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The Basketball Performance podcast is a one-stop shop for basketball players and coaches. We interview some of the brightest minds around the world in all facets of the game to insure that you are doing everything you can to take your craft to the next level.

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Francesco Rossi: The Journey for the Youth Basketball Player

Francesco Rossi is kind enough to come on the podcast. Francesco is a coach at College Basket in Italy (one of the most prestigious basketball programs in Europe) Francesco is also the author of 'Free Entry' A Conceptual Princeton Offense For High School where he breaks down a conceptual style of play for the Princeton offense. Today our topics include:   1.) How Francesco first came to know about Princeton offense and how he decided to bring it back to Italy.   2.) Francesco's journey loop of working with young players. and many more topics.   ENJOY!


13 Jun 2021

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Alex Sarama "A Constraints Led Approach to Teaching"

 Alex Sarama joins us on the basketball performance podcast. Alex is one of the brightest young coaches out there and is an out of the box thinker when it comes to challenging traditional ways of doing things to get better results. Today we go through: 1.) Alex's background and how he got into basketball 2.) How teaching through a games and constraints led approach has led to much better results. 3.) Conceptual offense and many many more interesting topics.


17 May 2021

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Steffan Jones 'Incorporating Sport Skill into Strength and Conditioning'

Today we are very lucky to have Steffan Jones on the show. Steffan is the founder and owner of Pace Lab a performance company that trains cricket fast bowlers to increase the power, velocity and mechanics of their bowling. Steffan is also the Director of Sports Performance at the Wellington school in the UK. Although Steffan comes from a different sport, I couldn’t help but to reach out to him because I feel like his principles and philosophies are similar to ours at Strive and there is a tonne of carry over from him no matter what sport we coach in. Lets get into it.


21 Feb 2021

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Gary Gray "Building a 3 Dimensional Player"

Gary Gray is the owner and founder of the Gray Institute in Michigan. Gary has been in the movement field for over 40 years and has worked with some of the best basketball players and strength and conditioning coaches ever!  1.) Gary and I go through our approach to developing a well rounded player on the court and in the weight room.  2.) We go into how to combine traditional strength training with 3 dimensional training. 3.) How we bring this 3 dimensionality on the court and how it translates. 4.) The behavior science of working with players and how we can serve them best!


16 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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12. Trevor Ragan "Becoming THE Jungle Tiger"

Trevor Ragan is the Founder of The Learner Lab formerly known as "Train Ugly' We dive into a wide range of topics with Trevor including: 1.) Motor Learning and how to incorporate it into basketball for the best results. 2.) Small Sided Games and how it has a great blend between involvement of the athlete and real game decision making. 3.) Becoming a "Jungle Tiger'  4.) Reframing fear to allow you to push your comfort zone for maximum improvement.


10 Feb 2021

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Sefu Bernard "A Holistic Way to think of Skill Development"

Sefu Bernard is the Director of Player Development for the Washington Mystics. He is also the owner of ACX basketball. Today we dive in to how Sefu breaks down skill development piece by piece, to give it the highest chance of transferring from workouts/ practice into the game.  Honestly speaking, I would recommend listening to this episode a couple of times, because there are just so many nuggets that Sefu gives out here!


10 Feb 2021

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Kirby Schepp "A Games Approach to Coaching Basketball"

Kirby Schepp is the Head coach of the University of Manitoba as well as the being a part of the Canadian Men's National Basketball team for the past nine years. Kirby was the presenter of the very popular Youtube video "Don't teach plays teach them how to play" which has changed the thinking process for many coaches worldwide. Today Kirby talks about his experience training youth all the way to national team players as well as his experience internationally and some of the differences between basketball in North America compared to the rest of the world. 


31 Jan 2021

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Brian McCormick "Teaching the game thoroughly from A-Z"

Brian McCormick is one of the most forward thinking coaches in the world. He is the author if 19 books such as 180 shooter, Developing Basketball Intelligence and my personal favorite Crossover. Today we go into depth and talk with Brian about hot to holistically train youth players. 


3 Aug 2020

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Mike Mackay " A Modern Approach to Basketball Development"

Mike Mackay is a Master Coach Developer for Canada basketball. He is one of the most respected coaches in the world regardless of what level, and has a wide range of experience coaching players at all levels. What separates Mike from most coaches, is his incredible attention to detail as well as always challenging the norms of what is traditionally taught in basketball. His systematic approach to teaching skills in mind blowing and this is an episode you absolutely wont want to miss!  

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3 Aug 2020

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Joerik Michiels "Changing Lives One Kid at a time"

Joerik Michiels is the founder of Elite Athletes basketball in Belgium. With a burning desire to do everything in his power to elevate youth basketball in Belgium and around the world, Joerik and I talk about how he first got started, his unique perspective of training youth and  how to build world class culture in an organization!


31 May 2020

Rank #10