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1.20 How To Prepare For Greatness And Integrity In Soils with Nicole Masters

The EcoIQ Podcast hosts soil regeneration and farming optimising coach, Nicole Masters. It was a real pleasure to get back to my own personal passion of all things soil science and biology. Nicole has an amazingly youthful energy that belies her deep passion for pushing the envelope of understanding and better practice in soils and production systems. Nicole’s approach remains refreshing undogmatic. Nicole is academically trained agro ecologist, author and soil regeneration coach. Nicole has travelled intensely for years educating hundreds of farmers, and facilitating a deeper relationship and understanding of soil health in relation to food production systems. A keen entrepreneur Nicole heads the team at the aptly named Integrity Soils, and recently finished her first publication, For The Love Of Soils. With demand for Nicole’s work and unique approach, far outstripping supply. Integrity Soils in set to embark on a mission to train more coaches and reach more producers who need help to make a shift in life, in business, in land practice and in mindset. How talk was super engaging and we covered a real lateral spread of topics in the space of regenerative farming and entrepreneurship. I REALLY enjoyed this talk and look forward to our next meeting. hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 2:00 Confronting personal bias as an individual 18:45 What is quorum sensing? microbes and insects 25:25 Why do I need animals on my farm and in my garden? 31:20 The miseducation of photosynthesis and measuring the basis of life. 46:57 Learning signs of succession, which direction are you heading? 53:25 The role of the entrepreneur, and soil coaching 1:03 What it takes to make Integrity Soils 1:05:30 Case studies of Integrity Soils 1:11:00 Another look at testing 1:15:10 Communication. learning to connect mind and heart 1:19:00 Spiritual succession and evolution 1:23:35 Going beyond health and the unique role of humans.. 1:26:40 Nicole’s message: take heart, because something great is coming..

1hr 28mins

5 Apr 2020

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