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3 boys, Chase, Brodie and Dean share their passion for the beautiful game of AFL. The group is a diverse bunch with some more gifted than other and some funnier than others. Admiring greats such as Mark Nicoski and Barnaby French, these gentlemen go into the trench

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S:2 E:7 | Gilad Nagar

Oh boy! Huge episode this week with our man Gilad Nagar. Gilad takes us through life as a saints fan, his memorable performance in the year 11 vs 12 footy match and talks about his own podcast, Tea Time. While Brodie is absent, Dean relishes the added contribution sharing unique statistics and an anecdote with his favourite cup, Chris Judd while Chase shows off his commentary skills and reveals the Doss n Toss cult figure 22.


15 Jul 2022

Rank #1

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S:2 E:6 | Carnage and Chaos

The 2022 season is getting to the pointy end and Chase, Dean and Brodie ask all the hard hitting question... Who can still make the 8? Was Tom Stewarts ban the correct call? The boys discuss the huge rivalry match between Bialik and Scopus that led to a devastating injury to our panelist. From the Fans questions are getting weirder and more random each week but we do our best to articulate responses.


29 Jun 2022

Rank #2

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S:2 E:5 | We are back

We are back from an extended break... Is flagmantle the real deal? What's going wrong with the dees? Ginnivan and Weightman take the headlines. The boys give their midseason review and mid season All Australian team as well as hear the fan's views. Chase on the deebrief again and another Remy and Feen classic on the latest episode of Doss 'n Toss


6 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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S:2 E:4 | Adam Shuster 2.0

Adam 'Sardines' 'Nolan' Shuster hops on the podcast as an extra panelist on a cosy night to recall a calamity that occured in the setting and to talk all things round 5. Chase's dreams come true making an appearance on his favourite podcast. Dean has no patience and urges the group to carry on (must have somewhere to be) and wannabe panelist Zac briefly hops on to ask some questions about his beloved Hawks.


19 Apr 2022

Rank #4

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S:2 E:3 | Sam 'Pong' Greenberg

We bring our first guest of season 2 on the podcast and he does not disappoint with a hilarious interaction with List Cloggers regarding his nickname and will he be making a return to footy? We went viral? Brodie takes 5 years to get a chocolate out of a wrapper but his cups deliver as per. Dean backs up segments with another word to add to the vocab list while Chase, despite rattled at times, appreciates and even gives a demonstrates of the exaggerated umpire animation for a dangerous tackle. 


13 Apr 2022

Rank #5

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S:2 E:2 | Up and About

Arguably the best podcast so far... Dean, Brodie and Chase gather in a new setting to talk all things Buddy, Health and Safety Protocols etc. Chase and Brodie share some of the exciting events on the weekend. Will someone kick 1000 goals or 100 goals in a season again? Will Port ָAdelaide miss finals? 4 new segments in the show (Dean goes bang with 3 of them) and a popular segment returns. There is an abundance of 'From the Fans' questions including an ex-panelist and our 'biggest fan'. SCENES


30 Mar 2022

Rank #6

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BONUS: Off-Season Shenanigans

Tune in for a special bonus episode off Doss 'n Toss to catch up with the boys COVID-affected lives. Chase talks up Scobo's (Scott Boland) and Uzzie's (Usman Khawaja) Ashes heroics while the boys discuss a few prospects for an AFL XI. Dean frowns on the current state of the NBA and Brodie receives a special something mid way through the show. 


14 Jan 2022

Rank #7

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S:1 E:7 | Final Episode + Oscar Miltz + Kai Aladjem

The biggest episode left until the last of the season. Some huge news regarding one of out panelists and 2 guests, Kai speaks about his interesting pathway into basketball and Oscar on his famous trade radio call up. We review the grand final as Dean gives us his last DBS, Brodie shares some of the best AFL nicknames and Guess Who goes down to wire.


30 Sep 2021

Rank #8

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S:1 E:6 | Grand Final Preview + Adam Shuster

Big Grand Final Preview as is Dean's DBS. All the predictions are in, Brodie is lagging and Harry is being weird. Sardines makes an appearance after a patient wait and Chase lists his top 3 Trade Radio moments.


23 Sep 2021

Rank #9

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S:1 E:5 | Zac Alter

One of our key panelists turns up late without warning so for our female listeners he returns at 19:55. Otherwise the show is scenes. Dean and our guest have Mark Jamar and Brent Maloney esque chemistry and have some laughs, Brodie is his usual self which we love and Chase provides a nice balance between analysis and humour.


9 Sep 2021

Rank #10