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Episode 9: A view from the top of the grocery industry with Steven Esom

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Steven Esom from Product Chain. Get to know Steven and the industry Career path  The Grocery Industry and Retailers What changes have you seen in the industry since you started? Massive delayering on the retailer side - do you think this is going to continue as part of the reconfiguration of retail? Can you see the challenge from the discounters changing in the next decade? Do you think the big box retailers will start to transform their shops to be similar to that of the discounters? Are we seeing more subletting of retail plots? Waitrose and M&S Where is Waitrose going over the next few years? M&S are in a unique position with a unique audience, thoughts? Category Management Have we passed peak category management? New products on the shelf for a shorter period, is this enough? Product chain - Is it tougher than ever to get and keep listings, and to grow sales? Challenger brands concentrating on a proposition, marketing and sales, is this the case with all? What impact is this having on the corporate structures of the big retailers? Do you think BCORP will be mandatory in a few years? The important questions: Where is grocery going to go next year? What piece of advice would you give someone starting out in the industry right now? Thoughts on the John Lewis Christmas advert?


11 Dec 2019

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Episode 17: Food Fraud with Professor Lisa Jack

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Professor Lisa Jack from Portsmouth University.  For more insights, consultancy, marketing and market research solutions, visit https://hra-global.com/ 0 - 5:30 minutes - Introduction to Professor Lisa Jack and her move into teaching from being an auditor in the public and private sectors. 05:45 - 06:50 minutes Will we seen an upsurge in food fraud in the COVID-19 era? Do you agree with this? Prof Lisa discusses that the ‘head turn’ of attention could lead to more food fraud and tightened margins. 06:50 - 08:50 minutes From a regulatory perspective, does this create a more permissive environment for food fraud at the moment? Lisa discusses that a limit of resources can lessen the amount of regulation and investigative powers. 08:50 -  13:40 minutes What’s your view of the impact on the food industry and supply chains due to products not being able to be sourced profitably? Audits within the crisis: Lisa discusses the challenges that the current crisis brings, as we are now not able to view products in person and what impact this has on reliability of its authenticity. 13:50 - 20:15 minutes: Do you think, with the drive to cheaper food, what is the right response that the authorities should take to steady the ship? A number of manufactures have gone direct to consumer, due to the closure of foodservice, with the lack of higher authority standards, does this worry you? 20:15 -28:05 minutes:  From a consumer interest, what do you think this all does to consumer trust in food? Is the consumer more suspecting of food fraud now? 28:10 - 30:40 minutes: If you were advising a company now, what would you say to them to not be impacted by food fraud now? How could they lock in the robustness of their supply chain? 30:40 - 35:30 minutes In regards to Brexit, how will it play out in terms of food fraud, as EU regulations are removed, will it leave a lack of protection? 35:30 minutes Lisa gives us the details on her Symposium ‘Futures for Food’ on Thursday 28th May, details of this event and how to register can be found here: https://bit.ly/Futures4FoodUoP If you would like to feature on the podcast or have any questions, get in touch hello@thegroceryinsider.com


26 May 2020

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Episode 10: 2020 Supply Chain Vision with Jonathan Kittow

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Jonathan Kittow from Simply Supply Chain.  Supply Chain as a Career - 0-6 minutes Introduction to Jonathan and Simply Supply Chain How attractive is the supply chain industry for graduates? Is Supply Chain being broken out from operations structurally? For B2B contacts for Supply Chain and Sales are the two parts of any grocery business that touch other firms the most, would you agree?  Are you starting to see, due to tech and therefore how things are being measured, has that lead to the roles within supply chain being up-weighted or new roles within Supply Chain? As a profession has it got more strategic less exceptional? Defining Supply Chain and the role of Logistics - 6.00 - 11.30 minutes A definition of Supply Chain - where does it stop where does it start? What is it doing? Where would see procurement fit? Outsourcing logistics? Is this something that is new? Do you think the third-party logistics providers are making it easier for product-focused firms to do that? Retailers Priorities - 11.30 - 18.00 minutes Are you seeing people coming in straight into Supply Chain from the data sciences or are they making a segway in from operations? Just on the retailers, we have seen quite a few changes in recent years in terms of how the retailers are prioritising certain channels, how they are organising them. Do you reach into that world and how would you summarise these changes from the last three years? Are they integrating the supply chain across those trading businesses? Charging models particularly around groceries changing with more of a subscription-based offer, how do you think that will change going forward, will there be more Amazon-style strategies moving forward? Wholefoods and the Discount Model  - 18.00 - 20.45 minutes Wholefoods, has much been going on there? The discount model, do you think they will be changing their model or if it’s not broken, don’t fix it? Take Aldi for instance. Supply Chain and Manufacturers -20.45 - 27.30 minutes Supply chain management in individual food and drink manufacturers? How do they know they have got it right? How do they benchmark and set areas to improve? Is there anything else that can be done? In terms of how simply supply chain work with firms, is there one area that is in particular demand? Are you typically working at Supply Chain level, at board level or do you work with MDs, where do you plug in firms? Accounting - 26.00 minutes So talking about behaviour change, do you think the accounting within companies has progressed enough to pull out product costs and how they vary in different channels? The Future of Supply Chain - 27.30-37 minutes Looking forward to 2020, what can you see happening in Supply Chain? Do you see much ex-retail supply chain folk, popping up in manufacturing? If you were a fresh-faced grad starting out in supply chain, what advice would you give? Is there a part of Supply Chain they should focus on?


7 Jan 2020

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Episode 8: Cracking the Code with Ged Futter

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Ged Futter from GSCOP Ltd. Get to know Ged (0 mins) How did you start working in food and drink? Working in retail Defining GSCOP (3 min) What is the code? What does it do? What relationships does it regulate? When did you first hear about the code? What was your first impression of the code? The pressure for the code, in the early years the expectations of the code was met? The evolving of the code (7 min) What was the pivotal moment of the code? A change in dynamics A change of culture Do you think there’s a link between Tesco fortunes and buying practices and the adjustment they have had to make? Should the code be changed? The code in practice (14.30 mins) The code and own-label Confidence of suppliers Demographic of buyers and account managers The challenges the code faces (20.50 mins) Pressure on the code from different stakeholders The future of the code? The role of government and how this impacts the code (23 mins) How does Brexit impact the code? Will this impact on behaviour towards the code? Look forward - a change of government - do you think the ground rules of the code could change? What does the code not cover? (28.20 mins) Have a question? Want to feature on the podcast in our next series? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you - hello@thegroceryinsider.com 


13 Aug 2019

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Episode 13: Storyhacking with Genevieve Boast

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Genevieve Boast, founder of 'Beyond Human Stories'.  Introduction and the state of organisations now: 0:00 - 8:50 minutes Introduction to Genevieve and starting 'Beyond Human Stories'.  Looking into the story telling of organisations.  Are organisations being truly honest and authentic amid the crisis? The current climate: 8:50 - 12:30 minutes What is the mood amongst brands at the moment? How interconnectivity is helping amid the covid-19 pandemic.  What is storyhacking? 12:30 - 19:35 minutes The definition of 'storyhacking' and how brands can use it. How to stop yourself being disempowered and inhibiting your vision. How this can be applied to brands and internal company structures.  Can the current crisis aid companies to use storyhacking to look at their vision? How to approach storyhacking and the challenges of Coronavirus: 19:35 - 26:30 minutes How taking yourself out of your comfort zone into nature can help to begin storyhacking.  The challenges that we face within the covid-19 pandemic.  Equinox Kombucha and early storyhacking: 26:30 - 34:30 minutes The work Genevieve has done with 'Equinox Kombucha'.  How has storyhacking impacted them and changed the way that they work? What were the precursors to storyhacking? The new normal - 34:30 - 42:45 minutes What will be the positives from the new normal that will emerge after the corona crisis? How global interconnectivity and innovation has increased.  The future for businesses: 42:45 minutes What is your key message to managing directors at the moment? How business can be changed in a positive manner amid the crisis.  If you would like to feature on the podcast or have any questions, get in touch hello@thegroceryinsider.com


9 Apr 2020

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Episode 15: Resetting the Client and Agency relationship with Gellan Watt

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Gellan Watt, global brand and creative strategy consultant.  0 - 9 minutes Introduction to Gellen Founded an agency in 2003 which was sold in 2016. He has since been investing and consulting. How are brands reacting to the COVID-19 crisis? 9 - 19 minutes: Will the future bring more collaboration? Will we see more collaboration? More outsourcing? How do you justify a marketing budget in these times? Gellan tells us about looking beyond the crisis to returning to a new normal. 19 - 28 minutes: When we come out the end of this, how will things have changed? The rise of digital media. Looking back to the financial crisis and September 2011, would you have done anything differently running your business back then? 28 - 36 minutes: Brand vs Agency relationship How do you think the current events way of working will change the brand vs agency relationship? Gellan talks about in-house agencies. 36 minutes: What is the one piece of advice you would give to food and drink brands right now? Gellan says that it’s best for brands to stay appropriate right now, but to not go quiet. If you would like to feature on the podcast or have any questions, get in touch hello@thegroceryinsider.com 


24 Apr 2020

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Episode 6: Foodservice Matters with Emma Read

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Emma Read, founder of Lucid Perspectives.  Get to know Emma Read (0 mins) What is Lucid Perspectives? Getting into the food and drink industry Emma moves into foodservice  Foodservice (5.30 mins) What is the definition of Foodservice? Top 3 trends within Foodservice? Data sources and Foodservice The Challenges within Foodservice (12.30 mins) The boundaries within Foodservice Where does foodservice start and where does retail stop? Contemporary Fast Food (15.30 mins) The trendy way to enjoy fast food What does this mean for traditional fast food brands?  The transactional changes and how this is changing foodservice - technology Death of the high street - impact on foodservice and what role does it play within this narrative Wholesalers (23 mins) Changes and trends for Regional Wholesalers Cash and Carry  The Winners in Foodservice (25 mins) Emma's winners in foodservice Sustainability Corporate social responsibility The need to constantly evolve within Foodservice to succeed Emma reflects on the industry (31 mins)  Emma's advice if you are thinking of starting out in food & drink and Foodservice


3 Jun 2019

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Episode 5: Free From Insights - Daiya Foods

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Bill Bollengier from Daiya Foods.  Get to know Bill and Daiya Foods (0 mins) Who is Bill Bollengier and how did he start working in food and drink? Find out more about Daiya Foods, history and where they are based. Taste good, better for you, dairy free gluten free Daiya Food products Soya and Food Association What makes Daiya Foods different? (5 mins) Some brands avoid them tasting like non-vegan comparator, Daiya deliberate alternative Mimic dairy free foods - proud to accept this challenge. Free From Cholesterol North American Plant-Based Market (7 mins) What is the plant-based market like in British Columbia Why are people to go plant-based, and what impact is this having on foodservice and retail Where you can find Daiya Foods What questions do people have towards Free From products? Plant-Based Challenges (11 mins) Free From to Full Of Taste Vs. Protein Vegan and allergen-free alternatives - what Daiya Foods offer Plant-Based (14.30 mins) Progressive moment high growth, choice and alternative Competitors Building awareness allergen free, vegan food Where do you place products within this category in the supermarket? The Future of Daiya Foods (19 mins) Where else can we find Daiya Foods around the world? Future of Daiya Foods


13 May 2019

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Episode 4: Food Entrepreneurs - Brain Füd

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to the Co-Founder of Brain Füd - Jess Gould. Get to know Jess (0 mins) Meet Jess Gould and find out how she got into food and drink, and a specific interest in energy drinks Finding Brain Füd How Brain Füd began Where you can buy Brain Füd (5.30 mins) Taking the product to market Brain Fud within universities and offices Who is the Brain Fud target market Where you find Brain Fud EXCLUSIVE news about Brain Fud Packaging journey of Brain Füd (9 mins) Packaging journey of Brain Fud Future packaging of Brain Fud The important connection between brand and packaging Impact of packaging and how it looks on shelves Future Brain Fud products The evolving brand (15 mins) Route to market retail, foodservice or direct to consumer Focus on women in target audience and Brain Füd Brain Fud colours and moving the brand forward Brain Füd chose in bold and brave flavours (19 mins) Flavours of Brain Füd Distinct flavour combinations Importance of natural flavours Reflecting on how Brain Füd began in comparison to today (21 mins) Great concept, how did Brain Füd begin Getting the first order The Brain Füd team and logistics for moving into retail The exciting future of Brain Füd (23 mins) Where would Jess like to be in a few years? Any worries? if you could give one piece of advice to someone starting into the industry today, what would you do? Have a question or comment? Email us hello@thegroceryinsider.com


6 May 2019

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Episode 7: The Future of Category Management

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to David and Alexis from Category Wins.  Get to know David and Alexis (0 mins) How did David and Alexis begin working in the food industry? What was the thought process and aims behind Category Wins? Alexis' role in the business Scaling up the business in five years Understanding Category (8.30 mins) Defining what category means  Recorded before the Asda/Sainsbury's merger was decided, David and Alexis' thoughts on this Will it happen? Retailers (14.55 mins)  Where will Tesco go now? Ranking of the retailers Where does Waitrose go from here?  What are the aspirations of Waitrose? Post-potential merger, where does Sainsbury’s go from here? What could happen to ASDA? Thoughts on discounters Aldi vs. Lidl changing behaviour Emerging Markets (32 mins)  When new markets emerge, how does this impact Kantar/Nielson to categorise and code them to help us better understand the market? Have a question? Want to feature on the podcast? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you - hello@thegroceryinsider.com 


31 Jul 2019

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