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“THE LOLO SHOW” ~ The LoLo Show brings you a hilarious, no holds barred look at life, love and the messy details that are in-between. What had begun as a basement podcast, progressed to Sirius XM and then terrestrial radio, ended with controversy and removal from the airwaves due to pushing far too many buttons. Hosted by multimedia personality, Lois Burak, her gay partner in crime Joe Delong and the multi-talented Döc Ivan along with a different guest comic every episode, The LoLo Show releases weekly mayhem that will have you hitting the subscribe button (Or the "block" button!) in earnest!We're a no holds barred comedy show unafraid to tackle gender, racial and sexual stereotypes.

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The Lolo Show 29 Matt McCusker

The LOLO Show Epi 29Lois Burak (LoLo)Joe DeLongGuest Host: Matt McCuskerFt. Artist: Don DiLegoIntro: Beautiful Small MachinesReplays & LIVE Shows LOLO RADIO NETWORK (TuneIN Radio)

1hr 1min

5 Jan 2017

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