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NibSqueak explores the power of visual tools—and graphic facilitation—to boost creativity and bring new ideas to life.

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Creating Powerful Presentations

Presentations are the primary mode of communication for some of the brightest and best ideas in an organization. Yet, presentation-making is not something that comes naturally to most people. Many struggle with where to even begin. On this episode, we discuss three critical, but often overlooked (or skipped), elements of powerful presentations, and present graphic facilitation tools for presentation-makers. More info about this episode is available at: http://www.collectivenext.com/blog/creating-powerful-presentations-podcas


25 May 2016

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Movie Making Magic

In this episode, Bree and John talk about animation, explainer videos, and the power of storyboarding. We get down to specific tips and techniques you can use to help bring to life a story that you need tell!


29 Mar 2016

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The 1-2-3's of Visualizing Data

On this week’s episode of NibSqueak, our podcast about visual tools for working better, we’re exploring data visualization. John talks shop with Randy Krum, author of Cool Infographics and President of InfoNewt. Randy shares how he got started in the field, where he finds inspiration, and his favorite data visualization. He outlines a process for creating professional data visualizations that anyone can follow. More information about this episode is available at http://www.collectivenext.com/blog/1-2-3s-visualizing-data-podcast


8 Jun 2016

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Inspiring Others to Work Visually

In this episode of NibSqueak, John and Bree respond to a listener question: "How can I inspire my TEAM to use visuals?" More at: http://www.collectivenext.com/blog/inspiring-others-work-visually-podcast


16 Sep 2016

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Creative Juice Boxes (aka Ice Breakers!)

If you've ever facilitated a meeting, workshop, or conference, then you may have contemplated the best way to help people get to know each other and get their creative juices flowing. In this episode, Bree and John talk about creative visual icebreakers, or rather - "Creative Juice Boxes!" More info on our website: www.nibsqueak.com


30 Aug 2016

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