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The web is filled with information which might help you to evolve your submission, but it is not always easy to find good resources as a new and aspiring submissive and the same goes for the experienced one. Listen to Stoltz Sinatra and slave scarlett as they review and curate a growing list of resources for you.

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Molly’s Daily Kiss – SR001

In todays episode of the Submissive Review podcast we take a look at Molly's Daily Kiss, a BDSM website describing the introspective journey of a submissive. slave scarlett discuss who might benefit from reading Molly's posts and how they work for a submissive in the making. We read some excerpts from Molly's Daily Kiss and finish the show with some prose about submission. If you are interested in BDSM and resources that might help you understand BDSM in different ways [...] The post Molly’s Daily Kiss – SR001 appeared first on KinkyPod.


13 Mar 2014

Rank #1