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Here to talk about the issues of today! Transforming our lives, the way we think, and empowering others to do the same.Your host is a registered nurse, herbalist, and spiritualist. Get ready for her to cover serious ground. On future episodes in April, we will feature one-on-one interviews with those who struggle with mental illness and take a glimpse into their lives.

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EPISODE 2: AURA & bipolar. And her SON with autism.

Aura comes here today to talk about her struggle in the past and today with bipolar disorder. Her life has been filled with some tough times, and today she fights for stability, and is becoming more self-aware. She also shares about how she found out her son had autism and the therapies that were shared with the family early on. She uses many self-healing therapies, including complementary alternative non-traditional remedies. She is here to give insight on how her diagnosis affects her daily life, but she wants you to know that you are not alone in your struggles. Please listen for a down to earth approach to mental illness.

28 Apr 2019

Rank #1

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EPISODE 1: LAUREL & alcohol. It's not just alcohol, it's sexual assault.

This podcast is about Laurel, who came to talk about her struggle with alcohol, which is sometimes more deadly than other substances. She has battled with alcohol for about eight years after a sexual assault incident. She comes to talk about the therapies she has engaged in over the years, and how the disease has affected her family and social life. She also touches upon the stigmas that health care providers have to overcome who struggle with substance abuse. No one is immune to addiction. She encourages everyone to listen who may be dealing with this issue, or have family members who deal with substance use. Overall, this is one in a series of podcasts to advocate for our mental health and stability, and that help is out there. We need to continue to battle our demons day in and day out, and she is here to let you know there is hope.

13 Apr 2019

Rank #2