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We are a movie review podcast. We are your source for your light and heavy nerd needs. We'll tell you what movies you should be watching, as well as any other dope medias for the nerd soul.

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Desviado - 06 - El Castillo Del Diablo

En este episodio Alex y Patty hablan de su viaje a Ensenada Baja California. Llevaron a sus amigos Americanos y aunque fueron con much miedo, llegaron con un amor para el pais de Mexico. Tambien hablaron del famoso Castillo del Diablo y lo que hay adentro de ahi.


20 Nov 2019

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Desviado - Amor Extranjero

En el segundo capitulo de Desviados hablomos con la pareja que no dejo las fronteras de paises pararlos de amarse y enfadarse de uno al otro. Que bonito. Es broma, entrevistamos a una pareja casada, una chica de los EE. UU. que se caso con un chico de un rancho en Jalisco. Hablamos de sus experencias de los dos acostumbrandose a una vida fuera de sus paises.


11 Sep 2019

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Sidetracked - 015 - Listener Q & A

Alex and Patty put out a message to our listeners to send us in some questions and we answer them. We get into some deep stuff but all in all it was a good time. We also talk about a workout/diet challenge that will be starting at the beginning of November for 1 month! Keep track of our progress or join us by following us on www.instagram.com/sidetrackedpodcast#sidetrackedpodcast


31 Oct 2019

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Sidetracked - 10 - Desviado

In this episode Alex and Patty try an experiment, going an entire podcast without speaking English. Bienvenidos amigos a nuestro show, Desviado, donde hablamos sobre muchas temas pero batallamos con nuestras mentes distraidas. Alex y Patty hablan acerca de las diferencias de ser un Mexicano en los EE.UU. y en Mexico. Esperamos que les encantan, adelante!


21 Aug 2019

Rank #4

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Desviado - 07 - Cenas de Oficina

Patty no podia grabar este episodio entonces felicidades a ustedes les toca una media hora escuchando los pensamientos de Alex sin filtros. Alex habla acerca de la habilidad de manejar conflictos, el miedo de pelear y cenas navidiensas de la oficina. Gracias por escuchar!www.instagram.com/sid3trckd#sidetrackedpodcast #navidad #podcastenespañol


5 Dec 2019

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Sidetracked - 09 - Toxic Feminism

On this episode Alex and Patty get into talks about how girls cock block themselves on their own dates, toxic feminism and then some. Enjoy the episode!


7 Aug 2019

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Mas Que Desviado

Hola todos soy Alex, del podcast Desviado.  Yo y Patty tubimos el gran honor de ser una entrevista con Baruch y Javier de Mas Que un trio Podcast.  Fue nuestra primera colaberacion y fijansen que fue muy divertido. Javier Y Baruch son de Bronzeville Texas y tienen un podcast bien divertido.  Bueno disfrutan el show y nos vemos en una semana! www.instagram.com/masqueuntrio www.instagram.com/sidetrackedpodcast

1hr 6mins

23 Oct 2019

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Sidetracked - 07 - Hunter Babies

Episode 07 of the Sidetracked podcast and Alex and Patty are back to their silly distracted selves.  Today the go over the concept of whether or not celebrities, men or women, should be admired even if they've committed atrocities, what booby milk is for, and the tramp stamp for guys and girls.  Enjoy!


10 Jul 2019

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Desviado - Lo Que Aprendiste De Las Novelas

En este episodio Alex y Patty hablan de los tratamientos de la casa, que cosas aprendimos de las novelas y las nueva mentalidad de mujeres en estos dias. O! Y lo que hace en Burning Man cuando no estan tocando musica. Siguennos en www.instagram.com/sidetrackedpodcast


25 Sep 2019

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Sidetracked - 08 - Vacation in Alex's Brain

Today we take a trip to the inside of Alex's brain. All his likes, dislikes, his bro science of what the political system should work like. Luckily Patty saves the podcast with some very riveting subjects that she wanted to discuss. Enjoy the show!


24 Jul 2019

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059 - The Golden Detective Pikachu Job

Today, the boys reviewed 2 movies, Detective Pikachu and a Chinese film called The golden job. Once again a near death pikachu moved an entire audience to tears, along with Justice Smith’s emotional performance. The boys moved on to review a movie called the golden job. A kung fu movie staring Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan that made Alex cringe so much, we had to pause the movie because he started combulsing and foaming on the mouth. He doesn't handle the feel good moments very well. Enjoy!

1hr 1min

24 May 2019

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073 - The Joker Review

Keeping in the spirit of Halloween we have 2 undead souls introducing the podcast with Basil. Basil patiently puts up with their shenanigans before having Jaime send them back to their dimension. As for the boys, they dig into this Joker movie! www.instagram.com/hstsc33 #jokerreview #hiddenshadowsofthesecretchamber #jokermovie


11 Oct 2019

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Ep - 081 - White Snake review, no, not the 80s Band

It's the holidays and we are officially starting the December line up with reviewing White Snake.  And as the title suggests we are not reviewing the 80s metal hair band.  So sadly fathers who just discovered to podcasts...this isn't the episode you were hoping for.  I hope you stick around and listen anyway because our episodes aren't unlike a White Snake concert.  There's lights, their pyrotechnics, and chest hair....well, enjoy the review! www.instagram.com/hstsc33 #podcast #hiddenshadowsofthesecretchamber #whitesnakereview


6 Dec 2019

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The Nik-Nak Show - 03 - World Travellers


15 Dec 2018

Rank #14

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079 - Fill up on this Filler

Due to scheduling conflicts Alex, not unlike Kobe Bryant vs. the New York Knicks, carries the entire podcast on his back and does the episode solo. In this filler episode Alex talks about his experience at the San Diego Asian film festival, he does his best impressions of his missing co host and recommends music, animes, and games he thinks you, dear listeners, should be consuming. Cheers!www.instagram.com/hstsc33#fillerepisode #hiddenshadowsofthesecretchamber #violetevergarden


15 Nov 2019

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077 - Happy Halloween Rigor Mortis Recommendation


1 Nov 2019

Rank #16

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074 - First Loves and Alex's Fav of 2019

Super bonus episode y'all! The boys went down to their quaint and charming Indie film movie theater to catch First Love from the mighty Takashi Miike. This movie was jam packed with action, comedy, lots of comedy, I mean like probably the funniest movie this year and just fantastic characters. Enjoy the review y'all and thanks for listening!www.instagram.com/hstsc33 #firstlove2019review #hiddenshadowsofthesecretchamber #moviereviews


14 Oct 2019

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082 - Chris Evans, Our Big Spoon

Second movie of our December movie down!  We caught the incredibly witty whodunit movie Knives Out!  We had a blast reviewing this one, and we discussed why James Bond AKA Daniel Craig was the perfect Private Eye with a southern draaaaawwww.  Enjoy!


13 Dec 2019

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Desviado - Como Ser Mexicano en Los EE.UU.

Alex y Patty hablan de la experencia Mexicana en los Estados Unidos y como la gente reacciona cuando no eres lo que considera un Mexicano tradicional. Tambien hablan de la vida ranchera y la manera que celebran la vida. www.instagram.com/sidetrackedpodcast #desviado #podcastenespañol #sidetrackedpodcast


9 Oct 2019

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Sidetracked - 13 - Hey Inner Voice..Shut Up!

Its another episode of The Sidetracked Podcast, in English this week y'all! Alex and Patty reflect on times in their life when their inner voice have led to not remembering directions, beating themselves up and immediately forgetting the names of people they just met. They also jumped into the advantages of thinking about the big picture and being detail oriented, and why these marrying these 2 can lead to a pretty fun time! www.instagram.com/podcast #podcast #inspiration #funny


2 Oct 2019

Rank #20