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S01 – E10 – Sharyn Ferns

When I decided to relaunch the KissCast I looked back at what the previous interviews I had done with people and one jumped out at me because at the time it had been such an absolute blast and I knew instantly that I wanted to interview Sharyn Ferns again. I am delighted that when I asked Ferns if she wanted a repeat outing on the KissCast she jumped at the chance and despite a little technically difficulty at the start we yet again managed to use the amazing power to technology to chat happily across many thousands of miles about all sorts of blogging, sex, kink, life stuff! This is only episode that includes someone pausing to go and refill their drink because Ferns is just that cool. Also content note, this episode was recorded before Michael and I split up. In this episode: Why Ferns started blogging Evolution of her kink Learning to advocate for what she wanted Romance and Kissing Service subs…. are like the unicorns of D/s Self publishing and writing books Podcasting Vanilla Dating The story of Pissy Pants Pete and how Ferns created a problem for herself. Links from the episode: Domme Chronicles Bitchy Jones That Timed I Dumped George Clooney Fern’s Books Fern’s Podcast Subscribe to the show: iTunes Spotify Google Play

1hr 11mins

14 Dec 2019

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S01 – E09 Floss Liddell

When I planned this series of the KissCast I had a wild idea of leaving one week free and trying to get whoever got the number 1 spot on the Top 100 Sex Blogs list as a guest. it was a gamble because that person could easily have been to busy to fit it in at short notice. When I realised last week who was at the top I actually set this recording up them but just told them that I had a gap in the schedule and would they be interested. Luckily they said yes and so as a result this weeks episode is me talking and the fabulous Floss Liddell. We talk about blogging, writing, relationships, break-ups and of course coming top of the Top 100 list In this episode: How and why Floss does Life came about How the community have helped in her growth as a blogger. The Smut Marathon and learning from it. Fiction writing and dark erotic stories Broken relationships and trying to remain friends with partners Exploring Non-monogamy Having goals The future Links from the episode: Floss does life Smut Marathon The Cursed Woman (story 31 on this page) Floss’s dark erotic fiction The Wanton Witch Polyweekly Podcast More than two Homing Pigeon Primary: Good Things Are Hard to Screw Up Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 Food for Thought Subscribe to the show: iTunes Spotify Google Play

1hr 15mins

6 Dec 2019

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S01 – E012 – E.L. Byrne

Here we are at the final episode in the current run of interviews on the KissCast but do not panic, there will be stuff to keep you entertained until the interviews return later next year. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this final one of 2019 which features E L Bryne and I talking about blogging, writing, travel, body image and being polyamorous Sadly some of the audio on this episode is not perfect but I hope you enjoy it anyway because I really loved having this conversation with E L Bryne. In this episode: Why and when E. L. Bryne started blogging The difference between blogging and writing a memoir. Becoming a traveler Discovering non-monogamy Life choices and not being a Mother Body image and body acceptance Anonymity and pen names Links from the episode: E. L. Bryne Writer Longitude and Lustitude I’m Solo-Poly: No Relationship Escalator for Me The Price of Admission If We Were Monogamous, My Boyfriend Would Not Make the Cut It’s Summer- Do You have a Summer Body? Subscribe to the show: iTunes Spotify Google Play

1hr 4mins

28 Dec 2019

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S01 – E011 – Cara Thereon

Despite the fact that this weeks guest and myself are best friends we had not managed to schedule a time to record this episode until a couple of days ago but the most important this is we got there in the end and so you get to listen to me talking to the awesome Cara Thereon about Blogging, Writing, Fiction, Scaring yourself, Food, Mental Health, Photography and Snow White. In this episode: Why Cara started blogging before she was even Cara. Transitioning from personal experience writing to fiction Taking pictures and having your picture taken Deal with rejections when it comes to writing and publishing Paying your creatives. Writing fiction is work. Being Murdery and writing dark erotic fiction Mental health and writing SAD Lamps Food and food tours. Links from the episode: Cara Thereon It’s Been a Year Cara’s NanoWrimo2019 Playing God Verilux Happy Lamps Beurer SAD Lamp Images: Angel is the Centre Fold Stranger Things Top Shelf Kitten Subscribe to the show: iTunes Spotify Google Play


20 Dec 2019

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Mistakes and fantasy sex toy designs.

In this weeks minisode I am tackling two questions that were posed to me by @NaughtyTeaOwl on Twitter about mistakes I have made in play sessions and the sex toy I would invent. What mistakes have you made in play sessions that you think would be helpful to share? If you could invent a sex toy that did two or more things to you at the same time – what would they be? Subscribe to the show: iTunes Spotify Google Play


24 Feb 2020

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