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Immigration and Collaborative Biographies

This podcast acts as supportive material for the Clark County School District's Teaching American History Grant module on Immigration and Collaborative Biographies. During the module, third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom teachers learn about immigration from 1880-1920 through reading history books and children's literature, writing a book report, and writing a historical fiction chapter book.

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Lecture: DeAnna Beachley — "Immigrant Women"

Lecture (DeAnna Beachley, Ph.D.)—"Immigrant Women"

8 Dec 2009

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Lecture: Christy Keeler, Ph.D.— "Cooperative Learning, Writing History"

This is a recording of the in-class lecture titled: "Cooperative Learning, Writing History" presented by Dr. Christy Keeler on March 11, 2009.

1 Dec 2009

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Lecture: Michael Green — "Nevada Immigrants"

Lecture (Michael Green, Ph.D.)—"Nevada Immigrants"

12 Mar 2009

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