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College is expensive and the process of finding and getting into the best colleges is more complicated and competitive than ever. You owe it to yourself to become an educated consumer. This podcast will show you how to pay only your fair share of the college bill and gain a competitive advantage to beat the colleges at their own game. Subscribe and enjoy!

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Understanding FAFSA

Because the financial aid formula is so complicated and the forms to apply for financial aid are so confusing, over 70% of financial aid forms submitted contain errors and inconsistencies. Those errors cost families thousands in lost aid each year. Colleges are not motivated to help people correct their mistakes, so you have to take that responsibility on for yourself. To claim your rightful share of the financial aid pot, you have to learn how to avoid the many costly pitfalls that trip people up and take advantage of the strategies and tactics Jason shares in this important episode. Listen now and learn. The next 15 minutes could save you a fortune!


23 Sep 2019

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