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Exploring life & faith through the lens of one question, "What does it mean to simply love Jesus?"

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I Believe - Part 1

In this episode, Caleb and some new guests want to take a historical route and begin exploring the beliefs of the early church. Helping us understand that the more clearly we understand the early Christian beliefs, the closer we can be to understanding the heart of Jesus./// MUSIC: The songs used in this episode are from the newly released project White Oak from dryhope./// SOCIAL MEDIA: What did you think of this episode? You can follow us on social media through Instagram or Twitter by searching @sljministries. You can follow Caleb S. Davis by searching him @calebsdavis./// APPAREL: Don't forget that you can head to our website and purchase your own "How Can I Pray For You?" T-Shirt or Hoodie at https://simplylovejesus.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/sljministries)


8 Nov 2019

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