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Latinx On The Rise is a podcast focusing on conversations with high achieving Latinx movers and shakers. Under the current political climate, the Latinx community continue to be relegated by being told what and who they are with little space to share perspective of our own stories. From queer identity to Afro-Latinidad we are constantly reminded there is little room for our stories to reach the masses. Latinx On The Rise has changed that landscape with representation of all kinds of Latinx- Americans across the country who are excited to share their achievements and hope to inspire listeners.

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First Episode with Uri Brito

Welcome to my first episode! I am your host Annabel Garcia Torres. Uriel Brito is my first guest and we are discussing The Oscars and so much more! 


16 Mar 2018

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Is it really a new year, new decade?

So many people have decided 2020 is their year! Whether it's changing jobs, chasing your dream or elevating to be your best self, a new year is alluring. It has the blessings of new beginnings but what do you do with it? Is a vision board enough to get you through the year?


6 Jan 2020

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Growing up a Hip Latina Pt. 1

Today’s guest is Mariela rosario the editor in chief for HipLatina.We discuss growing up Latina in the US and how different that looks for all of us. She is Puerto Rican and was actually just on the island for the holidays, I’m glad to say she is safely back home. Our conversation was so good that it’s a two parter! The second part of the interview will be coming out week after next. But for today, I hope you enjoy this one! Ways to help Puerto Rico! Follow me! Insta: @latinxontherise  |  Twitter: @latinxontherise  Follow HipLatina! Insta: @hiplatina  |  Twitter: @hiplatina Follow Mariela! Insta: @_marielarosario  |  Twitter: @_marielarosario


13 Jan 2020

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Finding la Brujita

My interview with Leah Guerrero, founder and owner of Brujita skin care was nothing short of magical. We talked about her beginnings in skin care and how her company started. During the interview she said something so poignant and I tempt you to ask yourself the same question. How are you important to yourself?  Please follow us on social media:  Brujita Skincare: @brujitaskincare @Latinxontherise 


24 Aug 2018

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Autism Habla

Yuri Maldonado and I speak about her 11 year old son who was diagnosed with autism 8 years ago. The Latinx community is one of the most under-diagnosed communities due to language barriers and health care. Latinx are being tested for autism at a 10 percent rate, many people do not find out they themselves are on The Spectrum until they have children. Services are also determined on a state by state basis. Many Latinx are insured through Medicare which does not always cover the costs of ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy.  We'd love to hear what you thought of this episode! Share your thoughts here! Follow us on Insta: @latinxontherise| @yurinotjudy Follow us on Twitter: @latinxontherise | @jubyyuri


9 Jul 2019

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Eres una Hija De Tu Madre!

Patty Delgado and I talk about her venture from web designer to business owner. We talk about what the iconography of La Virgen de Guadalupe means to her. We touch on Boyle Heights and the gentrification going on in the neighborhood and how it's impacted her business.  Please follow us at: @hijadetumadre @latinxontherise


28 Sep 2018

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Be The Tallest Poppy

Harry Lopez, a personal and professional coach, as well as the founder of Impact Latinx Academy. His past as a school teacher and a teaching coach lead him to his career. He is a source of support for professionals who maybe holding themselves back from their greatest potential. We also talk about our experiences at We All Grow's wellness day. We both did a past life regression and a meeting of our spirit guides. We touch a bit about the coaching he has received and an obituary he had to write. Become a Patreon for $1 and get that extra audio!  Follow us on Instagram @theharrylopez | @latinxontherise Twitter @theharrylopez | @latinxontherse


17 Jun 2019

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Haters in the Community and getting that raise at work!

Alexis Tirado, the Head of Pero Like, joined me in a conversation about haters in the Latinx community and how to be a good leader. We also discussed how to ask for raises! Also, self correction on Latinx having 7 Trillion spending power. We actually had 1.7 Trillion in spending power in 2017 and US Latinx are the 7th largest economy. I got my facts twisted! Also Latina women get paid in a range of 42 to 81 cents on the dollar, depending on the state. Enough with those (awesome) numbers!  Follow us on Instagram: @alexistt @latinxontherise And Twitter: @alexistt @latinxontherise

1hr 6mins

19 Oct 2018

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You're accepted! What's next after being accepted into college

Jazmin Peralta is the Assistant Director of Special Projects for Equity and Inclus, Visiting InstructorVP for Student Affairs, Humanities & Media Studies for Pratt Institute. We talked about the best ways to support underserved students who are entering college.  The opportunity for higher education is more attainable than ever, however, some of us need more assistance. Many first generation and underserved students drop out because of the lack of guidance during college. Jazmin and I talked about Pratt Institute’s approach to solve this issue, as well as, what students can be doing to continue their education.


14 Sep 2018

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Joe Biden a beast of burden

In 2014, Lucy Flores was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in Nevada and Joe Biden, then Vice President, came out to a rally in support of her. In this episode Flores talks about Biden's behavior that can only be described as a violation of personal space and inappropriate. Stories of "Creepy Joe Biden" are a dime a dozen but the real issue is the fact that Vice President Biden doesn't apologize or change his behavior. There are layers to inappropriate behavior against women from the "ayo ma," comments to being followed for blocks or being cornered in a parking lot. The stories are endless and escalate.  Instagram @lucyfloresnv | @latinxontherise | @theluzcollective Twitter @lucyflores | @latinxontherise 


1 Jul 2019

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Latinx in the film industry

This week I will be doing a double feature! Tonights episode is another interview with Uriel Brito where we talk about Latinx in the film industry. 


21 Mar 2018

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Ni gorditas, ni flaquitas, sólo sanitas!

I sat down with Justina Adorno, one of the stars of ABC's new show, Grand Hotel produced by Eva Longoria. The first episode struck a very personal cord with me when Justina's character is called, "Gordita." There are so many words in our culture that are meant to be compliments but some have lasting negative affect. We also talk about Grand Hotel and the expansion of Latinx roles. Grand Hotel does a great job of showing natural diversity, if you can believe it, it's almost like real life. I joke, but many TV shows seem to be forcing diversity these days with no commitment to the characters. This show puts the characters front and center, their ethnicity is an after thought.   Follow us on Insta: @latinxontherise| @justina.justina | @justinaveganjourney Follow us on Twitter: @latinxontherise | @justinaadorno


22 Jul 2019

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The Brow Guru

Leslie Mendoza, better known as the Brow Guru took her talents of beauty and fortified them into a business. She owns Prime Boudoir a eyebrow and eyelash salon in Whittier and Granada Hills.   We talked about finding your passion and developing it into a business that works for you. She is truly inspiring in her work and goes to show how unstoppable a dream can be. She was gracious enough to offer us 20 percent off her online products and $5 off her stain in salon. All by using the Latinx code.  Follow her on: @primeboudoir @thebrowguru


31 Aug 2018

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Tata Rambo an American Hero

This week's episode is with Henry Barajas, a journalist and comic book writer. He currently has a kick starter going for his future graphic novel La Voz De M.A.Y.O. In his novel he explores his grandfather's legacy as a WWII vet but also as an activist fighting for Native American rights. There is so much of our history that is left out of the conversation. It's our responsibility to tell our histories for future generations.  Instagram: @henrybarajas @latinxontherise Twitter: @henrybarajas @latinxontherise #latinxontherise #latinapodcaster #comicbooks


6 May 2019

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I am joined by Brittany Chavez, one of the co-founders of ShopLatinx. We explore Latinx businesses and the usage of the word Latinx. 


22 Mar 2018

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Too Damn Young

Vivian Nuñez a writer and founder of Too Damn Young, a resource for those who are going through the grieving process. We chat about the impact and change that can happen when you lose someone you love. Grief is a difficult process to navigate especially as a young adult. Too Damn Young has resources to aid the grieving process, everything from how to handle the holidays after losing a loved one to how writing about them can help keep their memory alive.  Follow us on Instagram|Twitter @2damnyoung @vivnunez @latinxontherise


28 May 2019

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Amigas 4 My Soul

Please forgive the audio we recorded via Skype. This was an interview with Amber Medina the President of Amigas4mysoul and creator of Misscorporatediva.


30 Mar 2018

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Weekly Roundup 7/12/19

In this weeks episode of the Weekly Roundup we cover Alexander Acosta's involvement in the Epstein scandal, allegations of abuse in an Arizona detention center, and recap the heart breaking testimony of Yazmin Juarez. Juarez lost her two year old daughter to a respiratory infection while being detained in a detention facility. We also shed light on the deaths of Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres and Johana Medina Leon who both died in detention facilities.  We'd Love tho hear what you thought of this episode! Share your thoughts here! Follow us on Insta: @latinxontherise Follow us on Twitter: @latinxontherise 


12 Jul 2019

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One of the biggest souls is Little Village! Midterm voting and community work.

Ray Arroyo and I met many moons ago, while working at a community center together. We both taught English to adults in a Latinx neighborhood. Community work, whether in the Latinx community or in your neighborhood is important now more than ever. It's important to remember that when we see a changing world and we must take the best parts of ourselves and put them to work. 

1hr 2mins

26 Oct 2018

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Burnt to a crisp, let's talk about burn out.

Hey, we haven't seen each other in a while and here is why, I've been burnt out. Managing stress for me has always been a challenge, I can usually handle all the spinning plates but all of that usually lands me with burnout.  Days that I can only get myself to do what is required of me but not much else. It's this feel of rubber meeting the road. During my hiatus I wasn't sleeping very well which only added to my feeling of inadequacy. Stress management is my top priority from now on and I hope to share my journey with you. 


28 Oct 2019

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