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We will sit and talk to past guest from El GuacPod and New Guest as well to talk about literally everything! Not all our guests are music related so we will have a wide variety of topics.

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Episode #14 - Luis Cortez aka Roka

We talk to compa Roka about his music management experience in the great city of Chicago! From the beginning of his Aguacate days to Merendero management, Estilo Especial and Escuela de Rancho local and tour times. We do our best to  talk about the difficult experience of suicide, he speaks up with the purpose of helping anyone that might be going through a tough time. Also how Rascando Madera is his way of coping with his experience. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.273.8255

1hr 53mins

8 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Epiode #13 - Chavelo & Robso

We chop it up with our boy Chavelo from Puro Compa from Aurora and with Robso from EDR! This was suppose to be our very first episode of Con Puros Compas and we were under the impression the audio was not gonna be good enough, huge shout out to our sound guy, Jose Zermeño, for salvaging this great episode! 

1hr 20mins

16 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Episode #12 - Chingonas Talk About It Podcast

Let us put you on! We talk to the Figueroa Sisters, Cynthia and Diana,  about their Pod, Chingonas Talk About It. We talk about growing up as taco girls, becoming chicago's very own "love doctors" and we try to convince them to swear more often on Chingonas.

1hr 27mins

9 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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Episode #11 - Rick Miranda

Let us put you on with one  of  Aurora's  finest, Ricardo Miranda! We invite you to listen and let yourself be inspired by his work ethic, mental positivity, endless energy and so much more to get motivated to progress in life.  We talk about the importance of having a solid consistent team, his top 5 book recommendations and working out in freezing temperatures.   

1hr 48mins

2 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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Episode #10 - Juan Medina

We have a great sit down with Juanito, singer and saxophone player,  from Dorado Show.  We talk about all the good Durangense days.  His desire to start a food business and all upcoming music plans they have coming up.  They also just released a collaboration EP with Brigada Norteña "Del Terre Pal' Terre"  

1hr 35mins

26 May 2021

Rank #5

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Episode #9 - Tuesday April 27th

On this Tuesday April 27th we sit and have a great conversation regarding everything that we have going on.  We also touch the interesting topic of, Who the fuck is Bart? And the genesis of what can be the Aguacate Podcast Network! 

1hr 51mins

19 May 2021

Rank #6

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Episode #8 - Ivan Scott & Roberto Marin/Los Yarderos Verdes

Ivan Scott and Roberto Marin visit us on thee perfect day 4/20! We talk about the good ole' Estilo Especial days and how that made them connect in a deeper friendship level. Ofcourse we have our share of high stories and all the upcoming Yarderos Verdes future plans.  They were the perfect guests for the perfect 4/20 pod!

1hr 15mins

12 May 2021

Rank #7

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Episode #7 - Compas Unfiltered

We talk to our fellow local podcasters Checo and Compa Noe from Compas Unfiltered. We have some drinks, we smoke some and we talk about the podcasting lifestyle. Let us put you on!!

1hr 43mins

5 May 2021

Rank #8

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Episode #6 - PreMil

We have an epic Sesh with our boys Gio and Danny from PreMil, which we find out is short for Premature Millionaires! Not only a line of business but overall a mindset. They talk about the significance and importance of the number 46, Gio's book recommendations, Danny's athletic career and   about their faith.  The pride and joy of "Aurorita La Bella" let us put you on with PreMil! 

1hr 22mins

28 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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Episode #5 - Roberto Marin

We have a great talk with Robso about his long lasting music career.  From following his dreams of performing with Banda El Recodo, to his music education at VanderCook College of Music and him rocking out in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans while his time with Los Horoscopos! 

2hr 38mins

21 Apr 2021

Rank #10