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This is the podcast for those of you looking for a realistic approach to health and wellness that really can fit into your lifestyle without having to turn your life upside down. We'll provide fun, easy strategies that can be employed with near immediate results. Rock on!

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RYW Episode 12: Why you Need to Sauna Today!

Are you looking for an addition to your wellness routing that will help you recover faster, build more muscle and burn more fat? How about something to help your body deal with stress, eliminate toxins, and improve your cardio health...while helping you sleep better? Your'e in luck, in this episode, we discuss how regular sauna use can help with all that and more!


5 Feb 2018

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RYW Episode 11 - Alternative Wellness Therapies You Should Try Now

In this episode we pull back the curtain on some traditional and non-traditional wellness therapies that you may want to consider adding to your routine to help you Rock Your Wellness! We'll discuss massage, acupuncture, cryotherapy, and even sauna use to help you get the most out of your wellness routine.


23 Jan 2018

Rank #2

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RYW Episode 10: Kicking off 2018!

Did you enjoy the Holiday season...maybe a little too much? Despite what the scale may be telling you, you likely didn't do nearly as much damage as you think. In this episode we discuss 5 simple and effective strategies to put into play to help ease you back into your wellness routine and re-establish momentum so that we can all Rock Our Wellness in 2018!


8 Jan 2018

Rank #3

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RYW Episode 9: Surviving the Holidays

It's the most stressful time of year...but it doesn't have to be! In this episode, we discuss 6 simple, and very effective strategies for not only surviving the holiday season...but thriving! Let's bring back the peace and joy and that should truly accompany this magical season so that you can Rock Your Wellness!


11 Dec 2017

Rank #4

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RWY Episode 8 - What is the Best Diet for Me?

In this episode we talk about the 4 most popular dietary approaches to eating and discuss which approach is the best for you to lose weight, feel great, and Rock Your Wellness!


30 Nov 2017

Rank #5

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RYW Episode 7 - What the Health???

Pardon me while I go off on a rant here... ...In this episode we discuss and review the popular Netflix documentary, "What the Health." Their top 3 "misses" are exposed as they attempt to provide unbiased nutrition advice...and fail!


14 Nov 2017

Rank #6

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RWY Episode 6: Is Your Phone Making You Sad?

In this episode we discuss the relatively new concept of behavioral addictions, and how social media and internet use can lead to feelings of depression and overall discontentment, and what we can do to combat this and be happy!


30 Oct 2017

Rank #7

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RYW Episode 5: Listener Q & A

In this episode we answer some recent listener questions like "what's the best way to burn belly fat?" "Should I work out if I'm sick?" "How often should I work out?" Find out the answers to these questions and more to learn how to Rock Your Wellness!


16 Oct 2017

Rank #8

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RYW Episode 4 - Is Sugar Evil?

In this episode we explain why sugar is perhaps the single most toxic ingredient in our modern diet. We also provide the top 10 reasons why you should avoid sugar to Rock Your Wellness!


30 Sep 2017

Rank #9

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RYW Episode 3 - Understanding Nutrition

In this episode we talk about what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat to rock your wellness. We cover protein, fat, and carbs and we talk about how carbohydrate--not fat--is likely the culprit for weight gain and many disease states.


18 Sep 2017

Rank #10