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Chartered psychologist Kyle Davies explores the connections between body, brain, emotions and consciousness in strength, fitness, sport, exercise and performance in life. Each episode has a mix of interviews with leading experts in the fields of sports and exercise science, training, nutrition, psychology, and consciousness, along with cutting edge information and insights from Kyle. The show offers an educational and entertaining experience that will help achieve greater success in both training and life.

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E26 Body Intelligence With Dr Beverly Crane

Inthis thoughtful and fascinating discussion with Dr Beverly Crane,we dig deep into…. The nature of body intelligence, how to attune to it andcommunicate with it The meaning and symbolism of body symptoms, how to interpretthem from the perspective of body intelligence loving oneself - what does it mean, how do we do it, and whatare the barriers and patterns that prevent us from lovingourselves the connection between empowerment, authenticity and bodyintelligence the role we play in the creation of our experience


6 Sep 2015

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E25 Understanding Motivation with Dr Bobby Hoffman

Have you ever considered that you might not be as in touch with your own motivations as you think?   Have you considered that when interpreting other peoples motives and reasons from their behaviour you may well be getting it wrong more often than getting it right?   In this episode Dr Bobby Hoffman and I discuss the nature of motivation with a focus on developing our awareness and understanding of our own motivations, as well as those of other people.   Having had experience of unpicking the motivational strategies of elite performers, Bobby gives us an insight into what it is that highly successful people do to attain high levels of performance.


22 Aug 2015

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E24 From Self-Sabotage to Success with Andrea Jengle

In this episode, Body.io Coaching Team Manager, Andrea Jengle reveals the debilitating health challenges that blighted her younger years, and how they were exacerbated through self-sabotage and self-neglect. Andrea talks for the first time about the accident that changed her life and her journey back to health and beyond to peak fitness and health. As part of the leading edge Body.io team, Andrea discussed moving towards individualised health plans, shifting attitudes and their impact, and current trends in the fitness and diet industry.


23 Jun 2015

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E23 The Role Of Sexuality In Health With Anita Boeninger

What is sexuality and sexual energy and how does it relate to our health, wellness and performance?   In this episode we discuss where sexuality begins and ends, what is health and unhealthy sexuality and the role that sexuality plays in health. Anita offers a perspective on sexuality as the flow of life force energy through and between us, and she discusses this in relation to stress, wellness and performance.


12 Jun 2015

Rank #4

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E22 Alex Navarro On Understanding Your Body's Communication

Great discussion with Alex, covering: stress and it’s physical manifestations, including her personal experiences how to know when you are stressed learning to understand the messages from your body when to exercise and when not to exercise when stressed


10 Apr 2015

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E17 James Fell Talks The Return On Investment (ROI) Of Getting In Shape

Cultivating passion in exercise and health Shifting focus and mental patterns Self-efficacy theory - developing confidence and competence in a specific task Developing positive reinforcement A perspective on the personal training industry The value of being self-directed and self-corrected How to become a runner Developing motivation for exercise Tips on sticking with an exercise program The return on investment of getting in shape The difference between passion and obsession


21 Nov 2014

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E16 Ben Coomber on Uncovering Your Inner Drive

What stops people from realising and maximising their potentials  How to move past the obstacles that block potential Understanding what drives people to look good Finding your ‘why’  - understanding emotional drivers Why diets fail Gender differences in uncovering motivations for diet and lifestyle changes Tips on structuring your life for success


8 Nov 2014

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E15 Adam Gilbert on The Psychology of Diet & Weight Loss

Do you struggle maintaining a diet, nutritional program and exercise plan? Adam Gilbert and I discuss the psychology of diet, food, weight loss and exercise. Adam shares some useful tips that help his coaching clients stay on point with their diet and exercise programs. 


24 Oct 2014

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E13 Kathy Gruver Talks Stress, Exercise & Recovery

In this lively discussion, Kathy shares her perspectives on stress, exercise and the mind body connection. If you are interested in learning how to speed up your recovery from injury, Kathy offers some practical tips and tools that anyone can try.


19 Sep 2014

Rank #9

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E12 Clark Danger Talks Mindset, Motivation and Going For It!

In this episode, Clark and I discuss how you can: move beyond a one-size fits all model of exercise and health get past information overload move beyond your comfort zone celebrate success as a way of moving forward  get into your flow-state and attune to passion... 


11 Sep 2014

Rank #10