Cover image of Mostly True. (A storytelling podcast full of wine and swears.)

Mostly True. (A storytelling podcast full of wine and swears.)

Jen and Briddany are sisters and they want you to know that you have a story even if you don't think you do. Look, they'll show you. By telling you (mostly) true stories and getting all kinds of other people to tell them, too. It nearly always gets inadvertently morbid. There's a whole lot of swearing. Most of the time there's a moment where you hear wine being poured. There's a golden retriever named Lloyd. Do we have to keep going? Cause we will. We can. Don't test us.

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5 - Well, That Didn't Go As Planned

Special guest Kris joins Jen and Briddany to discuss those moments when you have this idea of how something is going to go, and it...well...let's just say it doesn't go that way. Like, at all. Hear about the time Jen ran from the cops and nearly had a cow-induced heart attack, Jen and Briddany attempting to avoid detection by driving a car in the same seat at the same time (brilliant!), and the time that Kris' Halloween costume, snack of choice, and savvy problem-solving skills ended up proving out some pretty intense conspiracy theories.

1hr 25mins

6 Mar 2018

Rank #1

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4 - The Ghosts I've Known

Jen, Briddany, and special guest Amy "Don't Call Me Nancy" Nance sit in a 900 hundred degree room to discuss the most polite spectral event ever, whether a hallway haunting can even be scary, why old people ghosts always appear at the end of the bed, and how kids are inherently creepy. Also: an update on Briddany's Episode 3 story gives us the first instance of a Mostly True. story being officially declared null and void. And but also: swears. So, so many swears.

1hr 38mins

20 Feb 2018

Rank #2

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3 - The Lies Your Parents Told You

Jen and Briddany welcome special guest Sam to discuss parental lies, a possible-playground-adjacent murder (ACTUALLY TWO WE JUST REALIZED), why Jen spent her childhood refusing to turn her face toward a plugged-in iron, and how, exactly you should address your friend's suddenly different and bizarre appearance (read: gently, and with some amount of not-well-hidden guile). Also: God gets what he wants, and sometimes he wants stretchy lion mouths. We can't stress enough how important it is that you know all of this. And more. MORE.

1hr 30mins

21 Jan 2018

Rank #3

Podcast cover

2 - Grandparents

Jen and Brid welcome their brother Robert and his husband Tim as special guest stars to talk about grandparents. Hear about the time Grandma Vi nearly had a heart attack because of punk rock and also that other time she showed Robert how to eat an apple like a rabid animal would. Also hear about Greg choosing grapes and why that means he was just the worst, and but also a little bit about Briddany's double-jointed thumbs.

1hr 28mins

3 Jan 2018

Rank #4

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1 - Childhood Fears

Jen and Brid discuss childhood fears, the need for arms on snakes, and giving Jesus his best life. We guarantee you you cannot guess Jen's childhood fear before she says what it was. Learn about the blob, the 80s B-movie The Stuff, and how wolverines aren't really scary, they're just bitches.

1hr 24mins

6 Dec 2017

Rank #5