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The fallen world and our fallen natures have deteriorated the masterpieces we were created to be. Our colors are diminished. But, we are images of God being restored. If we are images of God, what does it look like to be that from day-to-day?Welcome to a podcast that focuses on applying unchanging, extraordinary values to a changing, ordinary life. With whatever life you've been handed. Understand yourself. Understand your focus. Understand your life.Emily is a twenty-something-year-old vagabond working and living in SE Wisconsin. She has a passion for people, personal development, interpersonal relationships, psychology, theology, and counseling. She hopes this podcast becomes a means to draw people closer to their purpose and the truth about who they are.

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Is God Good? Featuring the Welchers: Doubt, Part 5 | Episode 13

NOTES/CORRECTIONS/CLARIFICATIONS/ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Next week will be a reflection as well as some final thoughts. Quotes: “The church is a hospital for sinners. We need to proclaim grace for those who are broken in their sin, and holiness for those who are in rebellion.” - Evan “Our life is one of catechesis.” - Evan “We should be more compassionate - that’s never the enemy of good theology. Understanding that Jesus is sacrificial shouldn’t make us colder… We are suspicious of warmth. We are suspicious of compassion. We think that’s the antithesis of being theologically accurate.” - Evan “The reason we [study the word] is because you see very quickly that God’s saints were people who suffered.” - Evan “We need to learn the practice of lament, and we can do this by lamenting with those who are suffering.” - Rachel “The hope of Psalm 88 lies in the fact that the psalmist is crying to God, not just crying to the void.” - Rachel “God suffers with us.” - Rachel “We ourselves don’t have to be in a place of grieving in order to practice grief with others.” - Rachel ————————— RESOURCES: Evan’s Instagram: @pastorevan Evan’s Twitter: @evanwelcher Rachel’s Instagram: @racheljwelcher Rache’s Instagram: @racheljwelcher “His Heart Beats” and “Is He Worthy?” by Andrew Peterson “The Path of Suffering” by Elisabeth Elliot “Lament for a Son” by Nicholas Wolterstorff “God In the Dark” by Os Guinness ————————— VERSES ALLUDED TO/REFERENCED: Job Jesus in the garden Psalm 88 ————————— TERMS USED Catechesis ————————— CREDITS & CONTACT: Intro/Outro Music: “Lens Flare” by Peter Sandberg via Epidemic Sound Middle Music: “I Deserve Better” by Spring Gang and “Choose” by Mindme via Epidemic Sound Facebook: facebook.com/helloemilyurban Twitter: @helloemilyurban Instagram: @helloemilyurban Patreon: patreon.com/helloemilyurban Website: emilyurban.com Please send any questions or concerns you may have regarding this episode to me via the contact form on my website, or send me a voice memo via Facebook or Instagram! (Try to keep the voice memo to 20 seconds or less.)


14 Dec 2020

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