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The blockchain and crypto, explained. Don't be scared: crypto WILL save us all. Take the BlockPill.

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A Manifesto for the Blockchain Age

Read "Bitcoin, Currencies, and Fragility" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: https://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/BTC-QF.pdf Join the BlockPilled podcast's Discord server:https://disboard.org/server/877999484611743775


16 Dec 2021

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What I'll Do if Crypto Becomes a Crime

What if Crypto is Outlawed? What I'll do if crypto becomes illegal, and why I hope it will happen. JOIN THE DISCORD COMMUNITY: https://disboard.org/server/877999484611743775

9 Sep 2021

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Is Bitcoin Bad for the Environment?

Is Cryptocurrency destroying our planet? According to Conrad Crypto, it's complicated. Luckily, he's here to explain why that is and whether or not you should use up all that energy (ha) worrying about it. Also--why is billionaire Elon Musk so critical of BTC? JOIN THE DISCORD COMMUNITY: https://disboard.org/server/877999484611743775


2 Sep 2021

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Capitalism in the Blockchain Economy

Capitalism in the Blockchain Economy What will the economy look like when private companies are structured on the blockchain? What would Blockchain Uber look like? Conrad Crypto walks us through it.


26 Aug 2021

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Smart Contracts and the Future of the Blockchain

What is the future of the blockchain? What are smart contracts? Conrad Crypto has the answer. First off, what's a smart contract? it's f***ing complicated, so don't worry if you're not clear on those. He's going to explain it and show you how they can change the economy forever. The post-blockchain economy is going to be unrecognizable--but that's a good thing. JOIN THE DISCORD COMMUNITY https://disboard.org/server/877999484611743775


19 Aug 2021

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