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Crack Mix 097 - Andrew Weatherall

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2BuJRLT

1hr 4mins

20 Jul 2015

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Crack Mix 094 - ItaloJohnson

ItaloJohnson operate a zero bullshit policy. An uncomplicated musical vision that rests on preserving intimacy, sociality and space in the club, the faceless trio have been making a name for themselves since 2010 with a series of hand-stamped 12” releases showcasing their timeless house sound.The collective expanded on their no-frills musical vision in our recent feature with them. Off key fondue parties and records "handstamped by virgins" aside, guiding the three is an underlying imperative to make decisions for the right reasons: their anonymity nothing more than a method that works well for them, something that relies on a sociality that the internet has effectively negated over the years. More info here: http://bit.ly/1J8uI0TYou don’t go to see ItaloJohnson play – you go to party with them, and that’s exactly how they like it. More info here:

1hr 4mins

28 May 2015

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Crack Mix 098 - Not Waving

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2SVTBpq


7 Aug 2015

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Crack Mix 095 - Henry Collins

This year Planet Mu celebrate 20 years of surviving as an autonomous record label; that’s two decades of fearless, boundary-free experimentation to the furthest reaches of electronic music. It’s come to become one of the UK’s most idiosyncratic and reliable imprints: a guaranteed stamp of approval. As Shitmat, Kyler, one half of Misty Conditions and under his own name, producer/DJ Henry Collins has always been associated with the wilder, noisier side of Planet Mu, with five albums under various synonyms. The Bristol-based artist made his name pushing his own intense but playful take on jungle, hardcore, gabber and plunderphonics but here, to celebrate the label’s anniversary, he’s accumulated a selection of his favourite weird cuts from the catalogue in a mix titled The Strange World Of Planet Mu.Planet Mu will be celebrating their landmark with a deluxe 3xCD compilation and a book, due out later this year. Keep an eye on planet.mu for details. More info here: https://crackm.ag/2R0iqn1Tracklist:01. Konx-om-Pax – Hurt Face02. John T. Gast – Green03. The Gasman – Horses on Ice04. Leafcutter John – Untitled (Microcontact)06. Capitol K – Darussalam07. Ekoplekz – Tantrikz08 Hrvatski – Echoes09. Jlin – Black Ballet10. Frog Pocket – Sea Angel Lament11. Leafcutter John – Untitled (Microcontact)12. µ-Ziq – Strawberry Fields Hotel13. Ed Lawes – Fewer Ways/More Ways/24v.a.ish14. Vsnares – We Are Cesspools15. Urban Myth & Steve Beresford – Sparks of Grey16. Guilty Connector – Beats, Noise, and Life17. Speedranch and Jansky Noise – Bring me the ear of celine dion18. The Gasman – Frolic


11 Jun 2015

Rank #4

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Crack Mix 099 - Discodromo

More info here: http://bit.ly/DiscoDromoMix

1hr 3mins

21 Aug 2015

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Crack Mix 100 - Objekt

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2SEyvf5

1hr 22mins

3 Sep 2015

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Crack Mix 093 - Hodge

Hodge wasted no time getting started. Bulldozing his way through last year with a series of releases on Hotline, Berceuse Heroique, Tempa, Livity Sound sub-label Dnuos Ytivil and more recently releasing a double-pack through Untold’s revered Hemlock imprint, the Bristol-based producer has made quite an entrance, identifying a singular sound through a series of stylistically diverse releases. Following on from the feel-good house project Outboxx, the Hodge moniker has provided an outlet to explore murky, low-end fuelled techno, echoing the percussive, bass-heavy hybrid of Livity Sound and frequent collaborator Peverelist. There’s a similar community spirit evident in his mix for us – focusing exclusively on unreleased and forthcoming material from likeminded producers such as Randomer, Logos, Gramrcy and Rhythmic Theory. Mining the fertile ground between steely, heads-down techno, the twisting rhythmic perversions of the UK’s hardcore lineage and more abstract electronics experiments, it’s a mix that harks back to the heady, dubplate-filled sets of dubstep’s recent past while remaining resolutely forward-facing. Heavy stuff. More info here: https://crackm.ag/2UXYeRyTracklistOssia – Blood + Ice (Version) (Forthcoming Blackest Ever Black)B.Traits – Panacea (Unreleased)Rhythmic Theory – Future Tense (Unreleased)Hodge – Nursing A Grudge (Unreleased)Alex Coulton – Concealed Weapon (Unreleased)Gramrcy – 18 Drums (Forthcoming FTD)Batu – Numen (Forthcoming Hotline)Pev + Hodge – 21 Versions (Livity Sound)Endian – Finish Me (Forthcoming SZE)Webstarr – Midnight Walk (Unreleased)Gramrcy – Bargain Jam (Hodge Remix) (Forthcoming Ancient Monarchy)Randomer – Ju Ju (Forthcoming L.I.E.S.)Logos – No Skyline (Forthcoming Different Circles)Hodge plays the Crack Magazine Stage at Loves Saves The Day on Sunday 24 May. Head to lovesavestheday.org tickets and more info.


14 May 2015

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Crack Mix 096 - Lemzly Dale & Boofy

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2QJL6Br


8 Jul 2015

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Crack Mix 091 - Gnod

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2PNrkiX


14 May 2015

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Crack Mix 092 - Norman Nodge

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2Exihk1


30 Apr 2015

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Crack Mix 089 - Cassy

Being a resident at Panorama Bar is something to be pretty proud of. Being a resident at Panorama Bar, Trouw (RIP), Output and Rex Club, working at Hard Wax and releasing on Zip's Perlon label is pretty incredible - and that's just a portion of what Cassy's accomplished in her career to date. In-between a relentless schedule of festival gig and club shows across the world, Cassy's recorded us this exclusive mix featuring heavyweight jams from Robert Hood, DJ Koze and Benjamin Damage, showcasing the tougher side of her craft in the process. More info here: https://crackm.ag/2CnGuYSShe plays Snowbombing Festival, 6th-11th April.

1hr 4mins

18 Mar 2015

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Crack Mix 088 - Jimi Jules

Crack's 88th mix comes courtesy of Jimi Jules. While holding down residencies at the acclaimed Hive club in Zurich, finishing up his debut album, playing in his band Le Dompteur and DJing internationally through Watergate's esteemed booking agency, he also managed to knock up one of the biggest house tracks of 2014 - Pushin' On, a collaboration with German producer Oliver Dollar (remember Doin Ya Thang?). This exclusive mix is filled with the kind of heady, effortless vibes that make a lot of sense this time of year - endless beaches, boat-parties and balmy all-nighters are just around the corner. More info here: https://crackm.ag/2BuMLA6Jimi is a resident at Hive club, Zurich and represented by the Watergate Agency - www.water-gate.de/agency


4 Mar 2015

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Crack Mix 086 - Joey Anderson

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2UY0hVK

1hr 16mins

5 Feb 2015

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Crack Mix 083 - Axel Boman

More info here: https://crackm.ag/2Ev56jD

1hr 16mins

31 Dec 2014

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Crack Mix 082 - Rolando

Legend isn't a word we like to use lightly round here. But if your name is Rolando, you were part of seminal Detroit techno outfit Underground Resistance and you happened to break into the UK Singles Chart with one of the best techno tracks of all time (Jaguar), then we'll call you a legend, no problem. We're delighted to have the man himself contribute our second-last mix of 2014 (we got another big one coming on NYE). Moving through blissful ambience, through emotive, Detroit soundscapes and bucking, jacking drum workouts, this is a mix put together by a true master of his craft. More info here: https://crackm.ag/2UXqCDF


22 Dec 2014

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