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A special thanks to the porters who carried all our stuff up the mountain

2 Jun 2006

Rank #1

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Kilimanjaro spirit song

This is really how it went down. They sing this coming off the mountian for luck or something like that.


26 May 2006

Rank #2

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Russell rappn'

Russell and his posse of porters bust out this traditional Tanzania rap on the last day of the climb to give us all safe passage off the mountain.


26 May 2006

Rank #3

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Matemwe is a small fishing village on the coast of Zanzibar. We rolled up right when they were auctioning off the freshly caught fish of the day. No ebay over here, it was old fashioned style yelling. Dave tried to esnipe a kingfish at the last second but got out-bid. We tried to hook up the snorkeling trip with some of the locals, after they said it would only cost $4 we grew suspicious and asked to see the snorkel equipment first. Looks like the fins were made out of old Dunlops. The fins were size 14, but that wasn't a problem since they stuffed a smelly old sock down the end to pad it out.


25 May 2006

Rank #4

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This is a nice island.


15 May 2006

Rank #5

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Stuck in the mud

Our Land Cruiser never got stuck like these other suckers, could it have been because of the excellent driving skillz?


12 May 2006

Rank #6

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Watch out! There is a big black african schlong in this clip. I wasn't planning on posting this, but since there has been an overwhelmingly large number of requests for it, here it is. enjoy.

10 May 2006

Rank #7

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Ngorongoro Crater Safari

We follow the safari of two englishmen in the Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife reserve. The crater has the largest population denisty of crazy animals in the whole of Africa.


6 May 2006

Rank #8

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Who said 'they aint got a chance cos all they do is dance'? not Dave, since all he can say is 'we made it, yeaaahhh'

2 May 2006

Rank #9

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This covers the day before the summit attempt. Dave does some strange things with his mouth, looks like hes on crack, but claims its an altitude related side effect. As is that gigantic vein on my forehead which luckily went away back at sea level, and only comes back when I get mad.


1 May 2006

Rank #10