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You are someone who loves stories. Maybe you love reading stories, maybe you love writing stories, or maybe you just love listening to stories. Perhaps you only have half an hour or less to listen to stories in your car, or maybe you have all day. You may be forced to wait to listen sometimes because your kids have sensitive ears, or maybe that little "E" for explicit is just a big turnoff for you. If you are indeed this person, this podcast is for you. The Bard's Guild is a fictional short-storytelling podcast that features stories written by people just like you! Our episodes will tackle a wide variety of genres, ranging from medieval fantasy, to post-apocalyptic science fiction. And the best thing? We are family friendly. If one of our stories includes a topic that may be sensitive to younger ears, we will provide a clear, and direct disclaimer at the beginning of the episode, and right before the story in question. So whether you’re with family, or enjoying some time alone, sit back, pick an episode, and start listening. Welcome, to the Bard's Guild

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Bardic Bite: 01 (Our First Mini Episode!)

This is our first Mini Episode for the Podcast! I think I'm going to call these "Bardic Bites" tell me what you think! - bardsguildpodcast@gmail.com Today's Flash Fiction was written by me! - When the Space Lion Octopus Frog Crashed Into Our Planet If you would like to see one of your short stories or flash fictions featured in one of our episodes, send an email with your story attached to:bardsguildpodcast@gmail.comThanks!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/thebardsguild)


14 Jun 2021

Rank #1