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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! is the cult-favorite audio magazine hosted by LIAM McENEANEY. Featuring short stories, audio essays, and interviews with some of the country's most interesting comedians, writers, musicians, and artists.Past guests include: Lewis Black, Gilbert Gottfried, W. Kamau Bell, Mike Doughty, Kaki King, Catherine Popper, Baratunde Thurston, Janeane Garofalo, Jon Ronson, Maeve Higgins, and many many more.

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TYF! #6.7 "Team Gaffigan" w/ JIM & JEANNIE GAFFIGAN

This week, host Liam McEneaney visits the home office of comedy superstar Jim Gaffigan, and his wife and collaborator Jeannie Gaffigan. We discuss  Jim's latest special Noble Ape, how Jim and Jeannie met, how they work together, how writing a joke about Trump is a lot like writing about religion, and a lot more. Jeannie also talks about the pear-sized tumor that was removed from her brain stem, about how the work helped speed her recovery in a year's time from surgery to directing/producing/writing on Jim's latest special. In fact, she wrote a book about it available for pre-order RIGHT NOW; When Life Gives You Pears: The Healing Power of Family, Faith, and Funny People. All this, and storytelling legend Kevin Allison of the RISK! podcast tells a hilarious and true story about the search for love in all the usual places. All this, and Liam regales us with one of his road stories. Support TYF! at patreon.com/radio

1hr 31mins

3 Jun 2019

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In this encore episode of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, taped live in a rock club in Manhattan, Liam talks to Lewis Black and Gilbert Gottfried about their careers, about how Gilbert learned that Twitter can be an expensive hobby, about his career as a Shoedini pitchman, and about how Lewis created a show for himself and was replaced by Kathy Bates. Support this podcast at www.patreon.com/radio

1hr 15mins

27 Jun 2019

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TYF! #6.4: "Conan Might think Your Jokes Are Funny, But Nobody Else Does" w/ ROB KUTNER

This week on the TYF! podcast, Liam McEneaney talks to Rob Kutner, formerly a writer for Conan, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Dennis Miller Live, about his start in comedy, about how he made the jump from writer's assistant to full-time writer, about how Dennis Miller insulting him was the greatest moment in his career, and more. Also, Liam talks about nightlife on Hollywood Boulevard and a brand of American music that has all but vanished. You can support the TYF! podcast at patreon.com/radio

1hr 35mins

6 May 2019

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This week on the TYF! podcast, Liam McEneaney sits backstage with singer/songwriter (and TYF! podcast favorite) Mike Doughty before the sold out LA stop on his Ruby Vroom Tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the landmark Soul Coughing album. Along this time for the conversation is Mike's longtime collaborator and touring partner Andrew "Scrap" Livingston. Liam, Mike, and Scrap discuss life in LA, on the road in a tour bus, and the beginning and end, alpha and omega, of Soul Coughing as a band. Plus, Liam stretches with an epic intro and talks about life as a native New Yorker suddenly thrust into the interstate driving life. Support TYF! at www.patreon.com/radio

2hr 6mins

30 Apr 2019

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TYF! #6.9 "Robin" with DAVE ITZKOFF

David Itzkoff is a reporter on the culture beat for the New York Times who has written a stellar biography of the late great comedian Robin Williams, titled Robin, and available in paperback today through Amazon or your local indie bookstore. Liam talks to Dave about his career, rising from the lad mags of the turn of the millennium and how his first memoir got him noticed by and, eventually, hired at the Times. They discuss Robin Williams, and Dave talks about going comic book shopping with the man. Also, we get to hear the almost four year process of writing a book like this, and the toll of being a man in the world with a wife and a newborn baby and a book to finish. About how Dave got so much access to Robin Williams and his world and the people in it. Also, Liam discusses the new Bob Dylan documentary, Rolling Thunder, and discusses the value of honesty and truthfulness in art. That's not as unbearable as it sound. Support the TYF! podcast at patreon.com/radio

1hr 39mins

17 Jun 2019

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Originally airing on Valentine's Day, this TYF! Classic features a walk down memory lane with big deal comedian Christian Finnegan, a romantic story from Stephen Tobolowsky, another romantic story from Kambri Crews, and a Moment with Stacey Nightmare... for lovers only. Support TYF! at www.patreon.com/radio Learn more: www.tyfclassic.com

1hr 10mins

11 Apr 2019

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TYF! #6.5 "The New Yorker, Cartoonist" w/ EMILY FLAKE and MICHELE CARLO

This week on the podcast, Liam sits in a sunny window in Brooklyn and chats with cartoonist Emily Flake, the creator of the late, lamented weekly strip Lulu Eightball and a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker. Liam talks to Emily about her cartooning career, about transitioning to a mainstream artist gig, about moving from Baltimore to Chicago to Baltimore to Chicago and New York City, and we get an exclusive about her first regular writing gig, for Jenny McCarthy on Sirius/XM. You can pre-order her book That Was Awkward on Amazon. Also, we have a story from Michele Carlo about being a native New Yorker in gentrifying Brooklyn. Support TYF! on patreon: www.patreon.com/radio

1hr 28mins

20 May 2019

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TYF! #6.11 "Canyon Man at Home" with RITCH SHYDNER

Ritch Shydner is a classic comedian who achieved the kind of success starting in the 1980s that most working comics only dream of, scoring gigs on The Tonight Show with johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman, plus his own HBO special. After years focusing on his writing career, he returned to standup in 2010 as documented in the film I Am Comic.  He wrote about his career as a 1980s boom comic in the memoir Kicking Through the Ashes, and Liam talked to him in October, 2015, in his Los Angeles home. Support the Tell Your Friends! podcast at www.patreon.com/radio

1hr 14mins

1 Jul 2019

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TYF! #6.13 "Robot and Pirate" with WILL HINES & BILLY MERRITT and EMILY FLAKE

Will Hines and Billy Merritt are two masters of the improvisational comedy form, having worked at the Upright Citizens Brigade as performers and teachers for the past two-plus decades. They've written a book on their shared philosophy on performing called "Robot Pirate Ninja: An Improv Fable," available through Amazon, and Liam sits down to talk to them about how they got into improv, how they hooked up with the famed UCB at its beginning in NYC, and about what "Robot Pirate Ninja" means. Also, Emily Flake reads a page from Melania Trump's diary, and Liam shares fond memories of the 2003 NYC blackout which happened just as he was about to enjoy a free ticket to a Bob Dylan concert. You can support the Tell Your Friends! podcast at www.patreon.com/radio

1hr 16mins

16 Jul 2019

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In this ep, Liam McEneaney hangs in Todd Barry's sweet bachelor pad and discusses standup comedy, comedians you only hang with in airports, and his rise from the North Miami comedy scene to comedy star. Also, A Brief View of the Hudson, the band behind the TYF! theme, hang in a North Brooklyn junk shop, talk about touring europe, and sing a couple of songs. And we take another trip down Ted Travelstead's Story Hole Support the podcast here: www.patreon.com/radio Share and enjoy: www.tyfclassic.com

1hr 8mins

4 Apr 2019

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In the history of the Tell Your Friends! podcast, we've talked to some of the best singer/songwriters and musicians in New York City and the world. This week we hear performances and talk from some of those, including EDEN & JOHN of THE EAST RIVER STRING BAND talking to us about how they met and recruited legendary underground cartoonist ROBERT CRUMB to join their band. Plus, live performances from A BRIEF VIEW OF THE HUDSON, EYTAN MIRSKY, ALANA AMRAM, and MIKE DOUGHTY. Support Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! at www.patreon.com/radio


8 Jul 2019

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In this live show recorded at The Bell House in Brooklyn, Liam hosts a  roundtable about TV comedy writing with comedy writing superstars ANDY BOROWITZ (The Borowitz Report, co-creator "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"), JESSI KLEIN (Inside Amy Schumer, SNL), ANDY BLITZ (long-time Conan writer), BRYAN TUCKER (SNL, Chappelle's Show), and CHRIS GETHARD (The Chris Gethard Show). Plus stories from Ophira Eisenberg, Michele Carlo, and Bob Powers. Support the Tell Your Friends! podcast at www.patreon.com.radio


12 Jul 2019

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TYF! #6.2 "Alien with Exceptional Abilities" w/ PAUL MYERS and PAUL SULLIVAN

This week on the TYF! podcast, Paul Myers, author of KIDS IN THE HALL: ONE DUMB GUY, the authorized biography of the legendary sketch group, talks about his start as a "failed" Toronto musician, how following stage fright led him to follow in his brother (and future comedy legend) Mike's footsteps to a class at famed improv school Second City Toronto, which introduced him to Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald, and through them he met the rest of the KIds In The Hall. We also hear about how his friendship with the Barenaked Ladies launched him from rock journalist to acclaimed biographer, and how his long-running friendship with the Kids led to the publication of this book. It's a hell of an interview and you can't miss a single second. PLUS: We talk to baseball expert, and host of the Locked on MLB podcast, Paul Sullivan about the controversial proposal to bring the Designated Hitter rule to the National League.

2hr 2mins

22 Apr 2019

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TYF! Classic #15 w/ A DAM SPIEGELMAN

Liam sits on a park bench with former JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE producer Adam Spiegelman to discuss his career, starting as an open mic'er in New Jersey with JAY MOHR, and how that eventually led him to make the jump to guest producer on the show. Support TYF! at patreon.com/radio


13 Jun 2019

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TYF! Classic #12 w/ DAVID O'DOHERTY

Liam McEneaney sat down with Irish comedian David O'Doherty the year he won the big prize at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to talk about the Irish comedy scene, Eddie Izzard's start and the night he came back to the International Comedy Club on Wicklow Street, and a lot more. Plus, a story from Kambri Crews and A Moment With Stacey Nightmare. Support TYF! at patreon.com/radio


23 May 2019

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