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The brightest entrepreneurial minds discuss all that it takes – the grit, the money, the obstacles, the passion, and the humor – to build a company from launch to exit. Join in with hosts and renowned leaders, Erin Patinkin (CEO & Founder of Ovenly) and Natasha Case (CEO & Founder of Coolhaus) every Thursday for fascinating conversations about the journey to succeed in business. Produced by Eater and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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Christina Tosi: From Artisan to Business Leader

Christina Tosi is a superstar pastry chef, and she's also built one of the most iconic American pastry brands of this generation, Milk Bar. She talked to Erin and Natasha about her Series A round, learning how to be a great manager and staying true to her vision while achieving growth.


27 Sep 2018

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Away co-founder Jen Rubio unpacks building a brand beyond a suitcase

Jen Rubio, co-founder of travel brand Away (creators of cultishly loved suitcases) talks with Erin Patinkin and Natasha Case about how a college dropout with no experience in the worlds of travel or luggage built one of the most talked about travel companies of 2018. She and her partner raised capital, gained loyalty, and disrupted a staid space through the power of storytelling and consistent pitching. She maintains that building Away as a lifestyle brand, not a suitcase company, opens up a bright future for them and their partners.


4 Oct 2018

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How to Create a Billion Dollar Company Ethically

Erin and Natasha talk to BlocPower founder Donnel Baird about what social entrepreneurship means and about his effort to reduce global warming and help at-risk communities through job building. Donnel tells the hosts about trying to create the "Google of green energy" and how BlocPower not only measures its success by the revenues and returns it generates--200% year-over-year revenue growth with an eye on a billion-dollar valuation--but the overall net positive effect it has on the communities it works with via providing economic opportunities.

1hr 3mins

8 Nov 2018

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Dermalogica’s CEO: If You People-Please, You’ll be Mediocre

Erin and Natasha talk to Dermalogica co-founder Jane Wurwand about how and why Dermalogica achieved its remarkable ascent — from its identification of white space in the skin care market, to its original take on grassroots marketing, to its focus on empowering aestheticians with information and quality product. It's a brand truly built from scratch and scaled all the way to a successful exit to Unilever.

1hr 11mins

1 Nov 2018

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How Refinery29 Founder Piera Gelardi Learned to Let Go

Erin and Natasha talk to Refinery29 co-founder Piera Gelardi about impostor syndrome and being your own cheerleader, how her company is trying to change who has access to opportunities, and the emotional rollercoaster of running an ever-changing company and eventually ceding authority over key areas of the business.


25 Oct 2018

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