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Border Line Raptors is your weekly breakdown of our beloved Raps from 3 guys who don't have much else goin' on in their lives. We'll look at what the Raps are doing and how they are doing it, as well as current NBA storylines. Prepare to be amazed during our "Gambling Backyard" segment where the wise listener will never take our advice! #RapsRepeat!!

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Kawhi Foot Steps and Potential Trades

Guys break down Raps a third of the way into the season (3:26)Kawhi ceremony (8:20)You have to trade Gasol, Ibaka or Lowry. Who do you trade and why (12:38)Is the Ujuri drama real?(19:35)Lakers dominance....is LeBron the GOAT if they win this year (25:45)NFL playoffs (35:45)Backyard Gambling (45:00)How many downloads to date (52:22)Deno updates us on his wedding and will there be a boat party? (56:35)What drive's you F'ing crazy, Kitch goes off on 401 driving, Deno hates reply to all and Bart doesnt understand why colonoscopy prep is in the dark ages (59:38)AOB (1:08:20)

1hr 11mins

19 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Market Value

2:30 Coach Bobby Knight.4:00 Bart kicks off with WDUF’ing crazy.7:00 Deno trivia and the recap of the steak.17:30 Raps better than last year?23:00 Kawhi....did he make the right call to leave the Raps?27:20 The Ringer sold....RapsCity next, Kylie Jenner shoutout.32:30 All-Star game format sucks.35:15 What are the guys watching, is it theatre or movies?46:30 Backyard gambling.54:10 Kitch and Deno WDUF’ing crazy.1:00:50 AOB Kitch version.

1hr 10mins

13 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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And then there were two.

Raps recap (3:10)Injury update (7:55)Guys talk Bench players and their role in the future (9:25)Guys make their Western all star picks (11:30)Coach of the Year (18:20)NFL playoff recap (24:00)Backyard gambling (28:20)What drives you F’ing crazy (36:55)A special guest (41:30)AOB (43:30)


12 Jan 2020

Rank #3

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Christmas Lump of Coal

Guys are back together to talk Raptors, High’s and Lows of the Raptors week (5:15), What’s the future hold (10:30), NBA mid season tournament (15:30). Breakdown the goal to shorten the Pod (19:25). Last week of the NFL (19:55) Backyard Gambling (26:45) recap up to date and a cautionary note to Zac. Kitch introduces a new segment to Bart’s unhappiness (33:05) Deno Wedding Update (40:00) Kitch Gambling methodology....will he ever reveal? (41:35) What drives you F’ing crazy segment, Deno threatens harm via a roll of loonies (43:55) AOB, The Deno Edit (54:30)


27 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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The Return of Deno

1hr 8mins

7 Feb 2020

Rank #5

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Deserving All-Stars per PER

Guys get together to celebrate the new year. Kitch updates on his travel schedule and the risks of drinking in the Dominican (5:00). Deno trivia (6:20). Raps recap and Bart's disgust with his cohost (7:45). All Raptors decade team (17:00). Eastern all stars and Bart educating the cohosts and fan base on Player Efficiency Rating (PER) (21:20). Football playoffs (31:30). Backyard gambling (38:10). How dumb is Jameis Winston (44:15). What drives you F’ing crazy (47:45). AOB (51:45)


2 Jan 2020

Rank #6

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Ehhh What's App Brock

1hr 21mins

25 Feb 2020

Rank #7

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The Truth Hurts

Intro with coach Hinson (2:25). Where is Deno (4:30). Raps recap....dreaded .500 team talk (5:00). Worst Fan ever Joe shout out (12:10). Kyrie the Douche (12:50). Giannis the Great (20:15). Kitch keeps up the Kate hate (27:00). NFL playoffs (28:40). Backyard gambling...we need an intro (37:00). Astros and baseball are Fuck’d (45:35). Drives you F’ing crazy (52:15). AOB can Slacker break the 4:08 marathon mark (57:50).

1hr 4mins

18 Jan 2020

Rank #8

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Target Audience 11 Year Olds?

[:00] Intro[1:44] Coach Pat Knight on the value of Seniors[4:00] Kitch explains why he shouldn’t go out to dinner ever[6:30] Deno Trivia compliments DC Joe[10:50] Brock update[11:28] Raps recap[23:35] Raps road trip itinerary[29:00] Whiny Bitch Giannis/Harden scrap[32:54] NCAA tourney update[38:40] NFL Tom Brady update[44:48] Bucket List Kitch doesn’t know what it really means[49:27] Target audience 11 year olds?[50:52] Coronavirus update[54:40] Gambling[1:04:20] Drives u F’ing crazy[1:09:26] AOB

1hr 12mins

1 Mar 2020

Rank #9

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Live From Jamaica


28 Jan 2020

Rank #10

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The Jack Hour!

The guys (minus Deno) have their first guest on the show, Jack Armstrong!

1hr 32mins

6 Mar 2020

Rank #11

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The New Normal (ARG)

Earl Weaver Rant (1:58) Podcast Shutdown?? (3:10) Deno/Kitch Trivia (5:05) The New Normal (7:50) Bart Introduces BRG and ARG (11:50) NFL Free Agency(Kitch mourns the loss of TB12) (15:10) 17 game NFL season? (27:28) **NEW SEGMENT** The Markets (29:40) When will NBA be back? (41:45) Backyard Gambling (46:15) What are we watching? (49:00) What drives you crazy? (68:15)

1hr 14mins

20 Mar 2020

Rank #12

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Remembering Kobe and Raps Recap

Kobe Kobe Kobe (4:00)Kobe logo? (12:00)Kobe top 4 moments (14:20)Kobe all time rank (23:50)Bart acknowledges LeBron is good (26:00)Kitch can’t speak (28:10)Raps recap (30:00)Super Bowl week/predictions (34:40)Bart gets suckered into bad bowling bet (40:50)Backyard Gambling (43:45)What drives you F’ing crazy...Kitch continues the hate (55:15)AOB goes way too long because of Kitch (60:20)

1hr 3mins

1 Feb 2020

Rank #13

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Covid is no excuse for facial hair.

The origins of golf [rant](2:04), The boyz are back(3:42), New statement from the NBA(4:30), Reviewing the Jordan documentary(14:13), Best sports documentaries ever(29:44), Day 75: ARG(33:50), Market update from Kitch(53:38), Tiger vs Mickelson(56:56), Deno Trivia(59:10), What drives you effin crazy(62:37), A.O.B.(66:05)

1hr 9mins

25 May 2020

Rank #14

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The Kitchen Runner

Dana White rant(1:49), Deno Trivia is back!(3:55), The ARG Report(6:35), Diving into Pippen's psyche(24:59), (Slightly)Toned down sports hypotheticals(39:00), Kitch gives his market update(46:42), What drives you crazy(48:35), AOB(55:31)

1hr 1min

13 May 2020

Rank #15

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Special Guest - Sportscaster Eric Smith

1hr 8mins

30 Apr 2020

Rank #16

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Michael Jordan Tribute

1hr 1min

19 Apr 2020

Rank #17

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Tabata Family Workout

Lee Elia absolutely rips into Cubs fans(2:00), The Pod keeps trucking(5:07), Deno revives NBA trivia(7:55), Kitch kicks off weekly update on the new normal(13:40), Trudeau's recent forecast leads to discussion of whether sports will ever come back(19:20), Everyone picks Trae Young to win the NBA Horse Challenge(29:50), {Second half of the Sweet 16(34:55), 79% from the field vs Highest Scoring NCAA Tourney Game(36:10), The Webber Timeout Game vs The Best Finish Ever(39:20), Jimmy V Running around the Court vs Laettner Double Pump(44:00), A Bunch of No-Namers vs Laettner Taking Down UNLV(50:43)}, **New Segment** What could you do in a pro sporting event?(56:50), Kitch shows his true colors in what drives you f'in crazy(74:07), AOB: Ninja's in pajamas(79:11), 

1hr 22mins

12 Apr 2020

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March Madness

Intro, Kevin Borseth lets off some steam(1:35), Bailey's and coffee intake update(2:25), Deno's relevant/irrelevant trivia(4:22), The ARG update(8:00), {Sweet 16 matchups(13:05), I hate Christian Laettner vs. Biggest shocker ever(16:00), Tough times in Louisiana vs. The Rumeal and Robinson Show(27:08), The Jordan Shot vs. KAT and WCS go down(32:36), Greatest finish ever vs. The Smart Shot(41:05)}, Backyard gambling(46:30), Good beat/Bad beat(52:50), What drives you crazy [with a special Guest!](1:03:00), AOB(1:11:45)

1hr 20mins

4 Apr 2020

Rank #19

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'Twas the Night Before Kawhi's Return

 [13:18] What to expect from Kawhi’s return[21:40] NBA surprises good and bad[26:20] Thoughts on proposed NBA changes to schedule[32:00] NFL recap with our picks from both conferences[37:00] Backyard Gambling guys make their picks for the week. [46:35] Once the guys get off the sports track they debate their total downloads for the Pod before Xmas [52:10] The What Drives you F’in crazy segment turns into how Debo’s name should be pronounce[1:00:00] Any Other Business segment Kitch bails and Bart reviews inappropriate texts from his kid while in Vegas

1hr 8mins

11 Dec 2019

Rank #20