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Rapid Fire: Marriage Straight Talk

Rapid Fire is short, to the point and goes straight to the issue. NO sugarcoating, NO protecting egos ... just man to man. Episodes are 5-7 minutes. For more information and to hear older episodes, visit www.HonorTheVow.com

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Our Communcation Stinks

Communication is about emotions, not just the facts. This is true when sharing about a good time as well as when discussing an issue that’s placing a strain on the marriage. However, it is much more critical to understand this when dealing with the latter, meaning the issues.


10 Nov 2017

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Getting Past the Past

Chapter 5 - Getting Past the Past. “For The Honor of The Vow - Field Guide” -Robert Cossick. If what has happened up to now in your marriage is going to be a factor going forward, you’ll never get past the past. In this episode, learn about forgiveness how to move past a past hurt.


19 May 2017

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Today I’m am going to teach you how to get away with lying. Actually, that’s not true, but I do discuss secrets in marriage and how to rebuild trust once it is broken.


22 Apr 2016

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Turnaround - Part 1

Similar techniques to the turnaround of a company can be applied to the turnaround of a marriage as well. The first step is to stabilize the marriage then assess the marriage. The latter is accomplished using the business tool, S.W.O.T analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). In this series we apply each component of this business tool to the turnaround of a marriage.


10 Jun 2016

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Please Don't Leave Me

If couples could see the depth of the pain, I believe many of them would understand just how much they really do love each other. If they could just learn to measure the depth of their love by the depth of their pain they may just be willing to give it one more shot, one last run at turning their marriage around.


13 Oct 2017

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Fixed Standards

By what standards do you live? Are they fixed or can they change over time. Standards that change causes confusion. This is true in marriage as well. If you want a great marriage, your marriage needs to be guided by standards that are fixed, never changing.


2 Feb 2015

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Intimacy Needs, Wants and Expectations

Do you and your spouse agree on what is a need and what is a want? How about when it comes to intimacy do you both need and want the same thing. What about expectations about how those needs and wants are met, are your expectations realistic or unrealistic. We'll cover each of these in this episode using intimacy as an example. Sorry, it's going to stay G-rated, but listen anyway as what you learn may change the rating of your time together.


20 Mar 2015

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Commitment is not only about honoring a promise, it also about your attitude in fulfilling that promise. Your Commitment is also the direct outward expression of your integrity. Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is watching and fulfilling a promise even when the recipient of that promise doesn’t deserve it. Commitment is honoring your word for no other reason than because you gave your word.


8 Apr 2016

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Rules of Engagement

Have you ever participated in a sports activity without rules, I have. It was crazy, unpredictable and dangerous. Does your marriage have rules? If not, it will be crazy, unpredictable and dangerous.


9 Feb 2015

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'We always argue' is a stupid and one of the most selfish reasons for getting a divorce. In this episode, learn techniques for how to stop arguing.


15 May 2015

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Intentional Intimacy

Intentional Intimacy. Spontaneity is great but if that's your only plan for intimacy I suspect you will be frustrated most of the time. Being intentional about intimacy builds anticipation and excitement.


22 May 2015

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Lemonade and Marriage

What does lemonade have to do with Marriage? A lot, actually, since both have ingredients that are a bit sour. In the episode, learn how much sugar is needed for the sweet times to overpower the sour ones.


12 Jan 2018

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Walls - Protecting and Destroying Marriages Every Day

Chapter 6 - Wall (Protecting and Destroying Marriages Every Day). “For The Honor of The Vow - Field Guide” -Robert Cossick. All marriages contain both positive and negative walls to some extent. In this episode we discuss different types of walls, why they exist, and how to safely tear them down.


26 May 2017

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Gold Standard...For Love

The urban use of the term ‘Gold Standard’ identifies something as the model of excellence, the highest standard, and the best something can be. The ‘Gold Standard’ for the expression of love in marriage is found in the Bible in First Corinthians chapter 13.


15 Dec 2017

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Puppy Love to Real Love (How to Convert One to the Other)

A puppy love marriage is built on short-lived interactions of affection toward each other. When our spouses give us their attention, we get excited, energetic, and much more affectionate. However, when their attention is consumed by something else, we can feel abandoned, lethargic, and unaffectionate toward them.


23 Feb 2018

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May I Take Your Bags

In this episode I discuss how the concept of a bellhop can be applied to your marriage by leaving your baggage at the back door.


19 Jan 2018

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Smoke & Mirrors - Four Steps Backwards, Two Forward

Chapter 7: Smoke & Mirrors (Four Steps Backwards, Two Forward) “For The Honor of The Vow - Field Guide” -Robert Cossick. Spouses use ‘smoke and mirrors’ to hide or disguise their true feelings to avoid being emotionally hurt. This is especially true when the marriage is at or close to the divorce stage. In this episode, we breakdown the process to seeing through the smoke.


2 Jun 2017

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Real Life, Riding Out The Strorms

Chapter 10: Real Life, Riding Out The Storms. “For The Honor of The Vow - Field Guide” -Robert Cossick. One of the toughest battles you’ll face is the battle for your marriage because you’re going to experience heavy turbulence multiple times. This is going to be tough, and at times the pressure will seem unbearable.


30 Jun 2017

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Growing Together Instead of Apart

Many couples wake up one day and realize they've lost connection with each and it seems like they are miles apart. That's because if you are not growing together, you are growing apart, there is no standing still. This episode covers one area you can address to begin to reverse the cycle or prevent it from the start of your marriage.


23 Apr 2015

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Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools a couple has. Use it wisely and you can recover from most any trial. Use it poorly and you will destroy your marriage.


1 May 2015

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