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The Frank and Fearless podcast provides insights for leaders who are interested in growing their businesses and leaning into the wind. If you are comfortable with risk, and believe fortune favours the brave AND those who have a strategy then this is the podcast for you. Topics include…value pricing, collecting and connecting the right people and strategies for effective leadership. Hosted by Ceinwen McNeil, Managing Director of First Follower and guests from her global 'collection' of people. First Follower specialises in designing and executing growth strategies for professional services organisations with a growth mindset. To learn more, visit www.firstfollower.com.

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#9: "Myth Busting for Professional Services" with Clark Briggs

Clark Briggs knows construction, an industry he first joined at the tender age of 17. Almost two decades later Clark is the highly successful co-founder of CMC Group International, an industry leader in the provision of professional services to the engineering and construction sectors. Wait, how can construction and engineering be professional services? Join us for a though provoking conversation with Clark as we explore how strong positioning and understanding your ideal client ensures you are able to deliver value and run a highly profitable firm in a highly fragmented and contested market.Visit the show notes at: https://www.firstfollower.com/podcasts/9Learn more about growth strategies at: https://www.firstfollower.com/Theme music: S Strong - The Rover by S Strong https://soundcloud.com/s_strong


30 Oct 2018

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