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S2E01 – Regionals, water and general banter after Gauteng regionals 2019

With Zane Mattisson – Moreflavour, Shaun Aupiais – Coffee Guy and Roan Muntingh – Ultimate Water In this episode you will hear: A summary of the barista comp, latte art comp and cup tasters in Gauteng in July. Personal highlights of the exhibition. A discussion around water in South Africa and how it influences coffee. #peopleofcoffee Learn some background on Zane, Shaun and Roan There are some products mention here. It should be noted that no product mentioned paid for placement. All opinions of the products mentioned are personal in nature and are not product recommendations. Note: Podcast has quite Read More ...


4 Aug 2019

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Ep 17. Ben Carlson: Sustainability of Specialty Coffee?

The second session of a Talk by Ben Carslon from The Long Mile Project. This talk is the audio of the video taken on the day. It starts with a summary of the the Long Mile Project and then addresses the real issues behind sustainability. Real sustainability that address living and growing conditions. Ben discusses the need for the South African industry to distinguish itself and look at offering coffees other than the bulk imported Commercial Grade and Commercial Grade+. Specialty grade coffee is coffee that cups at least at 80, and hence the lots need to be separated and Read More ...

1hr 20mins

20 Nov 2016

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Ep 16. Ben and Kristy Carlson: What makes coffee special?

Contents of the talk given Oct 25 at The Vineyard by Ben anfd Kristy Carlson from Long Mile Project. Items covered: 1. Burundi : Looking in at the country it’s coffee and challenges 2. Coffee.People.Potential. A look at Long Miles Coffee Project 3. Impacting a nation one cup at a time. Why your choice of coffee matters 4. Processing Styles. What are they and why should you care. 5. Coffee & Wine. Cupping to find flavour 6. Taste and Talk You can also watch the video on YouTube here: youtube.com/watch?v=FwT2moJXBIk

1hr 18mins

28 Oct 2016

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Ep 15. Coffee Roaster modification by Craig

In this podcast we chat to Craig Charity who recently took an old Probat 12 kg coffee roaster and made so serious mods: Converting from electric burners to gas; Modification that help get a better roast; Teflon coating; Double walling a barrel; Discussing  issues with hertz; What mods every roaster should have. Are some of the items discussed.

1hr 2mins

10 Jul 2016

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Ep 14. Finding a good coffee shop when traveling

Wayne travels overseas a lot so we thought we should publish this chat between Cuth and Wayne about coffee away from home. Some of the things you will hear: Getting a vibe for a coffee shop Research, Ask those in the know Social media The good, the bad and the not so tasty, experiencing it all. Milking it Reading through the paid for posts. Talking to the locals Take away cups Cost of coffee Filter coffee And a short intro to worlds.

1hr 31mins

18 Jun 2016

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Ep13. Catching UP – London Coffee – Origin Trip

In this long awaited episode, by whom we know not. We catchup with Zane to see what he has been up to in the UK, what he enjoyed at London Coffee Fest (LCF). We also talk about Warren’s experiences at origin in Brazil and Colombia. We cover: What surprised Zane in LCF What impressed him What he was able to paly with Warren’s perspective and summary of coffee farms in Brazilian and Colombia And then back to Zane

1hr 13mins

22 May 2016

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Ep12CT Cup-a-long session results Cape Town

pineapples, lemon marange, slurping and comments. These are the things you will hear if you listen Read More ...


18 Apr 2016

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Ep12Jhb – Cup-a-long cupping in Jozi

What follows is the podCast of the cup-a-long that was held in Johannesburg 28 April with 3 very diverse coffees. If you are cupping along then we assume that you have setup your coffees, as per the setup guide in Ep12b (which uses the document under the menu Documents->Setting up a Cupping). Also make sure you have a copy of your score sheet, as described in Ep12c and available also on the Documents menu item Cup-a-long Score sheet. Which includes a copy of of the latest coffee tasters wheel as published by the SCAA and WCR. And you will of Read More ...

11 Apr 2016

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Ep12c.Using the Cupping Score Sheet

An audio guide on how to use the score sheet we will be using. Read More ...


25 Mar 2016

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Ep12b. Setting up your Cupping Sessison

A guide on going through the setup document Read More ...


25 Mar 2016

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