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The Power of Color

Please enjoy past shows while we are taking a break. We shall return.Color is part of your life! You choose the colors you wear, your décor, and what foods you eat. Each of these color vibrations affects you. Yet, there is so much more to the power of color. It can help you understand who you are; it can guide you into healing; it can show you a new way of living. During The Power of Color Radio Shows we will explore all of that. Our guests will share how they use the power of color in their lives and businesses. During some shows you can call in for a Color Reading using the ColorCards and the Luminaries. These are card sets that offer guidance and transformation through color. Your Host is Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy and author of ColorCards and Luminaries. Arlene is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as a Color Therapist. Your Co-Host is Leslie Romine, certified trainer of Complementary Color Therapy. Our Engineer is Michael Aschenbrenner, certified Complementary Color Therapist. Join us each week for a half hour. Let’s have some fun with color!

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Be the Presence of Light through Mindfulness

Let’s focus on the light we can bring into the world.  That doesn’t mean we are oblivious to the chaos--only that we don’t focus on it. This means we monitor where our thoughts go and how we treat ourselves and others. Come experience experience a guided meditation to enhance your light.  Focus on the Luminary Crystalline shown here.  It’s presence enhances your light. How can we offer more light to the world?How are you being the light.  Call in and share with Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine. (646)595-4667


23 Dec 2015

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Navigating Changes in Relationships with Compassion for Yourself and Others

As you change, relationships may change. How do you go through this process without judging yourself or the other person? How do you know when your actions are compassionate and when they are self serving? Color Therapy can shift old patterns of judgment. The ColorCards can help you gain insight that helps you understand how to deal with changes in relationships. Join Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine as they discuss these changes and how to move through them with grace.


27 Jan 2016

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ColorCard Readings Help you Identify What to Focus on and What to Walk Away Fro

How do you know where to place your focus? When it’s time, how do you change your focus? How do you walk away from what is toxic without carrying guilt with you?Call in live to have Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine help you access your inner guidance by using the ColorCards. ColorCard Readings point you in a healthy direction for your life by accessing your intuition.. As we discuss the meaning of the colors, thoughts may surface that clear up any doubts you have.


11 Nov 2015

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Living Life Without Judgment or Blame

September 23 Judgment seems to be a common human theme. We are judged and we learn to judge. We are blamed and we learn to blame. How has that affected your life?What would life be like if we lived free of judgment and blame. How do we change that pattern? How does color therapy shift this? Join Arlene Arnold as she discusses how to go about this kind of transformation. Join in the conversation by calling (646)595-4667 or contact us through the chat room.


23 Sep 2015

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Shifting Deep Personal Issues through the Frequencies of Color

Marian Russell shares her personal journey through the world of complementary colors. She has persevered through many difficult times in her life, including a recent fall that left her unable to walk or move her arms. In the last 3 years color therapy has given her the tools to shift layers of old energy and to come through her most recent experience with confidence and conscious awareness. This gives her a unique perspective to help others who have had challenging life experiences. This is a replay of her amazing conversation with Arlene Arnold earlier this year.


26 Aug 2015

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Discover how to better love yourself through a ColorCard Reading

How do you treat yourself?  Are you last on the list? Do you push ahead until you are exhausted. Do you feel guilty if you take time for you? Remember, you can’t be there for others if you don’t take care of you.A ColorCard Reading can help you focus on anything that is blocking your own self care.  It can also show you strengths you have developed in caring for yourself.  Each color frequency has meaning.  It can help you understand easy ways to reclaim your energy so you can be available to others. Call in for a free reading (646)595-4667 Wednesday, August 12th at 3:30 pm Pacific. Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine will pick a card for you and offer some ideas about what it means.wwwThePowerofColor.com


12 Aug 2015

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Healthy Relationship Tips from a Couple Who Share Their Journey

When relationships become difficult, we need a new perspective, new tools to change old patterns.  Otherwise, we continue doing the same thing even though it didn’t work the last time.  Chris and David share their journey that had many ups and downs, but ultimately helped them make personal changes that brought them closer. Call in with questions you have about relationships or go online to ask your question through the chat box. Arlene Arnold facilitated some of this couples journey through simple tools that included color therapy and more. Even when relationships hit those bumps, the process can have amazing gifts of personal growth and greater satisfaction in life.


22 Jul 2015

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Color Frequencies Help you Identify and Understand Your Life Calling

What are you here offer to others? What makes your heart sing? How do you listen and follow that inner calling? How can working with color therapy help you do that? Call in live to have Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine help you identify the characteristics of your life calling by using the ColorCards. Consider what more you need to pay attention to so that you can fully live your life purpose.


10 Jun 2015

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Shifting Stuck Energy through Color and Rapid Eye Techniques

Meet our newest Certified Color Therapist, Paula Bronte. Find out how she combines the practice of color therapy and Rapid Eye Technology to clear lifetimes of stuck energy.  'You can change your life by changing your brain. Due to the plasticity of the brain, you have millions of tiny grooves in your brain called neuro – pathways. They store emotional memory and keep you tied to the original cause of unwanted patterns.' (From Paula's website: http://intheblink-ofaneye.com/) Leslie Romine, our color therapy trainer, interviews Paula and welcomes your comments and questions.


25 Mar 2015

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A Colorful Way to Manifest a Calm, Creative Day

How do you start your day? Do you consciously create your day, or do you just fall into it?  Invite the consciousness in color to go before you into your day, creating what is right for you through Arlene Arnold's morning meditation. Call in to discover a color for your day!Sign up to receive this morning meditation for free!The Power of Color


11 Mar 2015

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How the Colors Red and Green Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Planning the holiday schedule, decorating, buying presents, shopping for meals, are all part of the preparation for the holidays. Unfortunately, the anticipated enjoyment can sometimes be replaced by stress. Join Arlene Arnold for tips on how the colors Red and Green can bring a new kind of balance to how you navigate this special time of year. Bring back your joy and child-like wonder this holiday season and start the New Year with a refreshing perspective through the balance of color.


10 Dec 2014

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A Mosaic Master Explores Color Therapy

Meet Lyn Radosevich, our most recent certified Complementary Color Therapy Practitioner and a mosaic master. Lyn combines her experience with mosaic art with a focus on color therapy. Join Leslie Romine and Lyn as they explore of world of color in bits of reflective glass.ThePowerOfColor.com


22 Oct 2014

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Relax, Relieve, Rejuvenate through Stretching and Breathing Color

If you could walk out your door in the morning feeling relaxed and ready for the day, would it be worth spending 15-20 minutes?  That’s all it takes!  Join Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine as they explain why this works and walk you through some of the exercises found in Arlene’s new bookRelax, Relieve, Rejuvenate.


7 May 2014

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What Do Your Favorite Spring Colors Mean?

Spring has special meaning for people.  Why do some colors move you more than others?  If you could surround yourself with one of the spring colors, what would it be?  Join host Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine to explore what you can learn from these colors.  Call in to share your favorite spring color.


26 Mar 2014

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Rainbow Color Vibrations Support the Ascension Process

Host  Arlene Arnold welcomes color therapy expert Alijandra to help us learn more about Healing with the Rainbow Rays, a pioneering healing modality she founded in 1985, which was published in 1995 followed by Cosmic Chakras in 2006. Her newest work with color, Rainbow Liquid Light, supports the ascension process, opening us to new inner color technologies. Find out how these transforming modalities bring insight and energy changes, allowing us to raise our personal and planetary vibrations.


26 Feb 2014

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The Many Faces of Color Therapy

"Guest Eleyne-Mari, a certified color therapist and the founder of the annual 'Color Therapy Month' in March, has connected with color therapists around the world.  Hear how Eleyne offers experiences with color that change people.  Let her introduce you to the many talented individuals who bring color therapy to life around the world."Thanks Google for the photo - (edited)


19 Feb 2014

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Healing Relationships

With Host Arlene Arnold:  Do you react emotionally to certain people?  Do some people rub you the wrong way?  Let’s talk about how to shift difficult relationships.  What we suggest may surprise you.


13 Nov 2013

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Changing Times Impact Relationships

Changing Times Impact Relationships Host: Arlene ArnoldChanging times bring big changes in relationships.  This is not easy, but can be an important part of your own journey.  Join host, Arlene Arnold, to learn how using the power of color during these times of change can allow greater clarity and some personal  aha’s  that propel  you forward to what is next for you.


18 Sep 2013

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Your most painful emotions are a compass for why we are here

Host: Arlene Arnold How can emotional trauma guide you toward deeper meaning? That doesn't seem quite fair.  Yet, the truth of this statement has come up over and over again in color therapy sessions Arlene Arnold has facilitated.  Join her to look at how the vibrations of color can resolve painful emotions and put your life experiences into perspective.


7 Aug 2013

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The Color of Emotion

Did you know that emotions can have colors?  This week's show offers a look at your Color likes and dislikes and how they can be a simple, yet direct way to help you transform the energy stuck in emotions found in the color Red!  Your host, Leslie Romine, will demonstrate how to shift those emotions so that Red becomes a color you like and use to bring vitality and excitement into your life.


10 Jul 2013

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