notes http://giaduke.com/episode13 + to share your photos of you in action come on over here! 


14 Feb 2020

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09. Spotlight : with Paul Crowell // The Dog Food Man // Project Open Paw

In this Spotlight feature, I can’t tell you how beyond excited I am for you to meet today's more than inspiring, guest, Paul Crowell. Paul is the founder of the nonprofit, Project Open Paw that is dedicated to feeding and taking care of the furry companions of the homeless in San Francisco where he lives. He is also a gofundme hero and was the recipient of The Jefferson Award of The Bay Area in 2018. As an extremely passionate animal lover and rescue advocate, there’s nothing I love more than anyone who wants to help them. So when I first heard about Paul and what he was doing I literally started telling everyone about him and his gigantic heart. - - Yes, I'm a super fan girl! And I’m hoping after today’s episode you'll be a super fan too! :) Grab a cup of coffee or tea, go somewhere cozy, kickback and push play. This is a longer episode but it's so worth it. There's so much inspiration, helpful advice, and wisdom for those with a big heart. It's all about how one person can make an invaluable difference in the lives of others and what we can do to help. Happy Listening!  And thank you so much, Paul! SHOW HIGHLIGHTS // (show notes click here)Getting to know Paul - What he does and why he does it - So many inspiring stories!How Project Open Paw got started ad what's needed to keep it going. Using social media for good + storytelling + creating a connection with the homeless community he serves. How becoming a gofundme hero doubled his impact + what specifically we can do to help - So many ideas! So many ways to pitch in! (click on show notes to find out)And you'll want to stay to the end to find out Paul's #1 tip for anyone that wants to do make a difference in their own way. As well as who has made a difference to Paul in his life. CALL TO ACT // Check out the show notes to find out all the ways you can, Get Your Heart On to do what you can to help Paul keep animals on the streets warm, healthy and well-fed. Every single FB like, IG follow, dollar given or item donated will make a huge difference in the life of a deserving dog/cat in need of a simple meal so they can go to sleep with food in their bellies. - as Paul says.Thanks again for you and your big hearts!Much Love + Gratitude,:) giaP. S. Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE on Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen. And if you want me to also personally let you know when a new episode comes out all you have to do is sign up right here and I’ve got you!

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19 Jan 2020

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10. Time For A Break-cation? Do This

Have you been hustling hard and you’re feeling kinda spent? Is it time for a break-cation? I feel you. I hear you and I'm gonna help you out. This episode is all about the REFUEL. Push Play. For show notes and join my big-hearted community sign up here! YAY! 


25 Jan 2020

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11. Calling in Sick

Do you ever feel like you just can't do it all? Yeah, me too. This one's short + sweet. Check it out and then, say hi!Show Notes // Instagram // Facebook - Let's touch base! I really want to meet you! Pretty, please:)


4 Feb 2020

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08. Australia Is On Fire // 6 Ways You Can Help

What do you do, when you don't know what to do...especially if you live far away? In this episode, I thought it was important to talk about what's happening in the world with current events as they relate to our big-hearted community, specifically the bushfires in Australia. Push play to hear 6 ways that you can pitch in no matter how much time or money you have and no matter where you live. To make sure you don't miss any episodes you can click here to Subscribe in ITunes. And if you want to help me spread the word I'd be so grateful if you left me a review over on Apple Podcasts via ITunes, as well. Thank you so much! :) giaAll organizations, nonprofits, and campaigns mentioned are listed right here in the SHOW NOTES. 


12 Jan 2020

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12. Between the Seats // A Story

In this episode, I want to share a story with you that I wrote that didn't end up in the final draft of my book, Get Your Heart On simply because I didn't have enough room for all of them, but it's one I definitely think you'll enjoy. It’s a story about connection, with a stranger and it's called, "Between the Seats." Push play to listen in as I reflect back on a day that still gives me goosebumps and I hope that it will mean something to you too. Big Hugs,:) giaFor Show Notes - Episode 12 THANK YOU SO MUCH! // For each play and listen and download. For the stars and reviews and for sharing with your friendsFor being a part of my big-hearted community. Join here!


8 Feb 2020

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14. Giving Back 101 // Heart-Work

This episode is all about the 101 of Making a Difference and what I call Heart-Work. We're also gonna dive deeper into who we are and how we choose to show up in the world day-to-day. Did you know it's a choice? - How sweet is that?!Make sure to stick around all the way to the end so you catch the one simple, yet powerful call to action, I think you'll want to get in on.  For Show Notes + to see the cherry blossom tree I was talking about come on over! Or click here - giaduke.com/episode14


21 Feb 2020

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05. // 9 Quick + Easy, Last-minute Gift Ideas That Literally Make A Difference

In this episode, I’m so excited to share with you some of my personal favorite gift ideas that literally make a difference in the lives of others. I did my best to feature from a variety of causes and organizations so hopefully, there's something here that would be meaningful to you or someone you love. And they’re all programs I’ve personally supported over the years. And don’t worry, you’re not behind, there’s no need to stress because most of them don't require any shipping! YAY! If nothing else you can ALL TOTALLY do #1 and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the organizations and causes that stood out to you most. I know they're so grateful for however you can support them an the work they are doing. Much Love,:) giaP.S. Check out the show notes for all the direct links to each organization. P.S.S Lets connect! Come say hello via IG, FB or via my website! I can't wait to meet you!


22 Dec 2019

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20. Spotlight : with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins // Shining A Hopeful Light On Death + Dying

In this Spotlight feature, I’m super excited for you to meet today’s inspiring big-hearted guest, Dr. Martha Jo Atkins. Dr. Martha Jo Atkins helps people around the world learn about dying and how the experience of caring for a dying loved one can be connective, rich, peaceful and, above all, full of Love. -- Yes, please...and how amazing is that?!Martha Jo not only has one of the most fascinating careers and is creating invaluable work in the world, she also has the most kind, genuine heart. For 30 years, she has worked with people at end-of-life and the ones who love them. She is the author of the book, Signposts Of Dying, and her TEDx talk on this subject has more than a million views.Today, we’ll be talking about extraordinary experiences at end of life and the language of dying and how to create less fear around death. Quick reminder this is going to be a longer episode as all my spotlight features are. Feel free to listen to it all at once or break it into two parts. So kickback somewhere cozy, and we’d be delighted if you’d join us… Are you ready?! Let's get started! Enjoy!Much Love,:) giaFor SHOW NOTES // HIGHLIGHTS // RESOURCES (click here)  or http://giaduke.com/episode20CALL TO ACT // Don't forget to check out the show notes to find out all the ways you can, Get Your Heart On and share some Super Love Martha Jo Style. P.S. Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE on Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen. And if you want me to also personally let you know when a new episode comes out all you have to do is sign up right here and I’ve got you!

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10 Apr 2020

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19. JOY // Find it. Spread it. Bring it.

Joy, it's in the cards. - literally. Tune in to see what I'm talking about! True story. SHOW NOTES // To see the original Chia Pet commercial + photo come on over!l - So funny! http://giaduke.com/episode19RATE + REVIEW // I'd be so grateful if you'd help me to spread the word so we can reach more big-hearted people! YAY! Head on over to iTunes // Apple Podcast to rate and review and then listen for yours on the air! Thank you so much!


31 Mar 2020

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18. Want To Feel Better? Give These Ideas A Try

Are you feeling unsettled or anxious and kinda all over the place with everything that's happening as we navigate life in Cornonavirus-land? Yeah, me too. Push play to spend a little time with me as I share a few ideas of what I'm doing to feel better right now with the hopes that they'll help you too!For all resources + super awesome people mentioned + online communities check out the Show Notes  - http://giaduke.com/episode18And you can sign up right here to get my weekly // Little Zaps of Love - YAY! Biggest Hugs, :) gia


20 Mar 2020

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17. How-To Find Calm In Chaos // And Please Don't Jump

During this unsettling time with the coronavirus, I want to not only offer support and connection but also some simple ways to help you find calm in the chaos. In the second half of this episode, I also share a brief story with you about someone who was considering ending their life. If you or someone you know is need of help please call and share The National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You are not alone. We can get through this together. Much Love, giaFor Show Notes + To Connect - http://giaduke.com/episode17


13 Mar 2020

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