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No Regrets with Aniya Das

Join Aniya Das as she speaks to a guest about a moment in their life where they WISH they'd said something, but never did! From the life changing moments, to the small stuff in between.Say your piece, have no regrets!

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17: Episode 17: Beechy on Rolling With The Punches, Even The Knockout Blows

Joining me this week on the podcast, is northern DJ Beechy AKA Joni Beech. In this episode we talk about meetng your heroes, the Ed Sheeran Baby and changing your own narrative.You can find Beechy online at @beechydj - keep your eyes peeled for new music out soon!


12 Nov 2020

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16: Episode 16: Lauren Bravo on The Girl Power Generation, Sustainable Fashion and Friendship Break-Ups

Joining me on the podcast this week is the incredible journalist and author Lauren Bravo. In this episode we get into the nitty gritty of friendship. What happens to friendships as we get older? Why do we focus so much time working on our romantic relationships, and is it at the expense of our friendships? And why isn't friendship counselling a thing?! Do check out Lauren's latest book How To Break Up With Fast Fashion. Or if you want to carry on listening it's available as an audiobook narrated by Lauren herself!


22 Oct 2020

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15: Episode 15: Georgie Jones on Beauty Standards, Discovering Poetry and Fizzy Jerks

After a long and restful summer break WE ARE BACK! And joining me for the first episode of the new school term is Georgie Jones - poet, actor and 1/4 of comedy sketch show group Just These Please! We talk about ridiculous beauty standards in the performance industry, and how liberating making your own work and playing by your own rules can be. This episode I also introduce a new segment to the show... listen now to find out more!Make sure to follow @georgie_jonez and @justtheseplease for all the latest updates on (post-corona) upcoming shows!


17 Sep 2020

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14: Episode 14: Marie Dahlstrom on Neuroscience, Challenging Your Biases and Tackling Racism In The Music Industry

This week on the podcast I welcome incredibly talented musician, songwriter and producer Marie Dahlstrøm! We talk about racism in the music industry, and particularly anti-black racism in the industry. This conversation MUST continue so we can affect real change. Let's listen, learn and BRING. EACH. OTHER. UP!And of course, make sure you check out Marie's music too. Her debut album Like Sand is out now!


30 Jul 2020

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13: Episode 13: Esther Manito on Identity, Race and Women in Comedy

This week on the podcast I am joined by comedian and writer Esther Manito! As well as catching up on how lockdown has been so far, we talk all about an incident she had with a racist teacher at school. Esther addresses identity politics head-on in her comedy - are people really that different? Listen now to hear what she had to say! Of course sadly the Edinburgh Festival will not go ahead this year, but keep your eye out for her new show in 2021, '#NotAllMen' at The Guilded Balloon!


9 Jul 2020

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12: Episode 12: Mike Cromwell on The Power of Music, Being Starstruck and Paul Chuckle

This episode was the first ever No Regrets episode recorded remotely. I got to speak to another one of the BMG Production Music crew, Mike Cromwell! We talk all about the blessing and curse of working in production music, as well as his mild obsession - and very brief encounter with - Caroline Polachek...


25 Jun 2020

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11: Episode 11: Sofi Meronen on Language, The Sea and Speaking Without Words

WE'RE BACK BABY! Joining me for the inaugural No Regrets-WFH episode is musician, writer and lead singer of electro-pop band feelswithcaps Sofi Meronen! Sofi (and her cat, Kissy) join me all the way from Helsinki. She tells us about her time living in London where she loved and lost, and how her experiences manifest themselves in music. 'Absence' is feelswithcaps debut album, and is OUT NOW! Keep up to date with all their musical adventures and follow @feelswithcaps


11 Jun 2020

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10: Episode 10: Coronavirus Q&A with Dr Robbie Hammond

Joining me from the safe confines of our own home is Dr Robbie Hammond, a junior doctor current working in an ICU in London. To help us all wade through the swamp of misinformation around corona, in this special episode we discuss everything COVID-19, from symptoms to PPE, hear it all straight from a frontline NHS doctor. Please note that this episode was recorded on Wednesday 1st April 2020, and a lot had progressed and changed since then. His unit is now over capacity. This was also before certain comments were made by gvmt about the NHS and PPE use, hence not being discussed. Any reference to official guidance was correct as at the date of recording. For the most up to date guidance please go to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. All views expressed in this episode are our own.


13 Apr 2020

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I am sorry to say that due to some corona virus issues (read: poor planning), The No Regrets podcast will be going on a short hiatus. I want to thank everyone who has been on, listened to and supported the show so far! There are still so many stories to tell and I cant wait to hear them all. I'm going to be working on how I can do a good quality remote recording, and in the meantime please hang tight for our special corona virus episode with Dr Robbie! As always, please like, review and share the podcast - it means the world to me as well as helping new people find the show! Episode corona incoming...


19 Mar 2020

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9: Episode 9: Andy Saiker on His Avril Lavigne Meet and Greet, "Famous" People and Chabuddy G

This week I have the absolute pleasure of speaking to Andy Saiker, an account manager at BMG Production Music and former Warner Music employee. We talk about his extensive career in the music industry, which has provided plentiful podcast material... not much of which is safe to talk about except for his time working with *NAME DROP* Ed Sheeran!


5 Mar 2020

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