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Lie Hard With A Vengeance

Two ‘men’. Four lies. Two truths. Why not take a break from the real world and come wrap your ears round this weekly comedy gameshow?It’s clean too, so your kids and pets can listen and, add this to the sales pitch, it’s British; so that’s fun.Marvel at the morsels of pirate knowledge you never had, gasp at hitherto ungrasped info about bees and, best of all, why not play along yourselves? Keep it down if you’re on the train mind, don’t be that guy.

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Harry Potter and The Cold War

Alas not the communist remake featuring Capitalist pig dogs as dementors. but rather the two subjects for this week's episode.   In no way cashing in on the impending release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we have three facts on that smug, rich four-eyed troll-botherer.   We follow this, comrade, with three facts about to that frostiest of battles, the Cold War.  Nope, not the good episode of the last season of Game of Thrones, but Russian and American spies chasing each other about and that.   A weekly clean comedy gameshow podcast.  Play with us comrade!  Or else dissipate.  Or Expelliarmus.  Or something


20 Jun 2019

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