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The Grey Space with Brenden Newton

Healing loudly by addressing mental health & trauma, gently, yet openly......A space to be honest....30-60minute episodes weekly.

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Winston McCall: The perception of a spec of dust.

Fierce flow and misunderstood, Winston gently walks us through the way he has experienced his life.2 Riptide covers in 3 months, and 20 years on the road, entertaining millions of people. What’s it like? What does he really think?Beautiful moment with seemingly the most well positioned dude on the planet, however his encouragement is to enjoy your own soul, as a spec of dust spinning across this largely unknown universe.Thank you Winston, you Spencer flow-master.And thank you Winston's mum and dad :)Best leather couch in Byron.Love Brendo

1hr 19mins

27 May 2022

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Ryan Hardy: The heightened senses of a dolphin.

Ryan was my and many others' bodyboard icon.Beyond this identity Ryan is an inquisitive, brave, honest and sensitive man.In this ep we walk through managing the life of a performer, with no stage, his insights into fatherhood, domestic life and his weave and flow as a dolphin.Tremendous honour, and a special occasion at Hastings’ dusk-lit Point, comet exploding as a full stop, before the next sentence.What a thrill.Brendo

1hr 6mins

20 May 2022

Rank #2

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Pedro Levi: Navigating Nazare, bipolar & fatherhood.

Life in full swing.Biggest wave ever paddled into on a bodyboard.Lifeguard, tourist guide and partner to secret agent, all while navigating the strangling lows and restless highs of bipolar.Pedro is a beautiful dude, with a bloody cool woman - Vanya.Enjoy this episode as we unpack what it's like living and growing through this mental condition.I really enjoyed this one.Love ya Pedro

1hr 19mins

6 May 2022

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Steph Back: Stolen children, multigenerational trauma & re-writing the narrative.

Don't bother listening if you don't wanna be changed.This Aboriginal woman, artist, thinker, philosopher, Vice Chancellor and friend; will change your life.Stolen grandmother, stolen mum. Domestic violence, running away. Feeling unwanted; but the pen's in her hand now.Let Steph Beck take you for a walk.BNRelevant links:Steph's piece of art:https://drive.google.com/file/d/177FkAGSLsDci35wQ4o6sMUX5Cd0pJ-CD/view?usp=sharingTyson's workhttps://anchor.fm/tyson-yunkaporta/episodes/Positivity-meets-Complexity-e1094eoIMAGI-NATION {University}idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBpq-_8kQyE&t=2sapply: https://airtable.com/shrIFEBXuHWPZ9iPw

1hr 11mins

29 Apr 2022

Rank #4

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Brett Burcher: Panic attack to compassion n' that.

Age 15, pulled outta school to tow Paul Morgs into Depot of the decade.To outta WA bombies with Courtney Brown n gang.Brett Burcher lives and writes stories, now delicately publishing such tales at Inviting Distractions, while handling special ed teaching and being a celebrity sidekick to Jack River.Brett still has a deeper and more valuable narrative, to which he eludes at the 53min mark of this ep.A wonderful n rich dude. Burch.Enjoy

1hr 4mins

22 Apr 2022

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The Grey Space Exhibition (LIVE POD) with BP, Griz, Jim, Naw, Brendo

Big laughs, big stories and some lovely subtleties to a brilliant night.2023 tickets via: https://www.trybooking.com/BYYVL

1hr 17mins

15 Apr 2022

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Kyle Montgomery: What is life, death and inspirational?

Kyle broke his back 3 years ago while doing martial arts training, and is hence a quadriplegic.He doesn't wanna to be your inspiration porn. He wants to have the hard conversations.He's contemplated life and death since his accident and has come up with a few things.Great to sit with him for a good open / honest chat.BrendoThe Grey Space exhibition

1hr 26mins

11 Mar 2022

Rank #7

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Tim & Beth Croft: Childbirth, parenthood, nightmares and contentment.

Tim and Beth are a sweet local couple, just like many of you out there.This is their honest story.Nightmares, fear, depression, therapy, acceptance and learning new corners of themselves.So beautiful.I'm very thankful and grounded by this ep.BN

1hr 13mins

3 Mar 2022

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James Cayley: The mental health of a viking.

Koots is a strong, capable, solutions focussed man.He proved that when he joined me in splashing wet sand onto our burning-coal bed, providing a warm-ish nap below the Luna's cliff, one rainy night 10 years ago.He's recently explored what was previously untapped regions of his mental landscape, having bravely faced 4 years of a Physics Degree.We walk through ADHD, and later, bipolar.The story told on the podcast is tough, honest, educational and riveting.Love ya Koots. Thanks for your openness.Brendo


18 Feb 2022

Rank #9

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Michael Chapple: A responsible broken back, ribs, shoulder, lung.


14 Feb 2022

Rank #10