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Retirement Talk with Kevin Bock

When you think about the next 30-40 years of life, what do you see? Are you happily retired, checking items off your bucket list? Or are you struggling to pay your bills? If you don’t have a plan for retirement, you’re already behind! Kevin Bock, of Integrity Retirement Solutions, uses his three decades of experience to help people just like you cross the retirement finish line with the confidence that comes from having a customized income plan. When planning for your financial future, there are so many moving parts: income planning, tax planning, healthcare planning and legacy planning, just to name a few. It’s important to educate yourself and to work with a professional. Welcome to Kevin’s podcast, “Retirement Talk with Kevin Bock”! Join Kevin for his weekly radio show, "Retirement Talk with Kevin Bock" Saturdays @ 9:30am on Talk Radio 1320 WJAS!

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Saving Taxes on Your Inheritance

It’s the biggest generational wealth transfer in history! Baby boomers will leave an estimated $68 trillion dollars to their children, yet many will make big mistakes in the way they set up their inheritance, meaning their children will lose lots of money to taxes. How can you make sure you don’t make this mistake? Kevin explains how it’s possible to minimize fees and taxes and even have a tax free retirement.   


1 Jul 2019

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