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How do I make money online? How do I quit my job and work from home? How do I launch a profitable online course? How do I use Facebook and Instagram ads to grow a business around the needs of my family? How do I scale my online business with Facebook ads?Welcome to The Shine Show, where your host, Salome Schillack will give you the inspiration, the strategies and all the "here's what's working now" you need to start, grow and scale your online business. Week after week you'll get episodes that will help you increase your reach, launch your online courses and grow your business predictably and profitably so that you can create more freedom and more wealth for you and your family. Ready to make an even bigger impact in the world? Hit subscribe and start listening now.

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15. How To Know When To Add More Money To Your List Building Ads

What if I told you that your ad are working better than most people who make 10 x more money than you? Would you be open to adding more money to your Facebook ad spend? That is exactly what happened when I talked to a student and discovered that she was only spending $10 per day on a campaign that resulted in guaranteed sales for her business every time she launched her course.  Are you sitting on a gold mine, you just don’t know it yet.  Listen to today’s episode to find out if you are and to learn when is the right time to give Facebook even more of your money. 


2 Mar 2020

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94. Courses or Memberships? Which One To Choose and When

It’s the smackdown you’ve all been waiting for! In today’s episode, I try my best to answer the question that’s plagued every entrepreneur in the online space for decades: Should I launch a course or a membership? Now, I’ve been on both sides of the tennis court. I’ve launched a course (‘A Lister’) and a membership (‘The Launch Lounge’) and I have many thoughts on which one of them I’d choose and why.  So, in today’s episode of The Shine Show, I take you through my own experiences trying to pick between the two, the fundamental difference between a course and a membership (hint: it has something to do with the body of knowledge at play), and 5 questions you should be asking yourself when you want to choose either one for your next launch.  When you’re done listening to this episode, I hope you have some clarity and can confidently choose between a launch and a membership for the future of your business! Listen to the episode now and send me a DM on Instagram (@salome.schillack) to tell me who wins the launch vs membership smackdown in your books and what you’re going to implement in the future. I LOVE listening to your ideas! 


8 Mar 2021

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49. Day 30: Scaling Your Business: 12 Month Ads Calendar to Grow Your Business Faster

Welcome to day 30 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  There is a recipe for success.  Many other online course creators have already invented the best time to launch and the best things to do before you launch to ensure you succeed.  Today, on our last day of 30 Days of Ads In April, I’m going to share with you what most successful online course creators’ 12-month launch calendars look like. When you know how to create your 12-month launch calendar nothing will be stopping you from hitting that high 6 or 7 figures that will give you the freedom you crave! If you’ve watched all 30 fo the 30 Days of Ads in April content I want to thank you for hanging out with me and for being part of this journey.  I trust that you are safe and I look forward to hearing how you’re using this to grow your online courses business and impact more people’s lives.  Take care! Salome


29 Apr 2020

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48. Day 29: The Two Numbers That Indicate Success In Your Course Launch

Welcome to day 29 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  So you spent money and you made money.  But did you make enough money in your last launch so that you can scale your next launch and make even more money? Here are the two most important numbers you need to track if you want to know if you made money in your next launch.  You’ll want to know what these numbers are so that you can have even bigger results next time!


28 Apr 2020

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47. Day 28: Advanced Strategies to Increase Your Launch Results

Welcome to day 28 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Everybody wants the fancy ads!  Those ads that you see ads for from ads people! ;-)  The ones that say “my client only spent $1 and made $1Million!” ;-)  I joke! But seriously there are ads you can run if you have a good marketing strategy in place that will skyrocket your results and bring in three to five times more leads and sales during your launch.  Today we talk about those ads.  Join me if you are ready to increase your sales in your next launch. 


27 Apr 2020

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46. Day 27: Your Webinar Launch Mapped Out

Welcome to day 27 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Yesterday we looked at how to run ads for your 3-part video series and today we are doing the same for your webinar launch.  When you know which ads to run at every stage of your webinar launch you’ll not just increase webinar sign-ups and get more people to attend your webinar, you’ll also increase your sales! Let me know if you’re a webinar fan!


26 Apr 2020

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44. Day 25: Getting Your Landing Pages Ready to Increase Conversions with Ads

Welcome to day 25 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Landing pages are the backbone of good Facebook and Instagram ads. Without them, we’re just making noise. With the right landing pages in place, we are strategically collecting clicks that convert into leads and eventually into sales.  When you know which pages to create and what makes a landing page convert like crazy, you’ll have so many leads during your next launch you’ll thank me for showing you this.  So watch today’s training and let me know what’s one change you’ll make to your landing page to increase your conversions.


24 Apr 2020

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42. Day 23: Using Your CRM To Know Where Your Buyers Come From

Welcome to day 23 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  What if you could know exactly where each of your buyers came from and you knew how to go to that traffic source and handpick more people who will become your paying students faster? Well, you can.  In today’s training, you’re going to discover how you can use your email list and some clever investigating to know exactly where your buyers came from so that you can get in front of more buyers more often.   Let me know in the comments if you’re ready to start segmenting your email list so you can find more buyers more often.


22 Apr 2020

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41. Day 22: Ads That Increase Profits in Your Launch

Welcome to day 22 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Filling your launch with good quality leads is a skill worth mastering.  And knowing how to strategically put ads in front of the people who are in your launch will dramatically increase the number of sales you make in your launch Today I share with you all the ads we use for our 6 and 7 figure clients during their online course launches and how those ads help people make buying decisions faster.  After watching today’s video you’ll know exactly how to retarget the people in your launch with your sales messages and make more sales in your next launch.  Tell me in the comments, are you ready to start making more sales in your next launch?


21 Apr 2020

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38. Day Nineteen: One Mindset Shift That Will Triple Your Results

Welcome to day 19 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Today I will share with you the ONE mindset shift I wish I made sooner in my business.  Not approaching my business with this mindset cost me thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time and I can probably say that not making this shift sooner resulted in me going back to my day job after two and a half years of trying to succeed online.  But when I made this shift, it all shifted and I started seeing some real results. Tune in and let me know how you will be applying this shift in your business.


18 Apr 2020

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37. Day Eighteen: How To Write Copy That Converts

Welcome to day 18 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  There are many ‘secrets’ to writing good ad copy and on today’s training, I will share one with you that will help you uncover the deeper layers of pain and desires your ideal customers have.  When you apply this to your ad copy, you’ll find more people say “it’s like you were in my head all along.” Try it and let me know what you discover about your ideal customer and who this will change how you write copy.  Mentions in this episode: Digital Marketer www.digitalmarketer.com


17 Apr 2020

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36. Day Seventeen: Three Stages of Effective Marketing

Welcome to day 17 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve launched your online course multiple times and you’re getting ready to scale your business beyond 7 figures, these three phases will be critical to the success of your online business.  In today’s training, you’ll discover the three most important phases you need to focus on in order to build massive momentum in your online courses business and I’ll show you which ads to run in each of the three phases.  Let me know in the comments which one of the three phases you’ll be focusing on next.


16 Apr 2020

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35. Day Sixteen: How To Sell Anything To Anyone

Welcome to day 16 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  There is a secret formula for creating raving fans and scaling an online course business to bigger profits, predictably!  In today’s training, I will show you the formula for putting the right message in front of the right people every time so that you can scale your business faster and more strategically.  When you understand the Customer Value Journey you’ll never again wonder why people did not respond to your promotion or why you’re working so hard to fill your launches.  Understanding this will help you work less, leverage your existing audience and build your own automated system for selling anything to anyone. Links mentioned in this episode: Digital Marketer https://www.digitalmarketer.com/ Ryan Deiss http://www.ryandeiss.com/ Sign up for the 30 Days of Ads in April: www.shineandsucceed.com/adsinapril


15 Apr 2020

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31. Day Twelve: How to Set Up a Retargeting Ad

Welcome to day 12 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  “How do I set up a retargeting ad?” was a question I got from one of the listeners who are following along with the 30 Days of Ads In April. You asked and so I will answer… In today’s training, I show you what a retargeting ad is and how you can get started with setting up your own retargeting ad.  You can go to www.shineandsucceed.com/getmyadup if you want a step-by-step look over my shoulder as I set up a custom audience and a retargeting ad from scratch.  Let me know in the comments what you would love to learn more about here on the 30 Days of Ads in April.  Don’t forget to sign up for all 30 days training by going to www.shineandsucceed.com/adsinapril


12 Apr 2020

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30. Day Eleven: Getting Started and Getting Profitable with Facebook Ads

Welcome to day 11 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Back in October 2019 I was invited to talk to a group of female entrepreneurs here in Brisbane.  My friend, Angela Henderson hosts this fabulous event every year and it is a highlight for anyone who is just starting or looking to gain traction in their business whether that is an online or offline business. Last year I was invited to speak to this group of women about how to get started and get profitable with their Facebook ads and today I want to play the recording from that day for you.  Once you’ve listened to today’s episode you can head over to www.shineandsucceed.com/adsinparil to sign up to get all 30 days’ training as a mini-course you can use whenever you need some Facebook ads inspiration.  Links in this episode: Angela Henderson https://www.angelahenderson.com.au/ Angela’s 2020 Retreat: https://www.angelahenderson.com.au/finding-balance-in-business-womens-retreat-2/


11 Apr 2020

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29. Day Ten: 3 Easy Ways To Start Making Money From Your Email List Before You Even Get to Your First 1000 Subscribers

Welcome to day 10 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  When you’re just starting out with your online business, there are a lot of things you have to pay for.  So it’s nice to be able to start covering some of those costs early on to help you build momentum faster and invest where it matters most.  In today’s episode I’ll share with you 3 easy ways you can start to make money even from your email list even before you get your first 1000 subscribers.  Let me know which one of the three you’ll be trying out first. 


10 Apr 2020

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26. Day Seven: How To Hack The Algorithm For Even Bigger Ad Results

Welcome to day 7 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  The rules for Facebook have changed and what used to work in 2017 does not work any more.  Especially if you’re just starting out and you have never really run many ads or you’ve got a low number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.  In today’s episode I will share with you how to tap into the power of the algorithm, even if you have a low budget for ads to start reaching more people, build your email list faster and get in front of more of your ideal customers! When you listen to today’s episode you will know exactly what ad to run next to start getting more engagement on your Facebook page and your Instagram account and get closer to launching your online course or business.


7 Apr 2020

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24. 12 Powerful Questions That Will Help Improve Your Targeting and Uncover Your Best Audiences On Facebook and Instagram

Welcome to day 5 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  Finding your ideal customer on Facebook and Instagram can easily feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.  If you’ve ever felt that way and you’ve struggled to get your ads seen by the right people, then today’s episode is for you! Today I will take you through 12 powerful questions you can ask yourself to uncover hidden pockets of people who may be waiting to see your ad in their newsfeed right now.  You can download the free guide 12 Powerful Questions That Will Help Improve Your Targeting and Uncover Your Best Audiences on Facebook and Instagram and go through the exercise in your own time. Click here to download the guide www.shineandsucceed.com/adsinapril5


5 Apr 2020

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21. Day 2: Why Are My Ads Getting Disapproved? Common Policy Violations You Don’t Even Know You’re Making and How To Avoid Them

Welcome to day 2 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  In today’s episode, we are going to explore common reasons why your ads may be getting disapproved and how you can fix that.  I’ll share with you some of the mistakes I see people make without even knowing it and how you can ensure that your ads always comply with the policy so that you never have to face the Policy Police!You can also get the freebie mentioned in this episode here. www.shineandsucceed.com/adsinapril2 And remember to regularly review the ads policy that you’ll find here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads If you do have a disapproved ad that you need help with please contact Facebook support here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help


2 Apr 2020

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20. Day 1: Get Set For Success. Making Sense of Business Manager, Ads Manager, and Ad Accounts so You Never Have to Boost Another Post

Welcome to day 1 of 30 Days of Ads In April.  In this series, we will aim to answer all your Facebook and Instagram ads question so that you can use the period in time to learn how to get in front of more people, convert more leads and make more sales when you run ads on Facebook and Instagram.  Whether you are just starting out, you’ve got some experience or you’re hiring an agency like us to manage your ads and scale your success we trust that you find the content we’ll be sharing over the next 30 days very useful.  You can binge listen day 1 through 30 or you can pick and choose the topics you want to hear about. The video training will up on our website at https://shineandsucceed.com/tss-podcast/ as well as on Facebook and on YouTube.  In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to make sense of Busines Manager, Ads Manager, and your Ad Account so that you feel confident knowing that you can manage all your Facebook and Instagram assets in one organized place.  You’ll find the freebies mentioned in today’s episode here: Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Create Your Business Manager Account, Your Ad Account and Your Pixel Free 5- Day Video Training to Get Your First List Building Ad Up WIthout Wasting Money Drop us a line and tell us what else you’d love to learn during the 30 Days of Ads In April. 


1 Apr 2020

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