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Why is art so hard to understand? Carla and I don't know either. So we're attempting to explore questions about art, design and creativity and explain what we find.

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Design Matters

We talk with Atlanta visual artists about the idea of responsibility in an image-saturated media landscape. "I've watched it happen. I've watched people see design or communication come across them and just watched the inspiration wash over them." -- Ciera Tavana


14 Jul 2014

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Art is King

This episode we speak with Delta Tango Mike aka Danny Flores of the Art is King lecture/panel series and podcast about arts podcasting, the year in ATL arts and the role of government with the arts. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher keyword: artsxcraft"I never took any art classes. Noone told me there were art classes. I didn't know there were art schools. I knew art because there are murals all over L.A." - Danny Flores


11 Nov 2014

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Funding your art

This episode we explore how to fund art and art organizations. We speak to Susanah Darrow of Burnaway Magazine () and Atlanta-Based artist and graphic designer Mister Soul (). "At some point you've got to come away from the hustle." - MisterSoul


13 Oct 2014

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SPECIAL: The Afro punk epsiode

We talk with Afro punk organizers Matthew Morgan and Joceyln Cooper about this weekend's Atlanta show, about the birth of the Afro punk movement and about the future of Afro punk in Atlanta.


3 Oct 2014

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Revisiting Public Art

We speak with artist Michi Meko and art academic Kristin Jaurez about what public art means and what it means in Atlanta. "The job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead" - Michi Meko


9 Sep 2014

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