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Don’t Let Politics Get in the Way of Profit

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we’re focusing on the UK and European markets, and how politics have impacted stock markets. UK stocks have fallen from favour as concerns build about Brexit. But our first guest James Henderson, manager of the Lowland Investment Trust welcomes the dip as it has provided opportunity for him to pick up income stocks cheap. Up next, JPM Claverhouse Trust manager Will Meadon says It is understandable that UK equities have fallen from favour but warns investors against ignoring them completely. Has Europe reached its peak, is this as good as it’s going to get? Sam Morse, manager of the Fidelity European Values fund is up next to discuss investment conditions in Europe, and where there is value left in the market. Our next guest is Olly Russ, Manager of the Liontrust European Enhanced Income Fund. Olly feels that Europe has never looked better and is in great shape so equity investors should make the most of it.  Up next, Nomura’s Global Dynamic Bond fund manager, Richard Hodges, says that bond market investors should listen the guidance given by central banks to avoid the shock of interest rate rises Bond investors know inflation impacts returns. So our next guest, Hermes' Fraser Lundie is watching US jobs figures and the oil price closely to gain insight Next up we have Baring Emerging Europe Fund Manager Matthias Siller, who suggests investing in financial stocks to benefit from increasing wealth in Eastern Europe. Our final guest is Emily Fletcher, Co-Manager of the BlackRock Frontiers Fund who reveals which of the "Forgotten Forty" stock markets offers the best risk-reduced returns. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


6 Jun 2018

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Innovation, Technology and AI: Investing experts explain latest Investment opportunities

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we’re at the Morningstar Investment conference speaking with investment experts about the latest trends in the market and where they are seeing risks and opportunities to look out for? Our first guest today is Sebastian Lyon, Founder of Troy Asset Management who warns investors that quantitative easing and low interest rates have propped up stocks and bond prices and so investors should be nervous about markets.  With Sebastian urging caution, our next guest, Jupiter's James Clunie tells Emma Wall reasons to stay positive when stock markets look negative. stock markets look overvalued across the spectrum, but you can protect yourself against severe losses.  Next up, Mark Costar of J O Hambro Capital Management tells Emma Wall that misallocation of capital and failure to embrace technology impact companies more than economics How do you profit from innovation? Is it just about investing in technology stocks? Interestingly, Our next guest, Guinness fund manager Ian Mortimer finds innovation through industrials and consumer stocks.  A key theme at this year’s Morningstar Investment conference was Artificial Intelligence. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence And how can investors profit from the innovation in computer learning? Next up, Ian McKenna of the Finance & Technology Research Centre says Digitalising financial services can drive down costs and improve end investors' experience so it’s important that Financial advisors embrace technology  What Will Happen to Politics Post-Brexit? Why was the Brexit vote such a shock to many? And will it spell the end or the beginning of populist politics? Professor Matthew Goodwin makes his predictions in our next interview.  Will US Tax Reform Lead to Growth or Inflation? Will Donald Trump's proposed tax reform in the US prolong the economic cycle or cause inflation to jump? We ask JP Morgan’s Market strategist Karen Ward. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


16 May 2018

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Spring Statement, Trump’s Trade Tariff and ISA Ideas

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we discuss the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, tips to legally reduce your tax bill in preparation for the end of the tax year, Trump’s Trade tariff and more! A few hours ahead of the Philip Hammond’s Spring statement Emma Wall, Senior International Editor for Morningstar spoke with Keith Wade, Chief Economist at Schroders to discuss the outlook for the UK economy.   Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered his inaugural Spring Statement with much of his speech a confirmation of policies announced in the Autumn Budget. Emma Wall gives us an overview next.  Will Interest Rates Rise This Month? Emma Wall talks to JP Morgan's Mike Bell about the outlook for US jobs - and how that could impact interest rates on both sides of the pond Why US jobs figures a data point for economists across the world? With employment figures out from the US this month. Ranthbones, Ed Smith discusses how US employment data can determine whether bonds or equities will outperform Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp speaks to Emma Wall about rising US bond yields and where he sees value for investors US President Donald Trump has proposed trade tariffs on aluminium and steel. What do they mean for global stock markets? Nick Watson,  multi asset fund manager for Janus Henderson is up next to tell us more.  Despite a significant stock market rally, Miton's David Jane says there are still investment opportunities in the US if you know how to find them Our final guest on this month’s podcast is Killik & Co's Rachel Winter Who gives investors three ways to maximise their ISA allowance and legally reduce their tax bill ahead of the new tax year.  Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


15 Mar 2018

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Investing Through Stock Market Volatility

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we discuss the somewhat volatile start the markets have had in 2018, what investors should do during these periods of uncertainty and what opportunities there are during these times.  Let’s get straight into our main topic, Emma Wall, senior editor for Morningstar.co.uk and Killik & Co's Rachel Winter discuss why stock market volatility is a good thing, and how investors can take advantage of the fall by viewing it as a buying opportunity. Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp urges investors to ignore the market noise and focus on their long-term goals. He offers 3 tips for riding out periods of stock market volatility.  What are the Triggers for Stock Market Volatility? While it is near impossible to accurately predict stock market movements, there are warning signs investors can look for which could cause increased volatility says Tai Hui - Chief Asia Market Strategist, JP Morgan   So how does one invest in a volatile market? Even though Global stock markets have made up the losses from earlier in the year, investors should prepare for increased volatility in 2018 warns our next guest, Thomas Poullaouec, Head of Multi Asset Solutions for T. Rowe Price. Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Cyrique Bourbon examines the recent poor performance of UK equity income fund manager Neil Woodford. What should investors holding Woodfords fund do?  Market volatility can spring up pockets of opportunity, Russia for example has the potential to significantly outperform other stock markets and is currently 40% cheaper than other emerging markets. Cyrique Bourbon stays with us on the podcast to explain more. Another opportunity worth looking at is India.  The International Monetary Fund has predicted India will drive global growth in 2018, and Prime Minister Modi has made bold promises. What does it mean for investors? Joshua Crabb, Head of Asian Equities of Old Mutual Global Investors is our final guest on today’s podcast and speaks with Emma wall on whether India can live up to Modi’s Hype. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


27 Feb 2018

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Invest Responsibly for Sustainable Profits

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we take a look at how the economy is fairing in 2017 and ask why you should care about environment, social and governance concerns when investing. Lets dive straight in to our interview with our first guest. Emma Wall, Senior Editor for Morningstar.co.uk speaks with Keith Wade, Chief Economist for Schroders, about the outlook for global economic growth and what threatens expansion. With construction data looking weak, and UK GDP forecasts downgraded, should you be worried about the impact of slow growth on your portfolio? To discuss we have up next Tim Graf, Head of Macro Strategy, EMEA for State Street. Economic growth may be downgraded and UK politics may be in turmoil but Britain's chief executives remain positive explains Phil Harris, Manager of the EdenTree UK Equity Growth Fund up next. The further markets climb the fewer gains there are to be had. Morningstar Investment Management's Mike Coop says investors should be cautious and prepare your portfolio for turbulence. When we make investments, financial return is of course very important to us but it is also important to consider the impact such investments may have on our world. Sustainable investing considers environmental, social and governance factors when going about trying to make financial gains.  Environmental issues could be the impact a company has on the environment or how it’s trying to improve the environment with, for example, renewable energy. Social factors include how a company deals with issues such as how fairly it treats and pays its workers, whether partners and suppliers have similar values to their own and governance issues encompasses how well the whole organisation is run from a board level. Is the company accurate and transparent in its financial affairs? Is the company behaving fairly to its shareholders and allowing them to vote on important issues? Or is the company at risk to bribery and corruption? Many people have this belief that investing in this way will lead to inferior returns but Peter Michaelis, Head of Sustainable Investing for Liontrust is up next to tell us why this is not always the case and that investors do not have to choose between ethics and profits   Can an ESG Fund Hold Energy and Tobacco Stocks? JP Morgan's Joanna Crompton is up next to explain her best in class approach to sustainable investing, and why all companies should be ESG compliable. Our final guest on todays podcast is ESG investor Camilla Ritchie who runs the 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund. Camilla explains why she is upping her exposure to cash and alternatives as stocks and bonds start to look expensive Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


25 Oct 2017

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Your Guide to Planning for Retirement

Happy New Tax year and welcome to podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we bring you a comprehensive guide to Planning for Retirement. The problem with investing for retirement is it seems a very long way off for so many of us. The State Pension age is now 67, with average life expectancy at 80 years. Seemingly more pressing financial obligations call out to be prioritised; children’s education, family holidays, DIY. But start investing for retirement early enough and the burden is far less; put off saving into a pension and the sacrifice you must make to meet the same financial goal is much greater. Let’s start with the podcast off with the basics, Emma Wall, Senior editor of Morningstar.co.uk explains what a pension is and why you should have one. Investing well is key to building up a sizeable pension pot. If done correctly investing can also help build you buy a property or pay for your children’s education. So, can you afford not to invest? Next up, Lets talk ISA’s. The Lifetime ISA launched last week at the beginning of the new 2017/18 tax year, offering a generous top up from the Government. But it is not the only way to get free cash from the State explains Emma Wall. Are you looking to access your pension pot for income but are still saving for retirement? Take note; the Money Purchase Annual Allowance is changing explains Nathan long, Senior pensions analyst and Hargreaves Lansdown up next. So you’ve decided Investing is for you and you want to get started. But how do you do it? How do you start to build and investment portfolio? Emma Wall is back to explain. What is Pension Drawdown? Multi-asset drawdown portfolios can provide a steady income stream in retirement. How should drawdown strategies be used - and can they compliment an annuity? Daniel Needham, President and Chief Investment Officer for Morningstar Investment Management is up next to explain. How do you de-risk a portfolio in retirement? Morningstar's Director of Personal Finance, Christine Benz offers a few options to investors looking to reduce risk but who are concerned about low-yielding expensive bonds. How does retirement spending affect withdrawal rates? Data shows that the withdrawal rate gets higher as spending decreases in retirement, explains financial planning expert Michael Kitces in our next interview. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


10 Apr 2017

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Your Guide to Investing for Income

Welcome to podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we’re looking at how investors can get the maximum income from their portfolio. This time last year the Federal Reserve was promising several interest rate hikes through 2016, and the Bank of England looked set to follow. But then the unexpected happened and Britain voted to leave the European Union, sending the pound plunging and the Bank into damage limitation mode. As a result, the Bank of England base rate was cut to and even lower record level of 0.25%. All hope is not lost however. The FTSE 100 yields an average of around 3.7%, despite rallying 15% in the last year, and the US, Europe and even emerging markets have well-covered dividends and investment grade bonds for the discerning income investor.Let’s kick things off with Emma Wall, Senior Editor for Morningstar .co.uk and Ariel Bezalel, Manager of the Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund as they discuss inflation and what this means for interest rates. If you’re new to investing then we’re here to help. Listen to our next piece where we find out exactly what a stock is and the risks and benefits to investing in them Up next, Fidelity Special Situations fund manager Alex Wright picks three undervalued stocks at an attractive price - which also pay out more than the rate of inflation Going back to basics, we now know what a stock is, but what exactly is a bond? If you’re new to bond investing or have held fixed income funds for some time and just need a refresher course then listen up for all the information you need. What Does Rising Inflation Mean for Bond Investors? Next up is Bronze Rated M&G bond fund manager Richard Woolnough explains how macro factors such as rising inflation influence his investment process Want to beat Inflation? Then maybe it’s time to consider equities says Invesco Perpetual's chief investment officer Nick Mustoe who urges income investors keen to beat the erosive effects of inflation to look for stocks with growing dividends Could You Live on £25 a Week?The average pension pot is just £25,000 - buying you a weekly income in retirement of just £25. David Aird, Managing Director at Investec is up next speaking to Emma Wall to discuss how to maximise your lifetime savings and make them go further Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


28 Feb 2017

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Outlook for 2017

Welcome to the first podcast of 2017 from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. As it’s the start of the year lets take a look at what you can expect from global markets in 2017, starting with bonds. Emma Wall, senior editor for Morningstar speaks to Morningstar Investment Management's Mark Preskett who says gilt yields may fall in 2017 but bonds still have an important role to play in investor portfolios. Turning now to UK Equities we have Simon Brazier, manager of the Investec UK equity fund. Simon says investors should prepare for a year of volatility - but there are opportunities in domestically focused cyclical stocks. 2017 will be the year for several European Elections including in the Netherlands, France and Germany all of which could impact the market. Canada Life Investments' chief investment officer David Marchant considers the impact of these European elections on asset prices and investors. Political upset can cause market volatility - and investment opportunities. But perfect market timing is near impossible, so how can investors be sure to profit from the dips? We now go to Emma Wall who shares her insight on how to profit from the upcoming European elections. Some European equity managers struggled last year, as energy and financial stocks rallied. Muna Abu-Habsa, Director of Manager Research Ratings for Morningstar suggests funds that can adjust to these changing backdrops may be best positioned for 2017. Is President Donald Trump a threat to emerging market returns? Paul Jackson, Head of Research for Source ETF considers the outlook for the sector and where investors can find the best opportunities. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


30 Jan 2017

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Top 10 Money Interviews of 2016

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. It’s our final podcast of 2016 so what better way to finish the year off than to share our most popular content on Morningstar.co.uk - the top 10 of 2016. To get us started, at number 10 we have Old Mutual UK Alpha fund manager Richard Buxton giving his 3 stock tips. At number 9, Chris Rice from Sanditon Asset Management, who we interviewed in May this year at our Morningstar Investment Conference in London, warns viewers to hold cash and prepare for a market crash as he believes recession looms. It’s not surprising that one of the topics that have most concerned investors this year is Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election. Coming in at number 8, Senior editor for Morningstar.co.uk Emma Wall and Dan Kemp, Chief investment Officer for Morningstar Investment Management brought us the breaking news on the election result and what it means for investors. Back in April we interviewed Alex Wright, Manager of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund who gave us 3 under-valued stock picks, including Lloyds Bank. His interview comes in at number 7. Brexit has been another key theme for investors in 2016 and it comes in here in 6th place. Dan Kemp brought us his interpretation of the news saying investors needed to keep cool heads amid the political and financial uncertainty. Coming at number 5 it’s another 3 stock picks interview, this time with Gold rated investor Job Curtis who gave us three income stocks for sustainable dividends back in June. At number 4 it’s Brexit again! This time Senior Editor Emma Wall describes how Britain's vote to leave the European Union seems to tie in with a feeling across the Western world – a rebellion against globalisation and those in power. At number 3 Paul Swinand, Equity Analyst for Morningstar talks us through how a variety of headwinds that hit the global luxury sector have started to ease off and that some luxury goods companies are starting to look attractive again. The popularity of ETF’s and tracker funds is soaring in the UK and our second most popular interview this year was that of Passive fund Analyst Kenneth Lamont explaining the key differences between an ETF and a tracker fund. So, now to reveal the top spot – what Morningstar.co.uk content will be crowned the most popular of 2016? And the winner is - ‘What is a Fund?’, part of our back to basics series designed to help new investors understand the investing world. And that’s it from the Morningstar podcast for 2016. It has been our pleasure to provide you all with news, views and education on personal investing this year. From everyone here at Morningstar UK, have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. We look forward to seeing you in 2017! Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


21 Dec 2016

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What Does President Trump Mean for Your Money?

This week we’re going to take a look at the impact the US Election has had on the Global economy. Donald Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton to become the 45th US President. Stock markets globally have reacted by falling - Senior editor for Morningstar.co.uk Emma Wall and Chief Investment officer Dan Kemp discuss what should investors do. What can investors expect from stock markets as the results of the US election? And what have we learned from the Brexit vote shock to help protect our assets? Simon Molica from Morningstar investment Management is up next to discuss. How are professional investors reacting to the economic and political challenges of 2016, especially after Brexit and the US election have thrown up significant volatility. Fund Analyst Randal Goldsmith is up next to give us his insight on why it’s been a challenging environment for fund managers to make investment calls. What Will President Trump Mean for Bond Yields? Will the Fed raise US interest rates next month? And what will that mean for global bond markets? Charles McKenzie, Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income for Fidelity discusses all this and more with Emma Wall up next. Concerns about president Elect, Donald Trump have clearly crossed the pond. Just hours before the start of the US election, we took to the streets of London to gather people’s views on the outcome – and how a new President of the United States may affect life in the UK. Think 2016 has been the year of political upsets? Europe faces a referendum and general elections galore in the next 12 months as well as extra low interest rates explains Will James, manager of the Standard Life European Equity Income Fund. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


30 Nov 2016

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Guide to Passive Investing

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we’re going to take a look at Passive investing. When Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard Asset Management launched the first passive fund in 1975 he was called “un-American”. The financial industry was so against his plan to revolutionise the way that we invest, a campaign was mounted insinuating Bogle was unpatriotic and a fool.Fast forward three decades and new money invested in passive funds is growing at much faster pace than actively managed funds. In the US last month, investors pulled $18 billion out of active funds, but invested $49 billion into passive funds. The story is similar this side of the pond, the fastest growing part of the market is passively managed funds – and in particular those which are “smart”, or “strategic” and offer investors access to a certain slice of the market. But what exactly is a passive fund? And are they better than actively-manged funds in all circumstances? When should you opt for passive, and what role should an ETF play in your portfolio? Lets first go to Dan Kemp, Chief Investment Officer for Morningstar Investment Management who explains the benefits of using passive funds in an investment portfolio. Up next Christine Benz for Morningstar speaks with Vanguard founder Jack Bogle himself about how Investors need to look at how unnecessary fund costs are eating away at their investment gains. So What exactly is the Difference Between an ETF and a Tracker Fund? Morningstar Passive fund analyst Kenneth Lamont is up next to explain. ETF providers are very transparent when it comes to replication and will explicitly disclose whether an ETF is physical or synthetic in the kit and prospectus. But if you’re still confused our very own Passive Fund Expert and senior analyst Jose Garcia Zarate is here to clear things up about the differences between Physical and Synthetically Backed ETFs Did you know you can minimise the volatility of emerging markets through ETFs? Or focus on income? Or gain access to the whole market for a fee of just 0.2%? Senior editor for Morningstar Emma Wall and Passive fund Analyst Mornika Dutt are up next to discuss different ways to profit from an emerging market rally Lets go back to Christine Benz and Jack bogle who discuss the issue of risk and why Investors should not be tempted to take on too much of it in retirement. ETFs have grown in popularity as investors cotton on to the impact of cost on real returns - and now passive funds can be used to build a diversified a profitable portfolio. Senior editor Emma Wall discusses with Our final guest, Ursula Marchioni Chief Strategist for iShares on how to get the most out of ETF’s when using them I your portfolio. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/morningstar-uk/id965873075?mt=2 http://www.morningstar.co.uk


31 Oct 2016

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How to Invest Post-Brexit

This week we’re going to take a look at how the financial market is shaping up after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Senior editor Emma Wall starts our podcast off by discussing what the professional investors have been buying now that we are heading for Brexit. How have retail investors reacted to Brexit? Morningstar's Jonathan Miller takes a look at fund flows and cautions investors against making any hasty decisions and in particular to not give up on UK Equities.  Brexit brings with it impending market uncertainty, but this is nothing new, says Jupiter's John Chatfeild-Roberts. He urges investors to take a long-term view and stick to high quality companies with international exposure. Will the Property Freeze Affect Multi-Asset Funds?Millions of pounds has been gated in commercial property funds as liquidity issues have meant managers have had to restrict withdrawals. Will multi-asset be affected? Senior Fund analyst Randal Goldsmith discusses this issue with Emma Wall up next. In the weeks since Britain voted to leave the EU both stock markets and bond prices have divided - with some rallying significantly and others falling fastPortfolio Manager for Morningstar Investment Management, Richard Whitehall discusses how currency has boosted investments post-Brexit. Britain's vote to leave the European Union seems to tie in with a feeling across the Western world – a rebellion against globalisation and those in power. Emma Wall discusses this theory up next.


26 Jul 2016

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How to Maximise Your Retirement Income

This week we’re focusing on pensions and retirement. Lets start at the beginning shall we? What exactly is a Pension? What different types of pension are there and how do they work? Morningstar’s Senior Editor Emma Wall talks us through the basics. Redington's Lydia Fearn explains to us why it is critical to start saving for retirement as early as possible, to increase your payments when you get a pay rise and why the forthcoming Lifetime ISA is not a pensions alternative. So you’ve decided you want to start paying more attention to your pension and planning your retirement but how exactly do you save retirement? Senior Editor Emma Wall explains all. Are you starting a personal pension for the first time? We talk to top investor John Husselbee, Head of Multi-Asset for Liontrust to give his three fund picks across the sectors to consider for your SIPP. Thanks to pension freedoms you can now access 25% of your pension pot tax-free at 55 - and figures show many retirement savers are withdrawing their cash. But should you do the same? We discuss this and more with Richard Parkin, Head of Pensions for Fidelity. Looking for income producing assets? Be careful to look at the underlying portfolio of any income-paying fund as a low rate environment has forced many up the risk curve meaning Income Investing Has Become Significantly More Risky explains Morningstar’s Dan Kemp. Not all UK equity income funds are the same, it is important to match your requirements to the right manager. Senior Morningstar Analyst Peter Brunt highlights three very different funds for your post retirement portfolio.


28 Apr 2016

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Fund and stock ideas for income investors

This week we’re looking at Investing for Income. Is your portfolio earning you the best possible rate of income? Are you prepared for this year's interest rate rise? We tell you how to maximise yield and where to find dividend payers in our Guide to Income Investing. Thanks to the closed-end structure and careful stock selection Bankers Trust has grown its dividend for half a century. Morningstar Editor Emma Wall kicks us off with an insight into the success of this Trust with manager Alex Crooke. Where Can Income Investors Find Dividends Now? The outlook for dividend stocks is looking gloomy - but there are still opportunities out there for the income investor. Evenlode's Hugh Yarrow reveals what to avoid and where to look. Up next, George Boyd-Bowman manager of the Neptune Global Income Fund highlights for us 3 Global Stocks Offering Dividend Growth that could and should pay bigger dividends in the future. You should be aware of high yielding stocks - they may not be sustainable sources of income. Instead stick to companies with lots of cash and a stable outlook says Evenlode’s Ben Peters who gives us his 3 UK Income Stock Picks. Which Bonds Deserve a Place in Income Investors' Portfolios? With gilt yields falling - and inflation set to rise - should income investors still consider bonds as part of their portfolios? Morningstar's Dan Kemp says yes - but be selective. There have been a slew of multi-asset income fund launches recently - targeted at the post-retirement investor. But what do fund analysts think of the offerings? Morningstar FUND ANALYST Randal Goldsmith explains more.


15 Feb 2016

Rank #14

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Investing Ideas for 2016

This week we’re looking at investment ideas for 2016. For example, Mining stocks, banks, emerging markets and high yield credit all fared poorly last year but in our first interview, Psigma's Tom Becket explains to Morningstar Editor Emma Wall why these are the areas you should consider for your 2016 portfolio. After an exciting 2015 for Japan, does it still offer opportunities for growth in 2016? Morningstar's chief investment officer Dan Kemp reflects back on Japan’s performance last year and considers its prospects for the year ahead. Should You Invest in Bonds in 2016? As UK and US central banks raise interest rates this year, so too will bond yields - and the price of bonds will fall. Up next, Emma Wall discusses if there is any merit in holding fixed income in 2016? The U.S. economy is mostly insulated from a slowing China, but that doesn’t mean a smooth ride ahead for global stock markets. Bob Johnson, Director of Economic Analysis at Morningstar explains why China’s woes could cause global stock Market volatility. Commodity markets may be volatile but stock valuations are compelling when balanced with funds able to bet against other expensive equities explains Premier’s Multi-Asset Growth & Income Fund Manager Simon Evan-Cook.


18 Jan 2016

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Bond Investors: What to do Now

The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have hinted that interest rates will rise later this year, and while this is good news for savers – it could spell bad news for bond investors. This month on the Morningstar Podcast we examine how investors are reacting to the risk of the bond bubble bursting, and whether they should be worried. Fixed income investors have benefitted from a bond rally lasting more than a decade - but after much warning the tide has turned, with both Gilts and corporate bonds losing cash this year. Morningstar Editor Emma Wall and Morningstar Portfolio Manager Emma Morgan discuss the latest developments in the Bond market. How can you prepare for an interest rate rise? Bond investors use duration to bet on rising or falling rates, but what exactly is duration? Morningstar’s Senior Passive Funds Analyst Jose Garcia Zarate is here to explain. Investors are losing confidence in bonds as safe haven assets, selling out of bond funds in favour of absolute return strategies and commercial property funds explains Morningstar’s Editor Emma Wall up next. 20 years ago bond yields were at 8%, now they are 3%. Gold-rated fixed income investor Ian Spreadbury talks to us about where the opportunities are in this low-growth market. Remember that the benefits of diversification are that when something goes up, something else is going down. The important thing is to keep the overall shape of the portfolio in balance explains Morningstar’s Chief investment officer Dan Kemp.


13 Aug 2015

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Investing in Emerging Markets

This month we focus on How to Invest in Emerging Markets. Emerging markets offer UK investors the potential for fantastic profits over the long term. But how do you define an Emerging market? Morningstar Editor Emma Wall takes us through the basics. Emerging market equities and fixed income investments can be risky but if you take a long term approach these economies can reward you with profit. Who exactly should be investing in Emerging Markets? We go back to Emma Wall who suggests that Investing in Emerging markets is for everyone. Should Investors Be More Worried About Greece or China? As Brussels finally releases much-needed cash to Greece, should investors stop worrying about the eurozone and instead turn their attention to what’s happening in the Chinese stock market? We spoke with Anna Stupnytska, Global Economist for Fidelity for her views on the current situation facing both emerging economies. Emerging markets investment legend Mark Mobius has stepped down as the lead manager on the Templeton Emerging Markets trust - so who is his replacement and will they be the new champion of emerging economies? Morningstar’s head of manager research UK, Jeremy Beckwith discusses this and more with Emma Wall next. Don't want to asset allocate yourself? Then leave it to the professionals. Morningstar Analyst Muna Abu-Habsa gives us three global equity funds derived from emerging market companies that pay a healthy income. The emerging markets you leave out of your portfolio can affect the performance as much as the ones you include. Premier's Simon Even-Cook explains the traps to avoid.


21 Jul 2015

Rank #17

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Using Active and Passive Funds for Investment Success

This month we focus on how to invest using active and passive funds. Fans of passive investment often cite the cost of active management as a negative factor. But smart investors should consider more than just the price of a fund. Morningstar Editor Emma Wall speaks with Chris Traulsen, Head of Research for Morningstar on what else to look out for when choosing a fund other than its price. Predicting how much a fund investment costs – whether it is active or passive – is near impossible says Emma Wall. Should flat fees become an option for the future? With passive funds often performing just as well as actively managed funds at a fraction of the cost, why pay for active management? Active management is critically important for a functioning economy - as well as investors, says Mark Burgess from Columbia Threadneedle. Especially when stock markets are expected to move sideways. Passive funds are precise tools that asset allocators can use to get exposure to different markets - although they are not risk free. So what are the benefits of passive investing? Emma Wall and Chief investment officer for Nutmeg, Shaun Port discuss this next. Want to invest in UK equities? Once you have decided on the asset allocation, now it is time to choose which strategy is best to gain exposure. European Website Manager for Morningstar, Holly Cook, talks us through some options. A healthy level of scepticism is required before appointing any active fund manager, and you should have a high degree of confidence that that manager can outperform any fees. Is balancing active and passive funds the way forward? Chief Investment officer for Morningstar’s Investment Management, Daniel Needham talks about using Active and Passive Strategies within a retirement portfolio.


25 Jun 2015

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Investment Tips from the Money Experts

This month we bring you the very best from our Investment Conference, featuring views from the brightest money minds around. First up, what the experts think of the different global investment regions. In the UK interest rates have been at a record low level for more than six years but it is looking increasingly likely that the Bank of England will raise rates within the next year. Morningstar Editor Emma Wall speaks with J O Hambro’s Clive Beagles about Which Income Stocks Will Benefit from an Interest Rate Rise. Lets now get an update from across the channel. Henderson European equity investor John Bennett speaks with Emma about how euro weakness is good for stock markets and that if the euro strengthens it will quickly halt any outperformance. Is it Time to Sell US Equites? Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen has said that US equities look fully valued and interest rates are due to rise imminently.Emma Wall and US Equity Fund manager for Artemis Cormac Weldon discuss if investors should be curbing their US exposure. For an Emerging markets update, we were extremely pleased to have Dr. Mark Mobius of Franklin Templeton speak to us at the Morningstar Investment Conference. Dr Mobius tells investors not to be put off by negative headlines and that Africa Offers the Best Emerging Opportunities. Retirement was a key theme at the M* investment con¬ference this month. Many investors are confident they're saving enough for retirement.When it comes to an income in retirement we found the public prefer income drawdown strategies to an annuity. Conversely on the other side of the Atlantic, American investors are turning to annuities to provide a steady stream of income in retirement. We get a view from Morningstar’s own Matthew Radgowski, on What Pension Savers Can Learn from US Investors.


26 May 2015

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How to Secure the Best Income in Retirement

This month on the podcast we focus on how to secure the best income in retirement. Thanks to medical and social advancements we are all living longer – meaning that our pension pot has to stretch even further. To help you maximise your income potential in retirement, Morningstar Editor Emma Wall outlines the basics of saving for retirement. As of April 6, we are now living in a world of pensions freedom. What do the changes to pensions actually mean for you? Just because you annuity purchase is no longer compulsory, Emma Wall says this does not mean you should dismiss them entirely. Boost your State Pension pay-outs, increase the income from your workplace pension and make your SIPP work harder; Alan Higham and Emma wall discuss how to maximise your retirement income. The world of retirement is changing - fewer people stop work entirely and pension income needs to last longer. So what should you be considering when investing once you are in retirement? Emma Wall is joined by Morningstar’s Dan Kemp, to discuss how to invest a post-retirement portfolio. Multi-asset drawdown portfolios can provide a steady income stream in retirement. How should drawdown strategies be used - and can they complement an annuity? Daniel Needham, Morningstar’s Global Chief Investment Officer for Investment Management discusses this very issue.


27 Apr 2015

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