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Job: Sovereignty, Satan, and Suffering

Satan is on a quest to destroy the faith of God’s people, and yet God is on a quest to strengthen the faith of God’s people. And of all things, God uses the Devil and allows trials in order to strengthen the faith of the believer.0:00 – Reading Job 1. 3:56 – Opening prayer. 5:12 – Introduction – Who was Job? 9:29 – Point 1 – Job’s trials, allowed by God. 13:30 – Richard Wurmbrand’s torture by the Russians. 18:19 – Point 2 – Satan’s work is ultimately God’s work. 22:37 – Point 3 – What suffering God allows is to strengthen us and bring more glory to God. 32:55 – Job’s wife was in the trial too. 42:12 – Does cancer come from Satan? Must we pray it away? 45:15 – Point 4 – Truth misapplied can cause more harm than good. 50:45 – Point 5 – In suffering God reduces us in order to increase us. 58:08 – Story from Tortured for Christ. 1:01:51 – Closing prayer.

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9 Nov 2021

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Satan Is Bound The Word of God is Not Bound

The Bible teaches that Satan is bound (Revelation 20:1-3), but God’s Word is not bound (2 Timothy 2:8-9). These truths give us Gentiles a glorious hope, not only of salvation for us but of taking forth the Word to the perishing. We who Christ has saved were once under the domain of the Devil are now enlisted in the Lord’s army.0:00 – Introduction 1:35 – Opening prayer 3:52 – Revelation 20.1-3 and 2 Timothy 2.8-9 6:33 – Satan is bound, but the Word of God is not bound. 11:39 – Remember what it was like when Satan was not bound. 21:33 – Matthew 12, Christ reclaims us. 26:55 – Those once under the domain of the Devil are now enlisted in the Lord’s army. 28:23 – Athanasius quote. 30:08 – The Word of God is not bound. 34:25 – 1 Thessalonians 1.4-10 37:55 – God is always toppling idols, remember Dagon. 40:04 – Combine 2 Corinthians 10 and Ephesians 6, and you get… 44:41 – Application 1 – If God is convicting you, don’t send Him away. 48:09 – Application 2 – God topples idols over in the believer’s life and we ought to praise Him. 51:53 – Application 3 – Jesus is busy plundering the enemies’ goods. 54:00 – Hymn – Over The Gloomy Hills of Darkness 55:03 – Closing prayer


2 Nov 2021

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Jesus Taught That Few Find Eternal Life

Jesus taught that the many on the broadway are the religious people who say, “Lord, Lord.” Humanity wants a way to heaven that is easy, and therefore, the truth does not appeal to the religious multitude. The majority want to trust in their works to be saved and not obey the radical commands of Christ.0:00 – In verse 13, Jesus gives the finality to the Sermon on the Mount. 6:27 – How do these contrasting pairs relate back to what was previously said? 9:02 – What % possibility is it of you perishing when Christ comes? 10:48 – This is not about being saved by works. 14:50 – Do Christ’s words make you uncomfortable? 17:05 – Consider Matthew 7.13-14. 25:58 – How can the narrow way appeal to humanity? 30:12 – Those in the pairs that Jesus gives are not just normal humanity. 37:28 – Why is it that people call Christians fanatics? 40:49 – There are only two choices. 44:30 – How does a person enter the narrow gate? 56:46 – Hear the voice of Christ – Listen or reject. 1:02:20 – The broadway has an end of destruction. 1:06:23 – How do people respond when you warn them? 1:08:12 – Christ’s yoke is easy, and his burden is light.

1hr 12mins

28 Oct 2021

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Act Like Men: In All Things Loving (Part 3)

What a call that we have 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Let all that you do be done in love.” We will consider what Biblical love looks like and how God’s display of love in Jesus Christ will motivate you to love others.0:00 – Opening prayer. 3:29 – 1 Corinthians 13 11:21 – 1 John 4 21:46 – Incredible love of God in the Gospel. 34:33 – The outcome of God’s love is us loving others. 36:56 – What shapes what Biblical love looks like? 45:06 – Display God’s love in your life. 50:46 – Conclusion


25 Oct 2021

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Act Like Men: Standing Firm In The Faith and Conduct

Believer, if you are standing firm in the faith and believing solid doctrine, it will affect your conduct. To be Biblically strong does not come from ignorance about God but having your mind gripped with the truth of the Gospel and it leads to godliness.0:00 – Reading text and opening prayer. 2:05 – What will our focus be? 4:01 – Titus 1:1, godliness is tied together with knowledge of the faith. 8:19 – Often, the problem is not a lack of knowledge, but rather the knowledge does not change who they are (Titus 1.16). 9:47 – First, stand firm in the faith. 14:53 – Sometimes, there is almost a shunning of biblical knowledge, making ignorance appear the humble path. 18:43 – We need steadfast men. 21:02 – Ephesians 6 – stand firm 22:48 – “Play the man.” 24:06 – Second, knowledge must produce godly conduct. 25:06 – Young men, how is your conduct? Do people imitate it or despise you for it? 27:33: – Be dignified – worthy of respect. 32:12 – Be self-controlled – don’t be mastered by anything. 36:36 – Better to speak properly in the first place than having to always apologize. 38:46 – Self-control in the realm of purity. 40:07 – How to be more godly? Exhortations on being godly often lead people to try harder to be holy in their own strength. 46:04 – Sanctification is not by the law but by faith. 51:29 – My point? The power comes from the Spirit alone, so cast yourself upon the Lord for help. 54:34 – Closing prayer.


21 Oct 2021

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Meet Your Father

Do you know who God the Father is? Knowing who the Father is will affect how you pray positively. In the same way, if we have wrong thoughts about God, it will negatively affect our prayer life. Like any relationship, the more intimate the relationship, the more we understand the other party, the more we know how to approach them when asking them something. He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?0:00 – Introduction 1:42 – Pay attention to repetition in the Bible. 4:02 – What is an essential aspect of prayer? 10:12 – Do you know your heavenly Father? 22:04 – The character of someone affects whether you ask them for something or not. 32:55 – The Bible describes Christians as new people. 34:18 – Jesus loves to hear the voice of His bride. 40:39 – It is utterly impossible to exaggerate the love of God for His people. 41:17 – Are you sick? How should you pray? 47:24 – Appeal to the love of God as you pray. 50:43 – Knowing God your Father should intensify your prayer life. 53:45 – Closing prayer.


14 Oct 2021

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Former Atheist Now Pastoring Church in Las Vegas

Nick shares how the Lord redeemed him out of atheism and brought him to Christ, and eventually guided him and additional brothers to establish a church in one of the darkest parts of Las Vegas.0:00 – Introduction 2:24 – Testimony of salvation. 8:31 – A burden for missionary work. 12:14 – Planting a church in Las Vegas. 20:15 – God was saving people. 24:36 – Who would want to live in Las Vegas? 27:11 – The church meets in a dark part of town. 29:21 – What does church life look like? 32:31 – Sharing about the impact Grace Community Church had on him. 34:19 – Question – What is next for the church? 36:22 – Question – What other needs do you need to be supplied? 39:18 – Closing prayer.


12 Oct 2021

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Our Lord’s Three Imperatives of Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock!

The Lord Jesus Christ gives us three imperatives on prayer: ask, seek, and knock. What greater incentive to pray than to know that whatever we ask it will be given to us! In this sermon Pastor Tim exhorts Christians to truly seek the Lord in prayer and keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking, and our requests will be granted!

1hr 2mins

5 Oct 2021

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Martha Peace’s Testimony: What God Has Done In My Life

Martha Peace is known among reformed circles for writing, “The Excellent Wife”, however, her life before Christ was the opposite of “excellent”. In this video Martha shares how the Lord mercifully saved her out of her sin and feminism. She now can boast in Christ as her Lord and only hope.Watch the rest of the Ladies Conference videos on our churches YouTube channel or listen via the I’ll Be Honest App.

1hr 11mins

1 Oct 2021

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Don’t Give To Dogs What Is Holy

The Bible often describes evil people as animals, such as pigs, dogs, snakes, worms, lions, bulls. In this particular portion of scripture, we are warned about those who are spiritually dogs and pigs. How are we to deal with these types of people? We are not to set before them the precious things of God, namely, the Gospel. There is a place not to give some people the Gospel truths as all they will do is trample on it.0:00 – Introduction 0:31 – Opening prayer. 0:57 – Have you ever noticed the animals of Scripture? 4:22 – What kind of animal are you most like? 7:03 – What is the Lord trying to teach us? 13:43 – Can you spot a pig when you see one? 14:53 – What is the picture here of the pearls? 19:45 – Who are the dogs and pigs? 38:42 – Many just want to debate you and waste your time. 41:02 – “The best book on evangelism: Get Real” 45:33 – As precious as your biological family is to you… 46:20 – The Lord likens the Gospel to precious pearls. 54:36 – Closing prayer


28 Sep 2021

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