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Hey there! I’m Laura Johnson and this is the Shortcut Shopper Podcast. I'll share tips, lessons learned, and what I'm buying to help give you the shortcut you need through the noise of your never-ending purchasing decisions. I'm happy you're here!

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Rakuten (Ebates)- Easy Cash Back!

In this episode, you will learn how to use Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) to get cash back for your everyday purchases. In a little over 3 years, I've earned over $400 cash back with not a lot of effort on my part....that's not too bad!   For complete show notes: Visit: www.reviewsandrandomness/rakuten


26 Nov 2019

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R&R YouInterview: Guest Angie

In YouInterview episodes, I talk with everyday, normal women, just like you, and find out what products/services they're loving, trying, pondering, etc. We use those topics to see where the conversation leads us. This week, I interview one of my very best friends, Angie. See below for any links we reference. Thanks for being here with me. Enjoy your week! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW


4 Apr 2019

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A Tale of Turmoil. Raccoons in My Attic. What I Did to Get Rid of Them

This episode is a tale of raccoon woes....the absolute turmoil I experienced! I walk you through my current thoughts of it being almost a year later from when Mama Raccoon and her babies showed up. We'll visit my past blog posts on the subject. I hope you find some humor in my terrible experience. 🙂 And consider sharing it with your friends...they may need a chuckle too!    If you've experienced any type of rodent invasion, PLEASE leave a comment on the facebook page or on the blog! I'd LOVE to know I'm not alone in my crazy! For complete show notes visit Episode 007.   Talk to you next week with a YouInterview episode with my youngest sister, Meredith. Sincerely hope you are well and your week is going as smooth as possible! Take care!    Show Notes   This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any extra, and I earn a small commission. I’d also like to call attention that if prices I mentioned in this episode were prices I paid at the current time and may not reflect the prices you would pay at the time of reading or listening to this.   To see all video clips I mentioned in the episode, visit the complete Episode 007 Show Notes    Products I used: Motorolla Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Camera I was so close to buying!  LegUp Coyote Urine CD Clock Radio Toddler Soccer Ball


27 Mar 2019

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Beginner Advice for Disney World Vacation with Junell Dubois

If a Disney World vacation is in your family's future, BUT, you don't even know where to start.....this episode is FOR YOU!  I talk with Junell from Miss Adventures in Adulting regarding ALL my questions about Disney World. Besides sharing her tips on her blog about adulting with kids, funny mishaps, and fun activities to do with children, she's also a dedicated Disney Travel Specialist through Kingdom Destinations. We talk about: -Advantages/Disadvantages of Staying on/off Disney properties -Dining options and tips on securing those coveted character dining experiences -Traveling with food restrictions -Products to bring ahead of time and what items she likes to buy at the parks -Attending the Disney parks with children with special needs -ALSO the fact that going through a travel agent doesn't cost you anything...Disney already factors that commission into the price of your ticket....WHAT???!!!!........save yourself the headache & take advantage of that! As always......I am, from the bottom of my heart, grateful you are here with me! Thanks for listening.  P.s. I'm taking a break from the show next week for some family time, so I'll talk to you the following week!  Take Care!  Laura

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9 Mar 2019

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YOUinterview with My Daughters, Ellie & Hannah

YOUinterview episodes are where I highlight everyday, normal women (like yourself), and see what products/services are being used, any pondering purchases, etc and see where the conversation leads us. However, Episode 16 is a SPECIAL YOUinterview featuring my daughters, Ellie and Hannah. They are six and seven years old, just under 14 months apart and act silly as can be in this recording. I naively set out to have an informative conversation with these two and quickly realized I was way wrong in thinking this would be a simple episode to put together for you! 🙂 Hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek into my daily life living with these two little things, I affectionally call “my creatures”. Show notes are listed here. 


1 Aug 2019

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Interview with Experience Life Expert, Diamond Bailey

I had so much fun interviewing my "Experience Life" Expert, Diamond Bailey from JacobandDiamond.com. Diamond and her husband, Jacob, are YouTubers, photographers, and so much more. They work hard to intentionally try new experiences and challenges, so their life stays fresh and fun!  Enjoy!  Visit reviewsandrandomness.com/17 for complete show notes. 


22 Aug 2019

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Beginner's Guide to Whole30 - My Experience

In this episode, I do a deep dive into my thoughts and learnings from completing Whole30 in March 2019. If you are contemplating starting Whole30 yourself or know a friend who is, this episode will be a nice perspective to listen to (especially if you're looking from a point of view from a non-fitness guru, like myself).    Unfortunately, eating well and exercising is not a passion for me nor is it something that I easily make time for in my life. So, attempting to do Whole30 was a HUGE stretch for me. I may have become a beast of a woman at times because I was hangry for stuff I wanted and couldn't have, but I did see some benefits.    I hope you enjoy listening! If you think it was informative and helpful, consider sharing it with a friend!    For Full Show Notes & Links: Click Here


18 Apr 2019

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Amazon Prime Day 2019- What You Need To Know

Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts July 15, 2019! This episode will give you a walkthrough of the basics of Amazon Prime Days and a few other tips beyond that!  Have fun shopping!  To see complete show details visit www.reviewsandrandomness.com/14


14 Jul 2019

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R&R YOUinterview with Guest, Meredith

YOUinterview episodes are where I highlight everyday, normal women (like yourself), and see what products/services are being used, any pondering purchases, etc and see where the conversation leads us.   In episode 10, I have guest Meredith, who is my youngest sister. We talk about some of her favorite cleaning products, hair tools, and even have a very random Chronicles of Laura interruption in the show. 🙂 My sisters are so special to me, so it's extra special for me to publish these type of episodes.   For complete show notes and links visit: www.reviewsandrandomness.com/010


25 Apr 2019

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Mother's Day: Random Gift Ideas and Toys with a Mothering Aspect

I'm a little vulnerable at the beginning of this Mother's Day episode, but I don't stay there long! You'll hear about random Mother's Day gift ideas that I came across and it ends with a recap of toys that have a mothering aspect to them. Hope you enjoy it! For full show notes, CLICK HERE. 


9 May 2019

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