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Cure your Sunday Scaries with a new episode and a mimosa - but hold the OJ. Get ready for brunch with @taylerbradford and special guests as they chat about all things fashion, career building and adulting.

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Social media guru Olivia Rudensky shares how working with celebs like Miley Cyrus impacts her view on the digital world

Need something to cure your Sunday Scaries? This episode about working in the digital space with celebrities will do the trick, plus a mimosa…but hold the OJ. You made it through another week in the Q, after all. You deserve it 🥂 So guys, as you prepare your drink, let me introduce you to today’s guest, Olivia Rudensky. She’s a 24-year-old digital marketing & talent manager at Maverick Management, an American music management group that represents everyone from Madonna to Miley Cyrus. Living out her dreams in LA, this girl boss works with talent including Miley, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Noah Cyrus and Lil Nas X just to name a few. In this episode, we touch upon how Olivia got started in her career, what it’s like to work in the digital space with celebrities, the effect social media has on her mental health and so much more. Find out how Olivia went from being a 12-year-old Miley Cyrus super fan with 300,000 Twitter followers to a social media guru scouted by Miley herself (12:40). Olivia gives us insight on her role at Maverick. Whether she’s implementing some sort of digital strategy for the release of an EP or brainstorming a cool brand collaboration with her team, Olivia constantly taps into her creativity while keeping Miley’s digital audience at the forefront of her mind. We do a deep dive on what went into the Converse x Miley and Amazon Alexa x Ashley O collabs (20:45). In terms of social media, everyone from celebrities to artists to influencers are pivoting their content strategy during this time. We chat about Miley’s hit IGTV show “Bright Minded,” and how that idea was born (25:20). Olivia gets real about her love/hate relationship with social media and viewing her personal account as a mood board. We both agree that whether we have 1000 followers or 1 million followers, we are all influencers in our own right (30:45). Passion is power. Olivia walks us through her creative digital strategy process. (38:35.) Grammy’s and the Gram: Olivia reflects on career highlights, like attending the Grammy’s, participating in an Instagram panel trip overseas with the IG music team and traveling to Barcelona for a festival Miley performed at. (44:30). Take a peak into Olivia’s creative mind as she discusses her approach to taking over Billy Rae’s social for the Old Town Road Remix release (49:20). Given the accessibility of creating content on social media and the introduction of TikTok, nearly anyone can become an overnight sensation, but can everyone handle being a star? Olivia dissects the ever-changing digital landscape and its effect on the way we view a non-traditional claim to fame (53:30). We close this candid conversation with one last piece of career advice: It’s typical to enter the workforce feeling under-qualified, but you’ll gain confidence as you continue to learn and recognize the importance of your unique perspective (57:10). Connect with us on Instagram! @GirlGazePod @TaylerBradford @OliviaRudensky

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17 May 2020

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Three influencers share their secrets to staying inspired

Get ready for a quarantine brunch with me and a panel of refreshingly relatable and inspirationally insightful Girl Gazers as we chat all things fashion, career building and adulting. This week, I am so excited to introduce you to three of the most creative, fashionable people you probably already follow on Instagram. Today, we’re spilling our secrets to staying inspired, because let’s be real, we have all hit creative blocks during quarantine. As you begin to prepare your avocado toast, meet @Margot.Lee, a lifestyle vlogger who recently graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Margot has 437k subscribers on Youtube and 195k followers on Instagram.  Next up, we have Caroline Vazzana (@CVazzana). Whether this fashionista is sitting front row at fashion week or on her couch in the Q, you will always catch her in an outfit that is extra AF. She not only has 224k Instagram followers, but in 2018, Caroline also published a book called "Making It In Manhattan" ... NBD.  Our third guest today is the self portrait queen, @PaigeArminta. She possesses a creative vision and recognizable photo editing aesthetic that has helped her page grow to 200k Instagram followers. Catch up with the girls, find out where they are quarantining, and unpack how they're actually doing during these unprecedented times (8:20). We do a deep dive into how quarantine has affected their content creation processes (13:30) and discuss ways to keep your screen time at bay (20:10). Each panelist spills their special secrets to staying inspired (24:40). Since starting her Youtube channel seven years ago, Margot has developed a strong sense of comfort and confidence when talking in front of the camera (32:20). Afterward, Paige reveals the reason she's shocked she hasn't made it onto the @InfluencersInTheWild Instagram page yet. Caroline tells us all about traveling to NYC, Milan and Paris for fashion month (37:20); Margot gives us an inside look at her Germany trip with Sephora collection (42:00); and Paige reflects on one of her favorite brand trips with the Ritz Carlton (45:20). Get ready for a Girl Gaze Game (49:35)! We blaze through rapid fire questions like "What's your go-to quarantine outfit?" & "Who is your favorite designer?"  We close this candid conversation with a silver lining that has come out of all this as well as a Gaze Goal of the Week. Connect with us on Instagram! @GirlGazePod; @TaylerBradford; @Margot.Lee; @CVazzana; @MakingManhattanOfficial; @PaigeArminta Support my small business sponsor! Use code GIRLGAZE when you schedule a coaching call with my girl @LivSchreiber // LivSchreiber.net

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31 May 2020

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Former Harper's Bazaar and Refinery 29 editors share no-BS career advice that every 20-something needs to hear

Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. Get ready for the most epic no-BS career advice from two of the most successful women I feel incredibly grateful to know. First, we have @Madison.Utendahl. My mentor, my friend, my boss. Madison is the founder & CCO of her own content, digital storytelling & social media creative agency called Utendahl Creative. She worked at Refinery29, was a founding partner of the Museum of Ice Cream & wait for it…she received not one, but TWO Webby Awards. Like WHAT?! Next up is @ChrissyFord; you guys probably already follow her on Instagram, especially if you’re into fashion & astrology. She literally made her way from intern to special projects director at Harper’s Bazaar *GOALS* & now she’s entering a new chapter in her career as a freelancer in the fashion world. If there’s one thing Madison has ingrained into my mind, it’s to trust the timing in my life. With COVID in the picture, a lot of people are experiencing layoffs & furloughs. Not to mention, many of you guys are in college or have recently graduated, so we’re talking cancelled internships & challenges with landing a first job. It’s hard to wrap your brain around that. So, in an effort to reassure you that everything will be alright in the end, Madison talks about learning to trust the timing in her career journey (9:00). Then, Chrissy opens up about what it was like to graduate during the 2008 recession, because the struggle of finding a job when everyone in the editorial space was getting laid off was REAL. She also walks us through her intern-to-director career path at Harper's Bazaar (11:55). You guys know I’m basically the queen of networking, so I obviously had to throw this in here. Chrissy reveals the secret to meeting people in the fashion & media world & discusses the incredible impact these relationships have had on her career. In fact, she attributes much of her career growth to IRL events. (15:45). Even though meeting someone IRL is not really an option atm, you don't have to press pause on your networking efforts altogether. You absolutely need to hear Madison & Chrissy spill trustworthy tips on how to navigate the networking game in the era of COVID. (17:45). These ladies strip back the layers about getting started in your career to show everyone that it takes a lot of hard work & resilience to move up the ladder & eventually land your dream job, or create it (27:45). Once you enter the real world, you’ll realize most industries are a bit cut-throat. We have a much needed chat about what it takes to develop a thick skin & get real about not taking things too personally (32:40). But guys, the hustle is worth it! And these girl gazers are proof. Just take a look at their career highlights (34:10). We close this candid conversation with one last piece of career advice from both panelists: Learning to give your goals the space & freedom to pivot is extremely powerful. Listen to your gut & always put your happiness first (39:55). Before we head out, we end this episode with our Gaze Goal’s of the Week! A Gaze Goal is just a realistic self-care goal to cure your Sunday Scaries. I know we're in quarantine, so sometimes the days seem to mesh together, but I love starting the week off on a positive note. The point of setting a *realistic* self-care goal is that it's not only super motivational, but it's also actually attainable (43:25). Connect with us on Instagram! @GirlGazePod; @TaylerBradford @Madison.Utendahl @ChrissyFord


10 May 2020

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Living and dating in NYC with influencer Emily Carlo

Cure your Sunday scaries with me and 24-year-old influencer Emily Carlo (@WhatsEmilyDoing) as we get real about living and dating in New York City in your 20s. I took my own advice from EP 1 and slid into Emily’s DMs to get her on the pod…and it worked! We chat about our NYE plans and outfits (5:13), reminisce on the struggles that come with using a fake ID (5:45) and dive into Emily’s city life that began 6 years ago when she studied at NYU (10:00). At the time, her food Instagram account went viral and peaked at 120k followers (11:20). But, when she shifted from foodie to fashionista, she lost followers and received backlash (14:15). Despite the decrease to 88.4k followers, she courageously quit her stable job to pursue Instagram influencing full time in May 2019. She gives us the lowdown on what being an influencer really entails (16:10), and why she decided against partnering with a vibrator brand (19:00). We laugh over dating app stories (32:15), agreed-upon texting rules (35:00) and unsolicited dick pics (36:05). Oh, and I share the distinguished DM that caught Tyler Cameron’s roommate’s attention (44:20). From spilling secrets to spot-on selfies (19:30) to discussing dating do’s and don’ts (24:30, 50:20), Emily and I cover it all in an episode you won’t want to miss. Grab your girls, a mimosa (but hold the OJ) and enjoy! Follow along @GirlGazePod & @TaylerBradford.


22 Dec 2019

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Let's talk about [friendship] breakups and how to become your own BFF

Let’s be real, we all love when others spill the tea, but what happens when you’re the one wrapped up in all the drama? In today’s episode, me and my self-care queen of a friend @AshleySignore get real about breakups…friendship breakups. WHY? Because we’ve all been there. We kick this episode off on a lighter note with the most important traits a bestie should have (8:00), and venture into what it means to set friendship boundaries and expectations (13:30). We discuss the power of saying NO (15:40), friendship evolutions (17:10), toxic friendships (22:00) and energy vampires (23:10). But wait...there's moreeeee! We also unravel why people would ever drop any Girl Gazer as a friend for no reason (24:00), how all of this sh*t can affect your mental health (26:00) and how to become your own best friend to gain your confidence back (27:30). Both Ash and I have come to realize that once you stop measuring yourself based on other people’s opinions, you develop this unwavering sense of self-love (29:00). The journey to genuine confidence is not easy, but once you make it there and stop living in the past (31:40), you’ll start to attract friends who also know your worth (33:00). Follow along @girlgazepod and @taylerbradford *CHECK OUT MY SPONSOR!* Use code GIRLGAZE15 for 15% off at my fav clothing store @ShopMixology // ShopMixology.com


2 Feb 2020

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Three girl bosses share their secrets to starting a side hustle and small business

Hey guys, S2 E2, yayyyy! This week, I am so excited to introduce you to three super cool and motivated girl bosses. We are revealing the secret starting your own side hustle and small business. If you’ve ever thought about pursuing a passion project, this episode is for you. First we have @SamanthaFeher. You all probably recognize her name, because she was actually on S1 E2 of Girl Gaze! Now she’s back and ready to kill it on S2 E2. Sam is an influencer, an editorial assistant at Cosmo, runs a cute online boutique called Brunch Club and does consulting on the side.  Next up is Celine Rahman, who is a costumer at the production company American High. She even worked on that new Hulu movie with Pete Davidson, “Big Time Adolescence.” On top of her full time job, Celine is the creator of her “90s glitter candy shop,” otherwise known as @CupOfRahman. Our third guest is Natalie Acopian. At the end of her junior year in college, Natalie started an Instagram account in addition to her personal, because she wanted to create a platform where she could post photos with her graphic design flair; all for fun! Her aesthetic resonated with a specific niche, and it took off. She recently gave her visual brand, @ColorfulNatalie, a shoppable aspect. Sam breaks down the branding behind her boutique “Brunch Club" (10:25). Developing a visual aesthetic is just as important as fleshing out a brand voice. Natalie reveals how she brought her vision to life on Instagram and her website. (15:45). Pinterest is still a thing! We chat about how you can use this platform to not only gain inspiration, but also to grow your business and following. (17:40). Find out how Celine designs and illustrates her 90s-glitter-candy-shop-inspired products with resin (19:35). Sam and Natalie walk us through the careful curation of their online clothing collections, and Sam tells us how she sold out of a new collection in 15 minutes (24:40). These three girl bosses share the biggest things they’ve learned since starting their small businesses. (33:00). Natalie spills the tea about that time she received a DM from a hater, and how she’s moved on (41:15). Meanwhile, Celine gets real about someone copying her designs (43:15). We close this candid conversation with one last piece of advice from each of the panelists on what it takes to successfully start your own side hustle or small business: Believe in yourself, adopt a data driven approach, and just do it (48:25). Connect with us on Instagram! @GirlGazePod; @TaylerBradford @EatBrunchClub; @SamanthaFeher @CupOfRahman; @ThatGoodRahman @ShopColorfulNatalie; @ColorfulNatalie Support my small business sponsor! Use code GIRLGAZE15 for 15% off at my fav clothing store @ShopMixology // ShopMixology.com


3 May 2020

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Practicing positivity with millennial mentor Liv Schreiber

I already know you guys are getting ready for brunch while listening, so let’s try something a lil different today. How about we practice positivity with 23-year-old millennial mentor and brand whisperer Liv Schreiber (@livschreiber)?  Liv graduated from the University of Wisconsin, studying marketing and journalism, in 2.5 years (6:40) with her eyes set on the Big Apple. When she stepped into this big city with even bigger dreams 2 years ago, she couldn’t help but feel major FOMO (14:10). She didn’t know a single soul in the city, and her social media feed was filled with frat party posts. But she persevered and escaped this temporary somber city slump by scouting out new friends at events and work out classes alone (15:00).  As positive as Liv is, she’s no stranger to mean girls. She was bullied at a young age (31:10), and was even told to act more insecure by her very own sorority “sister” (33:40). But guess what? She’s a stronger person because of it, and is now spilling her secrets to maintaining a positive mindset when life gets tough (37:20). Growing up immersed in her family’s fashion bag business, Liv was eager to try something totally new when she moved to the city (9:40). She threw herself into work and quickly obtained a real estate license (12:50). But what kickstarted her post-grad career journey turned out to be her first failure (17:00).  So, she broke out of real estate by beginning to brand herself on Instagram -- literally under her day job desk (17:00). When she was poached to provide a Teen Vogue testimonial, Liv audaciously asked to speak to the CEO (19:20). She pitched herself to the head honcho and landed a marketing position.  Since being exposed to the marketing industry, Liv now has the tools to build her own branding and social media LLC called Live with Liv (21:30). This week's Girl Gaze girl boss also acts as a millennial mentor to girls who slide into her Insta DMs (23:00).  When she’s not on a consulting call, she uses social media to spark joy. Whether she’s requesting a random person to record her dancing on the streets of Manhattan (38:30) or turning a stranger into a friend while waiting for the subway (41:30), Liv makes the most out of minor moments. Despite sometimes feeling self-conscious (42:50) and dealing with the haters (43:50), Liv has learned to not let what others think affect her (45:45). “Once you stop caring about what other people think, life becomes way more fun,” she says. If you enjoy this episode, write a review & follow along @GirlGazePod and @TaylerBradford. Talk soon, girl gazers.


19 Jan 2020

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Vogue editor Naomi Elizée on NYFW & navigating and networking within the fashion industry

Get ready for a bottomless mimosa brunch with me and my ~refreshingly relatable and inspirationally insightful~ guest, @NaomiElizée. At age 25, Naomi is an associate market editor at — wait for it — Vogue. On top of her full time job, Naomi is the creator and host of "So...What Do You Do Again?" Podcast, a freelance model for brands like Nike and a content creator on Instagram. We kick episode 7 off with a candid conversation about her career journey. Straight out of college, Naomi landed what she thought would've been her dream PR position. But when she found herself continuously crying in the bathroom, she realized that wasn't the case (12:20). Desperate for change, Naomi re-entered the editorial world at Vanity Fair about 6 months later (13:35). She spills her secrets to stepping into an assistant role at Vogue (16:10) that soon turned into an associate editor promotion (23:00). From offering advice on breaking into the fashion industry (16:40, 20:40) to revealing what it's like to pitch an idea to Anna Wintour (24:30), Naomi is a hustler ... a badass hustler. She admits writing may not be her strong suit, but her outlook on improving is one you need to hear (27:20). We also chat about what it's like to attend NYFW (32:40), how to network at fashion events (37:30), what to wear to these events (42:10) and how to maintain relationships within the industry (40:40). I introduce a new rapid fire game called "Keep or Kick," where my guests "keep" or "kick" certain fashion trends (49:05). And we close out the episode with a relatable chat about the work/life balance struggle (50:00). Calling all fashion-obsessed girl gazers. This is an episode you won't want to miss! Follow along @girlgazepod and @taylerbradford. *CHECK OUT MY SPONSOR!* Use code GIRLGAZE15 for 15% off at my fav clothing store @ShopMixology // ShopMixology.com


16 Feb 2020

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The Girl Gaze Guide to killing it in 2020

HAPPY MOTHER FCKN NEW YEAR! In this episode of Girl Gaze, I *gaze* into what many are dubbing “The Roaring 20s.” I kick off with my Gaze of the Week, where I admit I ate like sh*t on my family vacation, and realize how easy it is to break back into bad habits. Now that I have finally returned to my NYC apartment, I am ready to resume my routine. Throughout the solo episode, I share special, *non-cringey* ways to reflect on the previous year, like sparing a second to scroll through your personal camera roll instead of Instagram. View your images month by month, and remind yourself of what you accomplished in 2019 (11:55). This leads to the main goal I have for all of you Girl Gazers: Nurture your mind with positive thoughts, and be kinder to yourself (13:55). To start, all you need is a mason jar and a pack of *pink* Post-its. Jot down something positive every day of 2020, fold it up and place it into the jar. It’ll only take 30 seconds! So, even when you have a bad day, this ~aesthetically pleasing~ exercise will help you remember the good that may have otherwise been overlooked (14:56). I also explain how I express my gratitude independently, and how it’s made me a happier person as a result (16:40). If you’re seeking motivation, skip to the part where I spill my secrets to busting a bad mood (19:55) and squashing a holiday szn slump (21:30). To inspire your own 2020 goals, I chat about some of my personal resolutions (26:30), including how I plan to improve my time management skills (32:00). If you take anything away from this episode, be proud of where you are now. You aren’t the same person you were one year ago, and that shows growth of character (23:40). 2020 is going to be your year. I can just feel it! Follow along on Instagram @TaylerBradford @GirlGazePod


5 Jan 2020

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Three 20-something entrepreneurs share their secrets to success

Welcome to Season 2 of Girl Gaze: Resilience Required! As we continue to navigate through these crazy times, I want to play a part in curing your Sunday Scaries with a panel of refreshingly relatable and inspirationally insightful girl gazers. You guys know that when I started Girl Gaze back in November, I invited those who I admired to come on. Now with this panel, I’m able to connect those I admire. And better yet, I can share our candid conversations with you! Today, you’re meeting Dani Egna, the 27-year-old CEO and founder behind @Inked.ByDani who received a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition. Ali Kriegsman, 28, is also part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 family. Not only is she the co-founder and COO of @Bulletin.co, but she also has a book called "How to Build a Goddamn Empire" on the way. Lastly, Julia Haber...my fellow Syracuse alum! Julia, 23, started @ourWAYV as a senior in college, but her entrepreneurial ventures don't stop there. On May 1, she's launching her second company, @HomeFromCollege_. In the premiere episode of Season 2, we're talking all things entrepreneurship and building your own business. It's the perfect panel pairing you never knew you needed. See below for timestamps. First, find out how these female founders have all pivoted their business strategies since quarantine started (8:05).  Flashback five years to Dani starting her temporary tattoo company in her dorm room (14:45). Learn how Julia took an idea and turned it into a reality as a senior in college (18:35).  Ali discusses leaving a stable job to make her side hustle her main hustle (21:55). Listen in on a very real conversation about the fear of failure and how to overcome the intense stress that comes with it (25:45). These Girl Gazers tell us what it takes to pitch yourself and your brand to major partners and investors, and they share memories of how they remained confident when speaking to a room full of men (32:15).  We close this meaningful conversation with one last piece of advice from each of the panelists on what it takes to successfully start your own company: Squashing potential dysmorphia, viewing “no” as an empowering gift and leading with passion (42:40). Connect with us on Instagram! @GirlGazePod @TaylerBradford @Dani.Egna; @Inked.ByDani  @AliKriegs; @Bulletin.co @JuliaHaber; @ourWAYV; @HomeFromCollege_ Support my small business sponsor! Use code GIRLGAZE15 for 15% off at my fav clothing store @ShopMixology // ShopMixology.com

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26 Apr 2020

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