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Vehicles are a form of independence but roadways can be dangerous. Traffic safety is a lifesaving serious business. Our program focuses on Driving Conversations, Keeping Traffic Calm, and Saving Lives. This is the TraffiCalm™ Network!TraffiCalm™ manufactures American made effective, efficient, and affordable solutions to enhance signage on today's roads. Solutions apply to Advanced Curve Warning, Stop Sign Enhancement, Pedestrian Push 2 Cross (with RRFB), Conflict Intersections, Wrong Way Mitigation, Driver Feedback Speed Radar Signs, and so much more. See it all at online at TraffiCalm.com

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120 Dr. Gene Hawkins, NCUTCD Chair, shares how the industry helps shape content for the MUTCD

Host Bob Felt speaks with Dr. Gene Hawkins who serves as chair of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD). Dr. Hawkins covers the process involved in reviewing ideas and recommending additions, changes, and/or deletions for the FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) publication which is used as guidance document for constructing and improving all roads open to public travel. The conversation also covers facts surrounding green STOP signs?


23 Aug 2021

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119 - TraffiCalm Wrong Way Signs: They Are Not Just A Pretty Red Light Around A Sign...

Did you ever wonder how LED lights work or who puts TraffiCalm products together? Cindi Burns from MOR Manufacturing (sister company of TraffiCalm Systems) spends some time with host Bob Felt and shares insight from the factory in Northern Idaho. 


22 Jun 2021

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118 - Safety: Priority #1 in Work Zones with Century Engineering's Bret Martine

Host Bob Felt interviews Bret Martine, VP for Century Engineering. Listen and discover that it's possible to eliminate fatalities in work zones for workers.  


8 Jun 2021

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117 - Driver Feedback Signs for slowing down boaters? Brad Berner of TS&L in Florida speaks with host Bob Felt and elaborates.

In this episode, TraffiCalm Network host Bob Felt in interviews Brad Berner - VP from Transportation Solution and Lighting in Boca Raton, Florida. Brad explains how they serve customers from concept to implementation as well as some unique projects that include the Florida Keys.


26 Apr 2021

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116 - Will 100% recycled products replace metal traffic signs? Robert Green of Garden State Highway Products speaks with host Bob Felt to outline their latest innovation..

Host Bob Felt welcomes a guest from New Jersey that says replacing metal traffic signs with 100% recycled material is an option in the near future. Robert Green, Chief Operations Officer of Garden State Highway Products, discusses the importance of good customer service and how a sign maker and installer can become effective transportation safety partners with an electronics sign manufacturer to save lives. 


30 Mar 2021

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115 - The Benefits of Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) with Brandon Terry

Host Bob Felt digs into the connection between weather and roadway safety with RWIS Sales Engineer Brandon Terry from High Sierra Electronics. Brandon discusses his experience with state, federal, and local government agencies as a Weather Technology Consultant and how high-tech solutions can improve operations for agencies and assist drivers with advance warning ahead of potential hazards that can be deadly. 


4 Mar 2021

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114 TraffiCalm expands outreach to include guests with transportation success stories

John Ragan, President and CEO of TraffiCalm Systems, shares information about the company's success in 2020, let's the "cat out of the bag" with an innovation soon to market, and invites anyone to the program that has handled transportation challenges by creating solutions that save lives. Industry experts, along with many others, will appear on the program throughout 2021. Host Bob Felt bends to the pressure of briefly being interviewed at the end about his former public life under a stage name.


4 Feb 2021

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113 - Wider Pavement Marking Research with Dr. Paul Carlson from Road Infrastructure

Join host Bob Felt as he spends some time with Paul Carlson, formerly of Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), now with Road Infrastructure as the Chief Technology Officer. Paul shares future pavement marking standards that will be included within the next version of the MUTCD. The wider pavement markings research discussed will improve roadway safety and the auto industry's ability to make vehicles safer.


4 Jan 2021

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112 - Educating Lawmakers on the Importance of Transportation Funding

President & CEO of the American Highway Users Alliance Laura Perrotta discusses transportation advocacy with host Bob Felt. This episode covers the importance of educating our nation’s lawmakers in order to secure necessary federal funding for improving our surface transportation infrastructure and more.


16 Dec 2020

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111 - Transportation in the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia with Randy Damron

Find out about the WVDOT's "Roads to Prosperity" with Randy Damron - A Charleston, West Virginia icon and transportation point person. TraffiCalm Network host Bob Felt interviews Mr. Damron as he shares a key educational component to their work zone safety campaign:  "Heads Up, Phones Down."


12 Nov 2020

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