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The push against China in the Pacific

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has made his play to counter Beijing's influence in the Pacific. So can Australia improve relations with China, while also pushing back on its influence in the region?And should travellers prepare for more trouble at Australia’s airports?


15 Jul 2022

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Finding solutions to the flood crisis

More rain fell on Sydney in four days than London gets in a year, inundating some western suburbs for the fourth time in 18 months. As the waters subside, we ask if there’s any way to make those communities safer. And the party’s over for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but the mess that’s been left behind is substantial. So how will he be remembered and who will be responsible for trying to unify the party once more?


8 Jul 2022

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NATO muscles up against Russia

NATO has committed to its biggest overhaul since the Cold War, beefing up its membership and its military might. How Russia’s war in Ukraine reinvigorated the alliance.


1 Jul 2022

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Where are all the workers?

With 420 thousand jobs currently unfilled in Australia, where are all the workers? Beyond long border closures, Australia can be expensive for immigrants, so how can we get the right skills mix? And tragedy strikes one of Afghanistan’s poorest regions, with a massive earthquake killing and injuring thousands. Can the dysfunctional and repressive Taliban government rise to the need, even as it presides over poverty, starvation and a brain drain nationally.


24 Jun 2022

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Fossil failure - Australia's energy crisis

Skyrocketing fossil fuel prices have caused a crisis in Australia's national power grid, with the market suspended and the operator taking charge.Experts say the eastern states need more certainty on their coal exit timeline, to speed the transition to cheaper renewables.And a pay rise is granted to Australia's lowest paid, with warnings it will fuel already rising inflation and send some businesses to the wall.But what is the evidence on the impact of such a pay rise and how can companies adapt?


17 Jun 2022

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“Attempted coup”: Jan 6 hearings

A US Congressional investigation into the January 6 capitol riots begins prime time tv hearings, presenting evidence pointing to former President Donald Trump’s culpability for organising and inciting the rioters and attempting to overthrow Joe Biden’s election. The nation’s energy ministers have met, admitting there is no quick fix to the current energy price crisis. But they agree to have a national plan to bolster renewables, which experts have welcomed, saying the grid, storage, and efficiency in our homes are crucial.


10 Jun 2022

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Exporters make billions during gas crisis

Australia's east coast has descended into its most serious energy crisis in decades and the government is under pressure to do more to help consumers cope. So should fossil fuel exporters face a supertax on their largely untaxed super profits? And after 100 days of war, the US has finally agreed to send multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine to assist the country in the fight against Russia.


3 Jun 2022

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The end of the climate wars?

Labor takes office, with Australians demanding more action on climate change. Its policy is a start, but what must it do next? And what role will the climate-focused cross bench play? The new government is also forced to leap onto China’s latest challenge in the Pacific so how does Beijing’s sweeping new economic and security plan rank against Australia’s offerings to the Pacific?


27 May 2022

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Australia’s election knife-edge

Political veterans, Liberal Kerry Chikarovski and Labor’s Bruce Hawker, look back at the campaign, the role of the “teal independents” and plead for a “big act of faith” from both major parties on climate policy in the next Parliament. And while Australia celebrates unemployment under four percent, many institutions and enterprises are struggling with staff shortages because of COVID. Will it cut into the participation rate and become a handbrake on the economy?


20 May 2022

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One. Week. To. Go

The focus of the Federal Election shifted to wages this week with Labor arguing for an increase in the minimum wage. The Prime Minister says it isn't that simple, but he also says he will have to change his leadership style to win another term. So where are we in the campaign with one week to go? And why is no-one talking about how closing the gender wage gap would fix Australia’s skills shortage?


13 May 2022

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