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Hi! You've stumbled on a podcast about the arts! We try to cover them all with special guests, fun segments, and an overall interest in women in the arts. Here are some of the arts we cover:Visual ArtsDrawing, painting, ceramics, photography, architecture, sculpture, conceptual artLiterary ArtsPoetry, long form, short storiesPerforming ArtsDance, music, theater, opera, mime, statue art, slam poetryMultidisciplinary ArtsFilm, opera, and various performance art

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Lesley Jo Comedy

Hello all! You're in store for some laughs with this episode, but seriously, it's great to talk with comedians. We have Lesley Jo, a comedian and show organizer, with a heart of gold telling us how it goes in the Central Florida comedy scene. You can hear her all over town, but here you get the exclusive talk of what's up. Enjoy! p.s. surprise comedian comes in rogue at the end for a game of Jenga.


19 Dec 2018

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You should listen to this one with Jamie Joyce

Listen in to hear our talk with  writer and creator Jamie Joyce about her transformational experiences from Burning Man, Society Library, Internet Government, and her experience with Stendhal syndrome. Get inspired to do something small that helps something big. She is doing some great work to help our world. Here are the links to get started for yourself: Society Library Internet Government


21 Nov 2018

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Season Two Kicker with Trivia and Facts

Welcome back! We are pumped to spend some more time putting this project together. Please welcome  Beatriz Ramirez-Belt as our cohost this season. With having kids and still working, we've been working at full force. Enjoy your time listening to this less than a half hour bunch of fun learning some facts about the arts in trivia form. Also, join us at the end of the episode for a public question time. You can email us at  womenwhoartpodcast@gmail.com Peace and Love, Garine Adams 


2 Nov 2018

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Final Episode Comedy Hour w/ Improv Runaways

 In this episode we have a very fun evening with the Improv Runaways, improv comedy group from Orlando, FL.  Half of the episode consists of games and the other half improv comedy.  The ladies bring their art to life through laughter. Get your face muscles ready for a fun hour of laughing with these funny ladies. 


1 Jan 2018

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Elizabeth A. Baker :: Composer of Art

 In this episode we focus on Elizabeth A. baker, who considers herself a new Renaissance woman. She specializes in classical contemporary music, visual art, dance, poetry, and anything and everything else that brings her art to life including toy pianos and some exotic ways to play prepared piano pieces. **We get into talking some adult subjects in this one, so definitely preview before letting little ones listen in. 


23 Dec 2017

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Holistic Talk with Statue Artist LaWren Sanderson

This statue artist brings her 3D art to life interacting with people from all over the globe. She sits with us for a talk about stress management and more. 


21 Nov 2017

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Renaissance Woman, Lora Levison

This week I spoke with Lora Levison, a renaissance woman out of LA. she's involved with everything from modeling to entrepreneurship. Listen in to see what she's all about!  Peace,  Gariné Adams


17 Oct 2017

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Art from Home During a Pandemic

We want to begin with how serious of a situation this is, and we are praying for the peace and health of everyone in the world. We are taking it light during this podcast to show the arts side of things while we are all cooped up. Stay safe, and we love you all. You'll find a ton to do while staying indoors and away from others physically in this episode. Please share it with anyone having a hard time. Also, a big thanks to Wendy Wallenberg for joining us for Question Time at the end of this episode. 


17 Mar 2020

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New Music with Susanna Hancock and Tyler Kline

What a cool time to live in musically? Music has come such a long way. Come join our conversation about new music and how it fits in our lives.  https://terroirnewmusic.org/ https://www.kindsofkings.com/ https://www.wsmr.org/modern-notebook-for-october-20/ People we talked about: Nate Corder https://metropolisensemble.org/ https://bangonacan.org/ https://juliawolfemusic.com/ https://www.sekhonmusic.com/


23 Oct 2019

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Art Ed with Nicole Reed

Inspiring young minds, Nicole Reed shapes the future of art in the city of Portland. Join our conversation about art education and all things in the life of an artist with this episode. Send any questions or comments our way to womenwhoartpodcast@gmail.com. Find Nicole and her school projects here: https://www.instagram.com/irvingtonart/ People we talked about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdEo82iK2lzwMqCxBuQmmrQ https://www.instagram.com/artwithmrs.e/ http://mikebennettart.net/


22 Oct 2019

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