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Meet the Vets - The Pros and Cons of AI for your mares and stallions

Get ready to learn like you never have before! The topic of AI is a beast  but something that we felt was worth discussing on the podcast.Hosted by Carol Henley of TBS Stud (and owner of Cheeky Bobby Sparrow), we are delighted to have two of Ireland's top repro vets on the show:Larry Dunne runs Ballyorney Veterinary Clinic in County Wicklow and specialises in all areas of equine fertility. His expertise is highly sought after not only in Ireland but across Europe. Kate Murray graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at agricultural Academy in Wroclaw Poland in 2003 and moved to Ireland in the same year. For the last 13 years Kate has  focused exclusively on equine reproduction, offering fresh, chilled and frozen inseminations, embryo transfer and semen freezing. The family business also involves  breeding Connemara mares as well as producing and standing stallions at stud.Happy listening!


26 Mar 2021

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Saddle Fitting with Fiona Cork and Lauren Coxhead

In this episode of Connemara Pony Tales we discuss all matters related to saddle fitting for your ponies.We have two amazing guests answering your questions:Fiona Cork, a professional rider on the showing circuit having won HOYS and RIHS several times. Fiona has had most success on Native ponies namely Welsh cobs and Connemaras. Fiona launched her own saddle brand approximately 8 years ago after she was never happy with the saddles on offer. Fiona Cork Saddles believe that the starting point for every saddle is getting the tree the right shape for each individual pony. Lauren Coxhead, a Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddle fitter who lives in the West of Ireland.  Lauren has covered the whole of Ireland as a saddle fitter for the last number of years covering over 100,000km per year........When Covid took her off the road, she took up a position as chief advisor for www.saddlesireland.ie and will continue working with them in the future. Lauren deals with all horses from happy hackers to Elite Level and Olympic horse/rider combinations.


18 Mar 2021

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Skærgården Connemaras - A Chat with Birgitte and Anna Gotske

In this episode we chat to the Danish Stud, Skærgården Connemara ponies. Mother and daughter duo Birgitte and Anna fill us in on the history of their stud and how they strive to continue breeding superb moving ponies for dressage and showing. We chat about their foundation stallions including Wirtsmühle Delaney. We hope you enjoy this episode!


7 Feb 2021

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Our Jumping Pony - A Chat with Mary McCann and Ger Foley hosted by Carol Henley

In this episode, Carol Henley of Thornbrook Stud in Kildare chats to Mary McCann of Hartwell Stud and Ger Foley of Foley Ponies.  We chat about Ashfield Bobby Sparrow, Blackwoodland Rock and Pumkins Pondi. What is great about the jumping Connemara, how can we promote and grow the smaller pony and what do we need to do to ensure our pony is at the top of its game for the International jumping tracks?Enjoy!


28 Nov 2020

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The Height of our Connemara Pony - What Should We Do?

In this episode, we chat about the height of the Connemara pony, both the demand for the larger pony and then the lack of smaller, quality ponies now around.  What do we do about it and what changes should we consider in the Studbook?Joining us on this episode are Ernie Somerville, breeder, judge and inspector, Kevin Bolger, CPBS council member, breeder and producer and Kate Murray, equine reproduction vet and pony breeder but also mother to two pony rider.


23 Nov 2020

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Top Tips for Feeding your Pony this Winter

In this episode we chat with Shirley Jones from Topspec, a leading equine nutrition company,  about feeding your ponies this winter. She is joined by Emma James and Phoebe Beaumont. Both riders are at the top of their games and offer some of their tips for optimum performance.If you would like any free advice on feeding your Connemara pony, please contact Shirley at shirley.jones@topspec.com. She would be delighted to help you with your feeding plan.


23 Oct 2020

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A Chat with Blanche Miller of Rosenaharley Stud

We were delighted to chat to Blanche Miller of Rosenaharley Stud in Dorset, UK. Blanche has been involved with Connemara ponies since the 1950s and only this week it was announced that she was awarded the Michael J. O’Malley Award by the International Committee of Connemara Ponies (ICCPS). This award is given to an International owner or breeder who has selflessly promoted the Connemara Pony during their lifetime.We hope you enjoy this podcast and are so grateful to Blanche for taking the time to talk to us.


30 Aug 2020

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The History of the Connemara Pony Show with Tom MacLochlainn

With the Connemara Pony Show meant to be taking place this week at Clifden in Galway, Ireland, this episode is with the ex CPBS President Tom Mac Lochlainn taking us through the history of the show.


19 Aug 2020

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A Chat with Show Producer Joe Burke

In this episode, we chat to one of Ireland's most successful Connemara pony producers, Joe Burke. Joe is a CPBS and IPS judge and also on the CPBS inspector panel. He has won the national confirmation assessment as part of the HSI young breeders program. Joe has won All-Ireland Championships with Connemara ponies and RIDs. With his ponies he has been Clifden Champion twice, RDS champion, qualified for HOYS in-hand and won Olympia with Sandra Burton riding. 


9 Aug 2020

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Show Riders Chat - Ciara Mullen, Harrison Taylor and Sadhbh O'Connor

In this episode we chat to top show riders Ciara Mullen, Harrison Taylor and Sadhbh O'Connor about what's going on in their yards, ponies to watch and some of their favourite shows. All riders have competed and won at the top level including HOYS, Royal International and Dublin Horse Show.


13 Jun 2020

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